Woman Hears ‘Screams’ And Pulls Over To Find Pink, Wrinkly Baby In A Ditch


Selina Dey is used to saving vulnerable animals from perilous situations. As a solo dog rescuer in Bali, Indonesia, she often comes across injured or ailing pups — and she always drops everything to help them.

So when she heard someone crying on the side of the road earlier this year, she immediately pulled over.

“I heard the screams from the street while driving on my scooter,” Dey wrote in an Instagram Reel.

Selina Dey

Dey followed the cries to a nearby ditch. She looked down and was stunned to find a tiny, wrinkly, pink blob wagging her tail “hello.”

Selina Dey

The little hairless puppy wormed her way through dense island brush and onto a concrete slab, but she was too small to escape on her own

“She couldn’t get out, so I climbed down [to] where she was stuck,” Dey wrote. “[I] picked her up and took her into my heart.”

Dey carefully placed the puppy, later named Jenny, into an empty shopping bag. Jenny needed urgent care, but the duo faced one huge problem: Every business on the island was closed in observance of a holiday called Nyepi.

“There was a holiday here on the island and everything shut down,” Dey wrote. “No vet, pet shop or pharmacy was open, so I just did everything in my knowledge and power to save this girl.”

Selina Dey

Dey drove straight home with Jenny and opened her arsenal of pet rescue supplies.

“Luckily, I was equipped with a lot of medicine and remedies to help her and take away a bit of her suffering,” Dey wrote.

Jenny enjoyed her first of many medicated baths, got a full checkup once everything opened again, then started her long journey to recovery.

The first few weeks were tough for little Jenny, who sometimes spent an entire night crying out in pain. No matter how hard it got, though, Jenny always felt better knowing that somebody loved her.

“[I] loved her [like] she has probably never felt before,” Dey wrote. “[I] showered her in love (and medical baths).”

Before long, Jenny started to feel much better, and her puppy spirit — and coat — started to blossom.

“She improved, and her playfulness and character came to light,” Dey wrote. “I am super happy to say that she pulled through [and] got all her beautiful hair back.”

After months of becoming a puppy again, Jenny’s external appearance finally matched her youthful spirit on the inside.

“She just flourished like a little flower,” Dey told The Dodo recently. “This hair that came out was basically her character coming out.”

Now Jenny’s bouncing around Dey’s house as a beloved foster, and she’s enjoying every single minute of it.

“She is absolutely in love with every other dog,” Dey said. “She likes to be the center of the universe.”

When she’s not playing with her foster siblings, Jenny can always be found curled up in her rescuer’s arms.

Jenny’s still on the hunt for her perfect forever home, and in the meantime, she’s soaking up all the love that Dey and her rescue family have to give.

Selina Dey

Dey looks forward to seeing the pup get her happily-ever-after, but for now, she’s enjoying time with her miraculous “Little Jenny.”

“I cannot believe how strong this beautiful soul is,” Dey wrote. “I am so grateful she fought her way back to life.”

To adopt Jenny, reach out to Selina Dey (@skinsbuem) on Instagram.

To help Jenny and her foster siblings get the care they need, you can donate to Selina’s rescue efforts here.

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