Winter Wonderland Nails: Explore 60 Adorable French Styles That Stand Out

While everyone else is busy with their Hailey Bieber glazed donut nails, sometimes you can’t beat a classic. French tip nails might seem like a ’90s or 2000s trend come back to haunt us, but really, it never went away.

The latest incarnations of french tip nails are a far cry from the thick, angular acrylics of decades past. Don’t get me wrong, you can never go wrong with a timeless French mani, but if you feel like it lacks creativity, why not add a few eye-catching details such as pearls, chrome powder, or a gradient color scheme? The 2023 version of the French mani is waaay cooler than it’s ever been before—I’m talking color, glitter, and really fun shapes.

There are so many interesting designs to choose from, so why not try something different?

Ahead, you’ll find 60 modern French manicure ideas that’ll have you more than ready to hop back on the trend.

Most of these nails are directly shoppable via Amazon, so if you find a design that you love, head over there to support the small business!

Let’s get started, shall we?

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