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Brighten up your day with these stunning sunflower nails! Embrace sunny vibes, vibrant yellows and delicate petals in your next manicure.

There’s no shortage of pretty flowers to add to your nail designs for the warmer months ahead, but if you’re looking for a floral pattern that truly captures the essence of summer and radiates positivity, then sunflower nails should be at the top of your list.

These cheerful and vibrant flowers, with their golden petals and dark centers, are synonymous with sunny days and happiness. The yellow color palette just screams “Hello, spring!” in the best way possible, as shown in these 10 nail designs.

The Best Sunflower Nails To Copy

1. Mini Sunflowers

This mini sunflower design is super cute and has the perfect springtime aesthetic! Each of the nails has a sheer white base and then is decorated with simple, small sunflowers with a brown center and a spray of yellow petals – so pretty! This design is perfect for both long and short nails.

2. Sunflowers + Stripes

These sunflower nails sit alongside sunshine-yellow nails and striped designs! In this manicure, the sunflowers feature as a design on the accent nail, while the middle finger has a nude base and is decorated with white stripes, and the rest of the nails are painted in a bright yellow shade.

3. Sunflower Tips

Go for a minimalist look with this sunflower tips design. Start with a coat of sheer pink polish on each nail then add a sunflower design, with the brown center at the corner of the nail and the petals reaching down the side of the nail and across the tip, each framed with a white line for a striking look.

4. Yellow waves+ florals

The bright, vibrant sunflowers look gorgeous paired with these abstract yellow waves. Each nail has a sheer nude base, then the thumb, middle, and little fingers are decorated with waves in a honey-yellow shade, while the rest of the nails are decorated with sunflowers and little green leaves.

5. Flowery Tips

We love this delicate springtime manicure, that features not only sunflowers but daisies and little green leaves too! The nails have a neutral base while the yellow and white flowers bloom from the tip of the nail, finished with sprigs of green leaves.

6. Sunflowers + leaves

Go for an oversized sunflower design with this statement manicure. The index and little fingers are painted in glossy butter yellow polish, while the middle and ring fingers have a nude base and are decorated with a large sunflower on the ring finger and leaves on the ring finger to complete the floral design.

7. Tortoiseshell + florals

Tortoiseshell is one of the big nail trends at the moment, so why not add it to your sunflower nail design? Each nail is decorated with a warm amber tortoiseshell design, while the bottom third of the nail is left nude. The nails then feature half a sunflower at the tip or the base of the nail, which really pops against the tortoiseshell backdrop.

8. Blooming flowers

This blooming flower manicure has a daintier, more delicate look and is perfect for the spring and summer months. The nails have a matte nude base and are decorated with green vines and little yellow sunflowers at the base of the nail, except for the middle finger which features flowers blooming from the tip of the nail.

9. Bright Green Base

The bright yellow sunflowers really stand out against the green base in this striking manicure. Begin with a green speckled polish for the base of each nail, then decorate with vibrant yellow sunflowers at the base of the nail to recreate this gorgeous manicure that is bound to make you smile.

10. Sunflower Accent Nail

Keep it simple with this minimalist sunflower accent nail design. Each of the nails has been painted with a glossy pale yellow polish, except for the ring finger, which has a glossy nude base and then is decorated with a pastel-toned sunflower, blooming from the side of the nail – so pretty!

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