We Can’t Stop Admiring These 30 Stunning Front Step Ideas

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Sarah Lyon
30 Front Step Ideas to Instantly Increase Your Curb Appeal
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Try a Striped Look

painted striped steps

Blooming DIYer

Say hello to stripes—if you’re feeling crafty, carefully measure out a striped design using painter’s tape and then add contrast to simple white or concrete steps using a shade that speaks to you.

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Stain Wood

stained wood steps

The Duvall Homestead

Note that you can re-stain the wood on your front steps if you feel as though it’s time to embrace a new look. This deep hue adds major warmth to the exterior entry.

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Style With Greenery

front steps with plants

Meghan Grant

If you can’t get enough of your green friends, select some outdoor plants to display on your front stoop for an earthy touch. Mix and match a few different kinds to create a unique oasis.

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Cover With Wooden Treads

concrete steps covered with wood

Lisa Wood

This homeowner chose to cover concrete steps with wood after redoing her front porch. The new treads match the porch flooring and are better able to camouflage dirt and stains compared to pure white steps.

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Use Accessories

purple and white flower pots on steps

Jennifer Maune

Even if the exterior of your home is neutral in color, you can add a bit of vibrance to your entryway by jazzing up the front steps with bright blooms, plant pots, and more. If you’re beginning to tire of a certain hue, it’s easy to simply swap out your decor at the start of the next season.

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Number Your Steps

numbered steps

Linda Braden

For a playful touch, number your entryway steps using stencils. Alternatively, you could spell out the numbers of your address following a similar approach.

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Be Seasonal

fall front steps

Willow Street Interiors

Carry wooden lanterns from summer to fall by supplementing them with mums and pumpkins once autumn approaches.

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Customize With Tiles

tiled front steps

Brooke Christen

How adorable are these tiled front steps? Tiling, which comes in all kinds of different designs, will add instant personality to any entryway. Whether you opt to go bold in color or choose something more neutral, it’ll create a charming ambiance.

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Brighten Up the Walkway

modern lit steps

Design by Butler Armsden / Photo by Patrik Argast

Brighten up your entryway by incorporating built-in lighting onto your steps, which makes it easy to effortlessly enter and exit the home at nighttime. Especially when you have guests over, it’ll effortlessly guide them to the entrance.

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Consider Wide Steps

concrete steps leading up to gate

KAA Design Group / Photo by Roger Davies

If your home features a privacy gate, you may wish to opt for one style of steps on the outside and another on the inside. These wide, low steps make it easy for multiple people to make it up to your doorway all at once.

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Choose Durable Limestone

limestone steps

Design by Czar Interiors / Photo by Beth Singer

Bring on the neutrals: Limestone steps are an excellent fit for this home, and the material is also known for its durability.

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Design a Side Path

long stone steps

GTM Architects

If you generally enter your home via the driveway as opposed to the formal walkway, be mindful that it may be worth installing a secondary pathway, like the one seen here. This way, you won’t damage your grass when entering and exiting.

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Mix Up Your Brick

brick and stone steps

Design by BarnesVanze / Photo by Anice Hoachlander

If your home features a red brick exterior, there are several ways to work this design into your front steps. Whether you opt for solid brick or a combination of wood and stone, you can experiment with different materials to see what fits your exterior.

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Play to the Porch

matching porch beams and steps

Kate Marker Interiors

Design a front porch with beams, steps, and flooring that are all the same color to make everything look cohesive.

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Pair Brick and Wood

brick walkway and white steps

GTM Architects

A brick walkway and simple white and wooden steps lead to an elegant front porch that provides plenty of room to gather and relax when the weather is nice.

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Keep It Simple

board and batten siding and white steps

Design by BarnesVanze / Photo by Allen Russ

Simple, lengthy white steps look beautiful outside of this white farmhouse with board and batten siding. Black lanterns add a sleek contrast, making everything look sophisticated.

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Try an Imperial Staircase

imperial staircase

Design by BarnesVanze / Photo by Anice Hoachlander

Imperial staircases look nice and grand whether incorporated in the interior of a home or out front. Their size and shape makes it easy for multiple people to enter and exit the home at once, too.

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Consider Curvy

curved steps

Design by BarnesVanze / Photo by Anice Hoachlander

If you love the look of an imperial staircase and you want to add some drama to your home’s exterior on a smaller scale, try a curved staircase. Here, one adds visual interest to this home’s otherwise simple exterior.

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Leave Some Original Brick

white house with brick red steps

GTM Architects

There’s no reason not to mix and match. Even if you paint a brick house bright white, you can still leave some of the original red present to jazz up the entryway, as illustrated here. The dark trims make the whole house stand out in an elegant way.

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Use Stone With Shingles

stone and shingles

Kate Marker Interiors

Who says you can’t enjoy the best of both worlds? Here, stone and shingles work in harmony to create a textural, aesthetically pleasing exterior with a major New England look.

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Install Railings

steps connecting to sidewalk

Four Brothers

Incorporate railings on a lengthier staircase to make it easier for you—and your guests—to enter and exit the home gracefully, particularly if children and elders will be coming and going frequently.

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Combine Light and Dark

light colored steps

Design by Creative Tonic / Photo by Julie Soefer

The exterior of this home skillfully combines light and dark tones. Concrete steps remain a popular choice for many different types of exteriors, though they’re mostly associated with more contemporary homes.

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Make It Charming

red brick steps

Design by Emily June / Photo by Kerry Kirk

There’s something charming and nostalgic about classic red brick steps like these. While there’s something grand about a dramatic staircase leading up to the front of a home, a more simple setup like this doesn’t take away from the charming exterior features.

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Stick With Stone

maiden stone steps

Design by Kara Childress / Photo by Jack Thompson 

A stone exterior calls for matching stone steps, and these add a touch of elegance and old-world charm to this beautiful property.

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Incorporate Numbers

address numbers on steps

@veritas_contracting / Instagram

There’s no hard and fast rule about where to install your house numbers out front. While we don’t often see them displayed on the front steps, there’s something majorly eye-catching about this design decision.

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Go Geometric

peel and stick tile

@thehousethatdiybuilt / Instagram

Think outside the box with your stick-on tiles. This whimsical geometric design is fun and playful and is sure to be an instant conversation starter when guests come to visit.

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Keep It Versatile

concrete front steps with flowers

Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions

Even if the exterior of your home is modern and sleek, you can still dress up your steps with the addition of some plants and flowers. A simple concrete entryway will pair nicely with any color scheme.

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Say Yes to Seasonality

pumpkins up and down stairs

Charleston Crafted

The more steps you have, the more reason to go all out with seasonal decor! There are many ways to switch up your setup depending on the time of year—pumpkins are perfect in the fall, while potted tulips would add a nice touch to this stairway in the spring.

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Mix Colors

red brick steps

Simple Stylings

To ensure that red brick steps like these really pop, place green plants on either side of the base of the stairway. The pairing of these two bold colors will make a major statement.

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Skip Traditional Steps

stone pathway

Cathy Hong Interiors

In lieu of a staircase, install just one step and then craft a stone pathway leading up to the front door. The stone texture pairs beautifully with this home’s natural wooden exterior.

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