Woman Stops Short When She Sees ‘Giant Peacock’ On Skyscraper



Recently, Selena Sheikh was participating in Singapore’s annual Music Run, a music-themed running festival, when her friend noticed something strange on one of the skyscrapers above their heads.

There, on the roof of a building, appeared to be an enormous peacock.

peacock on building
Facebook/Selena Sheikh

Sheikh was dumbfounded. Peacocks are extremely uncommon in the city and can usually only be found in Sentosa, an island off the country’s southern coast. And besides, this one seemed way too big.

Lideweij Leen via Shutterstock

When Sheikh and her friend finally zoomed in on the photo, they couldn’t help but laugh as they realized what was actually going on.

“We were beside ourselves,” Sheikh told The Dodo.

Facebook/Selena Sheikh

The intruder wasn’t a peacock — it was merely a peacock-shaped crane.

Delighted by the funny photo, Sheikh soon posted it in the Crap Bird Photography Facebook group with the caption, “Is that a giant peacock?” Soon, people across the world were being fooled by the tricky crane.

Sheikh, who’s an avid birder, will surely always remember the day she almost spotted the world’s biggest peacock.

“Can you imagine if that was real?” Sheikh said. “Massive Godzilla freakout.”

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