Woman Pulls Stray Dog Off Railroad Tracks Seconds Before Train Comes

When Nina Love received a Facebook message about a grey and white pit bull dumped in a park along the railroad tracks, she knew there was no time to spare. She grabbed her gear and called a friend and fellow rescuer who lived nearby for assistance.

The large dog was easy to spot on the train tracks, but that didn’t make her easy to catch. “I followed her for 3 miles down the train tracks, my adrenaline was rushing,” Love told The Dodo. “I knew the train was coming soon because it passed right before she ran onto them, and trains run every 10 to 15 minutes.”

Nina Love

Though it became clear that Love was putting her life on the line, when she looked in the dog’s eyes, she knew she couldn’t give up.

“I was shaking with fear, but I wanted to save her because I looked in her eyes, and she was crying out for help,” Love said. “She was just scared, so I kept my distance and was patient.”

Dog rescued from train tracks


Love’s friend had brought along her dog, Teddy, and the presence of another pup seemed to make the stray pittie more comfortable.

“We got low, and my friend talked to her while Teddy walked up,” Love said. “She was hesitant, but my friend held her until I walked up and was able to leash her.”

Dog rescued from oncoming train


The group was still on the tracks as a train came barreling towards them. Luckily, they were able to move out of the way just in time. “Seconds after [we captured the dog], the train came, and our adrenaline was so high we didn’t even hear the horn,” Love said.

You can watch the amazing rescue here:

Loading video

The relief that they were all safe was overwhelming, and Love couldn’t help but break down in tears. “It was extremely emotional,” Love said.

Love works tirelessly to help stray dogs in Philadelphia, visiting local dumping grounds and responding to social media posts and calls from residents in the community. “I want to let people know that it’s OK to love animals,” Love said. “We all reside here on Earth and should learn to co-exist together.”

“I’ve faced many challenges due to me being an African American and have [experienced] racial threats because I’m in this field,” Love added. “But I remain strong for them because they need us.”


Love is still looking for a patient foster to help the sweet stray decompress after her ordeal. After everything the pup has been through, Love is helping her finally get the care she deserves.

“She does well on the leash and likes meatballs for treats,” Love said. “Most importantly, she absolutely loves to be pet and deserves her second chance at life.”

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