Woman Fears Her New Home Is Haunted — Then Realizes What’s Really Going On


When Christina Farley moved into her new apartment in Medellín, Colombia, two months ago, she was nervous about living alone.

She tried to go in with an open mind, but when curious things started happening around the house, she feared that her apartment was haunted.

“Around day three, I started to notice weird things happening. I came home one day, and all the toilet paper was unrolled, as if there was a cat playing with it. And then a picture frame had fallen down,” Farley told The Dodo. “I felt like I was being watched.”

Farley went to sleep crying that night, feeling like there was a presence nearby. She was technically right, but the visitor in question wasn’t a spirit at all.

Christina Farley

“A few days later, I was sitting, working on my laptop, and this bird flew in and sat on my TV,” Farley said. “At first, I was really scared. And then I saw that she was just sitting there looking at me curiously, kind of bobbing her head from side to side.”

Farley gave the bird a few moments to collect herself, then brought her a refreshment.

“I filled a bowl with water and offered it to her, and she started drinking the water,” Farley said.

Christina Farley

Farley resumed her usual activities until the bird left later that day, but she couldn’t shake the feeling that she was still being watched.

Then, the next morning, Farley looked out her bedroom window and confirmed her suspicion.

“I wake up, and I see that the bird is literally just sitting out there on the windowsill,” Farley said. “It became a daily routine.”

The pigeon has since visited Farley every single day. In the beginning, she’d wait to be invited in. Now, the bird simply lets herself inside.

Christina Farley

“She sits on the ledge and looks into the open window, and then she just flies in,” Farley said.

The nature-filled South American city is full of birds, but Farley knows how to tell her feathered roommate apart from the rest.

“I can tell she’s the same bird because she has a little bit of a mohawk with her feathers on the top of her head,” Farley said.

Christina Farley

Farley furnished her apartment with only humans in mind, but the bird, whom Farley’s named Ave María, still knows how to make herself comfortable.

“Her favorite places to sit are the TV, the bookshelf and she’s obsessed with this drain near the washing machine,” Farley said. “She could literally spend all day in my house.”

Farley later learned that a neighbor below her has fed the pigeon in past, but she’s never entered his home.

“The other neighbors below me also keep their windows wide open, but she doesn’t fly into their apartment. She only wants to fly into mine,” Farley said. “It’s very odd that she picked me. She just found me. She entered, she saw that I wasn’t scared, and that I was willing to interact with her, and she adopted me.”

Christina Farley

With Ave María by her side, Farley no longer fears being alone in her apartment. She never expected to have roommates again, but out of everyone she’s shared a home with, Ave María is, by far, the best.

“She comes and visits me every day,” Farley said. “She’s like my little faithful friend.”

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