Top 20 Most Beautiful Colorful Birds in The World 2024

Beauty is one feature that is common among all birds. From the darkest part of Africa to the deadliest amazons in South America, the blue skies have been dominated by colorful birds. Although all birds are beautiful, some of them do have some striking features that put them one step ahead of the others in terms of beauty. Here Pouted magazine intimates you with the top 20 most beautiful colorful birds in the world.

20 Blue Jay

Nobody will penalize you if you ever consider blue jays as the most amazing and intelligent birds on earth. They are often seen in Central and East America. You can quickly identify them with the blue colored crest atop their head. They have a unique way of communicating among themselves, and they can grow as much as between 9 and 12 inches long.

19 Indian Peafowl

The peafowl is almost symbolic of the Indian nationality. This bird is one of the most beautiful birds Mother Nature has ever produced. Peafowls are gifted with long feathers. You need to catch a glimpse of this bird when it raises its entire feathers. It is such a fantastic sight to behold.

18 Hyacinth Macaw

Of all the flying parrots in the world, the Hyacinth Macaw is the largest. It can grow as long as 100 cm. These birds reside in partly open areas within the Northern parts of Brazil. They have witnessed a drastic reduction in their population in the last few years. It is also called the blue macaw due to its unusual blue coloration.

17 Golden Pheasant

This bird species was thought to be in the Chinese mountains alone. But recent discoveries have shown that it is also in other parts of the world, including Europe and South American forests. Golden Pheasants seem to be most popular because of its vibrant color mix. The males grow much bigger than their female counterparts.

16 Wilson’s bird-of-paradise

While it has remained one of the most beautiful birds, this bird species has equally featured as an extraordinary creature. Researchers have spotted a few around the Indonesian forests and have concluded that this is where their habit is. They have this mesmerizing color mix that will always leave you in awe in case you see them any day.

15 Rainbow lorikeet

Their bright eyes and colorful bodies set them apart from other birds in the U.S. and other places like Australia and Austria. These parrots seem to be enjoying a great deal of protection at the moment. The only danger staring at the rainbow lorikeet’s face is the pet trade.

14 Kingfisher

The kingfisher will always remain one of the most colorful, exotic breeds of birds. More than 150 kingfisher species are existing globally. Just as their name suggests, they do hunt for fish as well as other aquatic animals. You can identify them with their big heads, more massive bills, and big bodies. They can grow between 4 and 12 inches in length.

13 Keel-billed toucan

The keel-billed toucan has attracted a lot of attention due to its colorful beak. With a beak that can grow as much as 20cm, this bird sure is unique in its way. It is seen mostly around South and Central America. Sadly, these birds cannot be categorized as good flyers because of the size of their beaks.

12 Northern Cardinal

The fancy red feathers of this bird species are one thing that has fascinated bird lovers. These birds are almost exclusive to places like North America, and they love to visit backyards that are close to their habitat. This medium-sized songbird has a red crest as well as a thick, short orange beak. The northern cardinal is most fortunate with its black as well as a gray face mask.

11 Horned Sungem

This brightly colored creature has been associated with the forests in South America. The feathers look remarkably the same as horns. This small looking bird has its feathers arranged in such a way that you will think they are horns. Nevertheless, these horn looking features are adorned in males mostly.

10 Nicobar pigeon

This bird can be seen mostly around South-east Asia, as well as the Pacific. While the precise count of Nicobar pigeon is unknown, there are indications that they are reducing due to deforestation and other creatures like rats and cats. These birds have a close connection with the dodo birds. Nicobar pigeon has a rare coloration that puts them apart from others.

9 Mandarin duck

You can find these beautiful birds in most parts of China, Russia, and Japan. They love hanging around lakes and rivers, mainly shrubs and forests. This bird has so many colors and has earned itself the reputation of being among the most colorful birds. It is regarded as the most charming duck in the whole world.

8 Victoria crowned pigeon

The low swamps in northern New Guinea are where you can find this glorious bird. The numbers of this bird are fast declining and funny enough. They are not among the most common birds used as pets. They are losing their habitats because poachers hunt them for feathers and meat. The Victoria crowned pigeon can grow as tall as a turkey.

7 Gouldian Finch

This bird is equally known as the rainbow finch since it is blessed with a variety of colors. It has a close relationship with sparrows and birds in India. There have been sights of it in Austria and the western part of Australia.

6 Resplendent Quetzal

Many decades ago, the Mayan people held a shone quetzal as a sacred piece worn by priests and rulers. They only removed their tail feathers but never killed them. You may need to travel down to Central America if you want to catch sight of this bird’s habitat.

5 Gurney’s pitta

This bird undoubtedly remains a distinct bird because of its remarkable beauty. Their number is fast declining, so you will need to go to places like Thailand and Myanmar to catch a glimpse of them in real life. Gurney pitta usually feeds on slugs, insects, and worms.

4 Marvelous spatuletail

On seeing this bird, you can quickly tell where many storytellers seem to get their inspiration from. Marvelous spatuletail has got multiple colors on their feathers and a tail that will charm bed lovers. This bird species is different from the others because its tail is composed of four types of feathers.

3 Greater bird of paradise

This bird has only been seen in the most remote jungles in Indonesia. Its feather design is incredibly beautiful. The first set of explorers in Europe that saw this bird said that it had no legs. They love to feed on seeds and fruits, and sometimes on insects.

2 Splendid fairy-wren

Their young males and females look similar in that they have a blue-tipped wing. The males develop a deep blue color whenever it is time for them to mate. Splendid fairy wren is fast and quite prompt, so you need to be alert before you can get a picture of them.

1 Blue bird-of-paradise

A lot of bird researchers and lovers believe that this bird is the most beautiful of all birds. The male has a bluish tail, white-ringed eye, and blue ivorybill. Its flank feathers are reddish-brown. The females are a bit different from the males in the way they look.

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