In 2023, there was a wave of trends when it comes to nail art.

We had velvet galaxy nails, syrup nails, cold girl nails and even ‘villain era’ nails, with inspiration coming from K-beauty, TikTok, and of course queen of trendsetting Hailey Bieber.

Despite the cost of living crisis, an estimated 19% of Millennials (according to a survey by Capital Hair and Beauty) consider salon manicures an essential spend.

So, it seems like 2024 will bring with it even more signature looks from nail techs, from attention-grabbing art to subtle, easy-to-maintain manis that look great for everyday wear.

Want to get ahead of the curve for your next appointment? These are the trends you’ll be seeing everywhere over the coming year.

Juanita Huber-Millet, founder and creative director at Townhouse tells ‘Almond shaped nails will become increasingly popular in 2024.

‘This look creates the illusion of long slimmer fingers and adds a touch of elegance to the hands. If you love a little subtle nail art, this shape is perfect as it creates an elegant canvas for a variety of looks from French to minimal accents.’

The almond shape tends to work best on longer nails (or extensions) but your nail tech should be able to get a similar silhouette as long as yours aren’t super short.

Ballet flats are back in style, and nails are following suit in 2024.

‘The ballet core trend is set to make waves in the coming year in the beauty and fashion spaces, and this look seamlessly blends sophistication, elegance and grace,’ says Juanita.

‘To sport this must-have look, go for shades of soft pink reminiscent of ballet slippers and milky whites. If you fancy adding that little something extra ask for a dainty bow nail art accent – perfect for the aesthetic.’

We’ve seen chrome nails leading the way for the last two years or so, and Juanita expects this to continue over the year ahead.

‘This chic look is so versatile and suits all nail lengths and shapes,’ she adds.

According to Lynn Mason, in house nail expert at Mavala, Pantone’s colour of the year will be a nail art trend too.

‘Pantone describes Peach Fuzz as a shade that captures our desire to nurture ourselves and others,’ she says.

‘It’s a velvety gentle peach tone whose all-embracing spirit enriches mind, body, and soul.’

‘The Minimal French is one of my personal favourites,’ says Juanita.

‘This trend has certainly grown in popularity especially in the past year, evolving from the ultimate classic white French finish to include a variety of colours, which adds a contemporary twist to a timeless favourite.’

She recommends a bold red French mani for a chic and stylish look, but advises clients to express themselves through colour and experiment with shades they love.

Beauty Pie’s annual trends report saw a 1,350% rise in Google searches over the last six months for chocolate milk nails, a milky brown hue that works perfectly with neutral clothing and brown or blonde hair.

A spokesperson commented: ‘The key to getting a look is to opt for a creamy-based lacquer, rather than a very dark brown, to get the softer finish we’re seeing all over TikTok.’

Speaking to Cosmopolitan, KimKimNails (AKA, Kim Truong, Lottie London’s Artist in Residence and Kim Kardashian and Dua Lipa’s go-to nail guru) said: ‘A trend that has been floating around the internet which still hasn’t had a mass moment is aura nails.

‘The fun part of this trend is the option to layer a few different colours in your aura so you could for a 70s psychedelic effect or you could go for a cohesive monochromatic aura such as various shades of pink.’

Celebrity nail artist Analysee Hernandez, also adds: ‘I believe nail techs will continue to show their artistic abilities through these mismatched designs,” she says.

Stick-on embellishments and touchable textures are on the menu too, with Analysee saying: ‘I’ve noticed an uprise in my clients loving a 3D addition on their sets. I’m hoping that we start to see the girlies add a little something into their 3D manis.’

Kim continues: ‘While it’s true that some salons may have been limited in offering 3D nail designs due to the necessary equipment and less common techniques, I expect that this year most salons will be investing in the tools and skills needed to meet the growing demand.’

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