Zhuzha’s Second Chance: The Heartwarming Rescue Story of a Neglected Dog




When the rescue learned of a dog that had been wandering the streets alone for a few months, they immediately went to search for her.

When they came upon the dog they were shocked to see what poor health she was in. She appeared to be an older dog and her belly was very swollen. She was weak and in distress. She needed their help.

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The locals informed the Love Furry Friends Rescue that she has been spayed by the city’s neutering program and she wore a tag to prove it. So, her swollen belly was from something other than pregnancy.

The poor dog named Zhuzha tried to wander away but they followed her. It was then she reached out her paw to the rescuer and seemed to ask for help. It was hard for her to breathe and she urgently needed to be taken to the vet.

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They tried to reassure her as they loaded her onto a blanket-type carrier so they could get her into the car. She was scared but allowed herself to be carried and gently placed in the car, but the rescuer never left her side.

They took her straight to the vet where they discovered she was only about two years old. She was such a young dog to be in this condition but she had parasites and a heart problem, which caused fluid to build up in her abdomen.

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The vet drained the fluid in hopes that they would save her life. The sweet innocent soul didn’t deserve the neglect she received and now was at the mercy of strangers to help try to save her. But it would be a long process.

Ten days later, Zhuzha was feeling better and able to go on an outing. She went for a walk and even had a treat. But it would be four more weeks before she was well enough to leave the vet with heart medication.

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Finally, she got to go to a home-maybe her first one, ever. She looked like a different dog with a normal-sized belly. She was still timid and afraid but got to meet the other dogs there and eat some yummy food while she settled down on her new bed.

Zhuzha will stay with her foster family until she finds her forever home. Thank you, Furry Friends, for saving her life. We hope you enjoyed her rescue story. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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