These Chic Contemporary Living Room Ideas Makes Any Space Look Mod

Christie Calucchia
20 Perfect Contemporary Living Room Ideas and Elements
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Go With White Walls

Contemporary living room with painted swirl area rug

Thomas Dalhoff DESIGN: Brett Mickan Interior Design

According to Smith, white walls allow furniture pieces to pop in a contemporary living room. Here, an abstract rug provides the perfect burst of color in this otherwise neutral space. The design feels entirely of the moment.

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Match Wall to Ceiling

Contemporary living room with striped area rug, white walls, high A-framed wood ceiling

Tessa Neustadt

White walls and a white ceiling to match give this room an effortlessly clean feel. There’s something intriguing about the way the different materials between the walls and the beams in the ceiling match in color, playing with the pure white couches. Interior designer Tessa Neustadt has mastered the contemporary vibe in this room.

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Favor Clean Lines

Contemporary living room with fiddle leaf fig, globe lantern light fixture

Preston Schlebusch for the New York Times DESIGN: Studio BD

When Smith pictures a contemporary living room, Smith thinks, “Nothing too fancy or decorative but rather clean looking and fitted.” This room certainly fits the description. Straight lines and raised furniture create a linear environment that’s entirely contemporary. Plus the unique overhead lighting makes a statement without creating clutter or overpowering the room.

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Incorporate Geometric Patterns

Contemporary living room with bright green couch, striped area rug

Smith recommends using geometric patterns and subtle colors to create texture. Take note of the texture of the throw pillow in this contemporary living room and how it interacts with the patterned rug and geometric wall art. The mix of brass, wood, and black accents also creates a dreamy space that is so “now.”

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Integrate Modern Touches

Contemporary living room with ballet pink accent chairs, patterned area rug

White Arrow

Though the walls in this room remain neutral, the furniture and décor are far from it. “Contemporary [style] is about balancing the trends that are going on while integrating those modern touches,” Smith says.

Here, subtle furniture mixes with a dynamic rug to create a balance of styles. It’s all tied together with a brass legged glass table—the epitome of contemporary and modern.

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Add a Wooden Buffet Table or Console

Contemporary living room with framed illustrations, potted plants

Smith pictures wooden buffet tables and tv consoles for a contemporary living room. The style is timeless, but when it’s arranged with intricate wall hangings and a mix of patterns and textures like this BHDM-designed space, it becomes seriously in vogue.

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Utilize Black Picture Frames

Contemporary living room with framed black and white photograph, gray couch

Ragnar Ómarsson; DESIGN: Pella Hedeby

This living room features a portrait set in a black frame, another design element Smith considers distinctly contemporary. “Black-framed portraits with soft landscapes—nothing super colorful or eye-catching,” Smith recommends.

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Consider a Bold Green Accent Wall

Contemporary living room with white couch, green accent wall

Black Lacquer

A bold green accent wall creates a dynamic environment where wood flooring and a crisp white couch are challenged by a bright pop of color. While the wall might seem extreme, it works as a balance between subtle and daring.

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Choose Natural, Woven Materials

Contemporary living room with patterned area rug, woven material accent chairs

Space Exploration

When it comes to contemporary furniture, Smith’s home décor list includes basket-woven material. This living room pairs two woven chairs with a warm, earth-toned rug and a deep blue sofa. The elements come together to create a contemporary space that seems to flow right up the staircase.

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Make It Inviting

Contemporary living room with two wooden stools, glass coffee table

Liljencrantz Design

This living room boasts a statement marble fireplace and linear furniture. The space feels open yet full of character and rather inviting, thanks to ample seating options and a coffee table that ties the space together.

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Pick a Striking Light Fixture

Contemporary living room with white accent chair, marble fireplace

Sharyn Cairns; DESIGN: Fiona Lynch

According to Smith, a modern lighting fixture works especially well in a contemporary living room when it’s grounded by soft fabrics and light colors. This white-on-white space allows the lighting fixture to make a statement. In addition, the black-and-white marble fireplace elevates the entire room.

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Balance With Plants

Contemporary living room with architectural light fixture, potted plant

Katie Martinez

Use plants to update any living room into a contemporary yet calming oasis. “I’d recommend a large fiddle-leaf fig planted in a simple colored pot,” says Smith. According to Smith, the size of the plant can help create balance in the space.

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Opt for Lighter-Toned Leather

Contemporary living room with light-toned leather seating, framed gallery wall

Katie Martinez

When it comes to fabric choices, a light leather piece screams contemporary design. Smith suggests going for anything in a chestnut, camel, or bone color. This unique light brown leather couch pictured creates warmth and plays well off the deep purple-toned rug.

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Lean in on Cream and Wood Tones

Contemporary living room with high ceilings, white coffee table

Fran Parente DESIGN: Ashe+Leandro

Pops of creams and natural wood tones abound in this contemporary living room. This color palette, paired with linear furniture and clean shapes, strikes the perfect balance of fresh and warm. Plus, the high ceiling and large windows make the entire space feel open and inviting.

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Mix and Match Furniture

Modern living room with mix and match furniture

Arbor and Co.

Completely matching your furniture isn’t required when going for contemporary décor. For example, feel free to pair your new upholstered couch with a worn-in, wood-backed armchair like this living room. Or place a rounded coffee table with a few rectangular side tables. Mix and match materials, patterns, and time periods.

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Go Moody

Moody living room in blue jewel-tones

Reena Sotropa

Commit to a monochromatic color scheme in a jewel-toned hue. Paired with clean lines and metal accents, this living room exudes contemporary décor vibes.

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Combine Different Materials

Contemporary living room with acrylic coffee table

Maite Granda

Fabric and acrylic, marble and wood, whatever materials combinations you can think of, don’t be afraid to express them in your living room. In this example, different materials are tied together with greenery and ample white space throughout.

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Favor Natural Light

Natural light streams through modern living room

Studio KT

Contemporary décor might just be about the ultimate luxury: Lots of natural light. So open those curtains and window treatments. If your drapes are too dark, replace them with lighter or sheer drapery. In this photo, we’re loving this living room’s bright white walls and clean lines.

For spaces that lack natural light, maximize the light you do have available and hang mirrors, or place objects with reflective surfaces throughout your space to bounce rays around the room.

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Add Quirky Details

Quirky clock and planter accessories in living room

Cathie Hong

Once you’ve nailed down natural light and clean lines, for example, infuse some personality into your contemporary living room with a few quirky details. Whether it’s a clock in a standout shape (like this starburst-esque design, pictured), or a few plant holders in contrasting patterns, utilize home décor accents to make the space your own.

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Opt for Open Concept When Possible

Modern living room with boho fringe accents

Reena Sotropa

Any space can benefit from open concept area-defining principles, like using rugs to delineate a space, and grouping your furniture to create gathering and seating areas.

For a contemporary living room, think “soothing, calm, tranquil, and cool, but not cold,” Smith says.

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