These Dark Green Bedrooms Are Soothing And Refreshing

Shagun Khare
32 Dark Green Bedroom Ideas For Your Inspiration
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Pair With Pink

dark green bedroom with pink accents

@houseofhedleys / Instagram

A deep green finds perfect balance with pink accents. The pretty hue lifts what can be a heavy color, softening and warming it up. In this bedroom, graphic artwork and a few mix-and-match pillows do the trick. Pops of white and gold offer some additional brightness.

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Play With Pattern

dark green bedroom walls

@numberninetysix / Instagram

Green naturally lends itself to a boho-style bedroom, as it has evokes a fresh and free-spirited feel. In this bedroom, a patterned rug and bedding lighten up the space with playfulness. White serves as the main accent color, along with some warm neutrals seen in the pots and bench for earthiness. You can’t go wrong with live plants, too, which offer a natural green to play off the paint color.

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Go Regal

smoky dark green bedroom walls

@secondnaturekitchens / Instagram

On the flip side, green can create a sense of regality. This bedroom goes full-on luxe, coating its molded walls in a rich juniper hue, wallpapering the ceiling, and embellishing the space with gold-accented statement lighting. The furniture is just as on par, comprising a ruby-red tufted headboard and ultra-plush pillows.

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Brighten It Up

dark green bedroom with yellow accents

@sew_norfolk / Instagram

Break up the richness of a green with bright, happy tones. This space veers away from the usual heaviness of a dark green, instead creating a smile-inducing environment. So, don’t be afraid to try out seemingly clashing colors—a surprising yellow headboard and neon pink duvet are ultimately what make this bedroom come together.

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Go For Wallpaper Over Paint

dark green patterned wallpaper in a bedroom

Michelle Boudreau Design

Why use paint when you have wallpaper this lush? Reminiscent of the Beverly Hills Hotel, this bedroom doesn’t shy away from pattern as its walls are coated in abundant birds of paradise and glossy leaves. To let the jungle vibe shine, understated decor is used, as seen in the simple bedding, cream-colored window treatments, and a softly curved headboard.

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Balance With Wall Trim

dark green bedroom with white trim

@holliebradbury_ / Instagram

Here, the dark green walls are cleverly broken up with existing wall molding, which was left white and painted around. This allows for relief, while also adding structure to the room. Wood accents bring out the depth of the paint color. Matching velvet pillows, sheets, plants, and a patterned runner also help play off the walls.

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Use Traditional Accents

traditional dark green bedroom

Jon Lovette / Getty Images

Sometimes, less is more. This traditional-style bedroom doesn’t go too outside-the-box when it comes to decor, but each element works together seamlessly. Classic gingham pillows add playfulness, white bedding offers beautiful contrast, and a sculptural bed frame infuses elegance. Don’t miss other pretty touches, like dreamy sheer drapes, curvy lamps, and chinoiserie plates hanging above the bed.

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Set The Ambience

dark green bedroom lighting

@oldtowninnsc / Instagram

Never underestimate the power of lighting. A soft yellow-toned glow brings out the warmth and sheen of a dark green, allowing the color to truly shine. Thus, not much extra is needed to make this room stand out. A carved wooden headboard and side table complement the olive shade, while simple embroidered bedding adds visual interest and texture.

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Go Two-Toned

dark green painted headboard

Design by Haywoodmade Interiors / Margaret Rajic Photography

Color blocking with two tones is another great way to break up a space. Using a dark color on the bottom half of the wall creates the illusion of a headboard. The deep pine green keeps to its warmth, paired with brass decals and neutral hues. Simple striped bedding in a softer green nod to the bottom half of the wall, while white accents in the lamp and decor play off the top half.

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Choose Luxe Materials

dark green bedroom with brass wall sconce

Design by Cathie Hong Interiors / Christy Q. Photo

Simple, luxe decor makes this condo primary bedroom feel like an exhale. A low-profile velvet bed frame sets the tone, alongside gold sconces and midcentury modern style nightstands for a streamlined look. Softly wrinkled linens with a pop of pink and tan help soothe and balance out the opulence.

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Add Contemporary Elements

dark green bedroom wainscoting

@twentieshouse / Instagram

Contemporary decor can make a dark green space feel extra luxurious. Opt for clean lines as seen in the nightstands and lighting of this bedroom. Don’t forget plush materials like velvet for the pillows or headboard for some contrast, too. Three ovular mirrors add to the shine, while making this space feel more vast.

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Include Pops Of Blue

dark green bedroom with blue accents

Design by Haywoodmade Interiors / Margaret Rajic Photography

Pops of blue — like turquoise and sapphire — can transform a dark green bedroom into a breath of fresh air. The coastal palette in this space is soothing and light, and it doesn’t require too many frills. Just opt for some cool patterned pillows and a throw at the end of the bed. Gold accents, as seen in the mirror and lamp, top it off with a bit of glam.

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Let Plants Abound

dark green bedroom with plants

@lifeinthesun7 / Instagram

Create a sanctuary in your bedroom with plants. In this space, lots of greenery abounds to create a lush scene. Oaky decor complements the hue, while bohemian-style touches — like a fringe rug and macrame plant hanger — add playfulness. Try contrasting, too: some gold-accented lighting and pots offer a glam touch.

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Mix Traditional And Modern

modern dark green bedroom

@ty_victorianhouse / Instagram

Mixing design styles is a tried-and-true design trick that works wonderfully when done right. This space meshes traditional with modern, pairing ’70s-style floral-printed pillows and bedding against abstract artwork and a streamlined bed frame. Pink serves as the main accent color here again, lightening up the dark green walls.

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Bring Bohemian Vibes

dark green boho-style bedroom

Mocha Girl Place

On the other hand, a deep green can help bring out a playful side. Tracey Hairston of Mocha Girl Place decked her granddaughter’s room out in bohemian decor and happy accents—notably, an ornate screen used as a headboard, mushroom-shaped stools, and flower throw pillows. All are set in earth tones for a cohesive, whimsical environment.

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Keep It Cozy

dark olive green bedroom

@marycatherineadams / Instagram

A dark green bedroom is the perfect place to go full-on moody. An inky-black bed frame and photo frames help make this space feel supremely snug, topped with plush cream bedding for extra coziness.

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Create An Earthy Oasis

dark sage green bedroom

Michelle Boudreau Design

A palette of olive and white allow for an airy and grounding space. Matching green chairs in this bedroom allow for cohesion, along with a deeper green bench. Though, the materials are the real stars of the show: wood-paneled ceilings infuse warmth, textured wallpaper soothes, and sculptural lighting creates visual intrigue.

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Mix Prints

dark emerald green bedroom

@littlerentedhome / Instagram

This bedroom gets punchy with prints—from lattice-style sheets to graphic artwork and more. Art Deco-style sunburst mirrors adorn the walls, playing off the brassy bed frame. Surprisingly, grey serves as the secondary color, getting a vibrant upgrade from its emerald green backdrop.

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Use Natural Materials

dark green bedroom with pale wood furniture

Michelle Boudreau Design

Natural materials always pair well with green, as both are found together outdoors. This bedroom uses woven fabrics to dress the bed, atop a jute rug and oaky tables. Wooden slats stretch from the wall to the ceiling, ending at various lengths to create a fun illusion. Similar yet skillful imbalance is presented in the staggered pendants, which mirror the bulb shape of the sconces.

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Go Abstract

dark green bedroom with gold accents / Instagram

A gold stripe cuts through these deep green walls, setting the tone for a sleek and sophisticated bedroom. Abstract artwork and pillows cater to the modern look, set in a beautiful palette of pink, white, black, and tan. For balance, tinged dried foliage and a gingham duvet ground the senses.

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Flaunt With Florals

dark green bedroom with floral patterned roman shades

@louise_m_interiors / Instagram

Green is immediately associated with nature. So, introducing decor elements that evoke the outdoors always works well. Here, florals set the theme of the bedroom, as seen in the velvet window treatments, artwork, and actual flower arrangements. Hot pink trim adds a welcome dose of brightness, while traditional furniture grounds the space.

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Deepen With Black

dark green bedroom with black accents

@milk_buro / Instagram

A deep green can get even deeper when paired with black. Black-and-white prints, charcoal bedding, and sheer black drapes create a moody ambience in this bedroom. Meanwhile, a billowy paper-style lantern softens the look, and gold sconces brighten it up.

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Paint an Accent Wall

dark green bedroom accent wall

A Beautiful Mess

A dark green accent wall adds depth to a white-walled bedroom. A Beautiful Mess paired it with an upholstered headboard and textiles in pale textured neutrals and soft shades of salmon for a balanced feel.

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Add Preppy Vibes

preppy dark green boys bedroom

Brexton Cole Interiors

Dark green can add preppy vibes to a boys’ bedroom. This space from Brexton Cole Interiors features dark green wall paint and white wainscoting for a crisp contrast. Red accents reinforce the room’s traditional feel.

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Paint the Built-Ins

dark olive green bedroom closet wall

Studio Peake

Painting a wall of built-in floor-to-ceiling closets in a dark shade of green can add color and depth to a small bedroom. Studio Peake painted the Shaker-style closet doors in this London bedroom in a deep olive shade, and hung tassels from the door knobs to soften it up.

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Mix In Some Pattern

dark green velvet headboard

Alvin Wayne

Pair a jewel tone velvet headboard with patterned wallpaper to create dimension. This NYC bedroom from interior designer Alvin Wayne includes an emerald green channel tufted velvet headboard, leafy large-scale patterned wallpaper that creates a soothing base note. Earth toned accents in shades of golden mustard and brown and warm wood tones complement the nature-inspired palette.

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Soften With Texture

earthy dark green bedroom

Jessica Nelson Design / Carina Skrobecki Photography

Pair dark green walls with plenty of soft textures to keep the bedroom feeling cozy and inviting. Jessica Nelson Design paired olive walls with soft textiles from the layered bedding to the curtains that create a cozy and enveloping feel.

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Accent With White

dark blue-green bedroom

Fantastic Frank

If you can’t decide between green or blue, choose a green-blue wall paint that offers the best of both worlds. This relaxing bedroom from Fantastic Frank has smoky dark teal wall paint that creates a rich backdrop for modern white furniture and decor.

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Create a Tonal Look

dark green bedroom with exposed wood ceiling

Studio DIY

Vary shades of dark green for a modern tonal look. Studio DIY used shades from olive to evergreen to teal in this cozy, moody bedroom that feels like a forest oasis. A mix of textures adds softness against the tile flooring and saturated forest green walls complement the exposed wood ceiling beams.

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Contrast With Pale Tones

dark green bedroom with pale patterned textiles

Kate Marker Interiors

Pair dark blue-green walls with white and gray for a high-contrast look. Kate Marker Interiors accented this dark green bedroom with patterned textiles in pale neutral shades, from the Roman shades to the area rug and duvet cover that create a balanced feel.

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Choose a Statement Bed

dark green statement bed

Tina Ramchandani Creative / Jacob Snavely Photography

In a neutral room, add a focal point with a dark green rug, drapes, or a statement bed. Tina Ramchandani Creative chose a jewel toned emerald bed frame with a built-in wall-mounted headboard that turns the neutral space into something more exciting.

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Pair With Warm Wood Tones

dark green bedroom with golden wood headboard

Pair darker greens with golden wood tones for a warm feel. Erin Williamson Design chose a warm honey-toned wood headboard to add texture and contrast with smooth dark green walls in this inviting bedroom.

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