These Are the 16 Best Yellow Paint Colors That Interior Designers Love


Photo: Veronica Rodriguez

Pulling the trigger on a popular paint color is never easy—even when picking the perfect shade of white—so imagine the agony that comes with picking a bright yellow paint. That said, we’ve seen enough bright yellow kitchens in our days to know that, if executed correctly, it’s a fabulous paint color that brings happiness and sunshine into your home like no other. When it comes to inspiration, think of marigolds blooming in the summer sun, golden wheat fields, and gorgeous mustard interiors. We’ve found the best yellow paint colors from dark to light. The best part? They’re all interior designer-approved.

  • Color Family: Yellows
  • Complementary Color: Purple
  • Pairs Well With: Gray, pink, or navy
  • Mood: Cheerful, optimistic, and sunny
  • Where to Use: Kitchen cabinets, front doors

Feeling like you need a dose of yellow in your life? Here are 16 yellow paints that interior designers love.

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 Courtesy of Benjamin Moore

Benjamn Moore Golden Retriever $37.00


If you’re in the market for an earthy darker yellow, opt for Benjamin Moore’s Golden Retriever. New York-based interior designer Sasha Bikoff says, “Golden Retriever is sophisticated and moody. You can never go wrong with a glamorous gold.” It’s a golden brown shade inspired by man’s best friend.

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 Courtesy of Behr 

Behr Marquee Life Is Good $46.00


We suggest Life is Good for smaller spaces. “Like a sunflower, this shade of paint has a great amount of depth and brightness,” Bikoff adds. Pair Behr Marquee’s Life Is Good, a darker marigold shade, with a light eraser pink and a soft, almost white greige.

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Courtesy of Farrow & Ball 

Yellow paint

Farrow & Ball Dayroom Yellow $44.00


Designer Ariel Okin favors either pale yellows that are easy on the eyes or attention-grabbing yellows that start conversations. Regrading the former, she says, “I happen to love Dayroom Yellow by Farrow & Ball. It’s a pale, cheerful color that brightens up any space.” If you want to change it up a bit, try painting the ceiling of a small space in this soothing shade.

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Design: Katie Martinez Design

Farrow & Ball Babouche $110.00


“This is a rich but refined hue that reminds us of everything happy and wholesome,” designer Melanie Morris says. Farrow & Ball’s Babouche is a vibrant yellow hue named after the leather Moroccan slippers. This color is perfect for brightening up a bathroom with a sunny vanity.

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 Courtesy of Dutch Boy

Dutch Boy Autumn Hue $38.00


Speaking of marigold, Dutch Boy is on the bandwagon, too, with its Autumn Hue. This golden shade is reminiscent of fall leaves or our favorite golden milk latte. “Autumn Hue paints a picture of the changing of leaves from green to red to orange to yellow,” Bikoff explains.

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 Courtesy of PPG Paints

PPG Paints Brass Mesh $29.00


PPG Paint’s Brass Mesh is a bright citrus with a mustard-yellow undertone that the brand likes to pair with a gray lilac. Try it in your dining room for a major pop of color.

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 Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin-Williams Forsythia $24.00


Sherwin-Williams’s Forsythia is a bright yellow that’s begging to be painted on your front door. Or, if you’re really going for a pop in the kitchen, you can try it on your cabinet doors. “A true yellow with just the right amount of oomf for maximum impact” Morris admits.

Try using a paler shade of yellow with darker hues and vise-versa. Adding a moment of contrast adds a touch of sophistication to the space.

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 Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin-Williams Honey Bees $24.00


Sherwin-Williams’s Honey Bees is a slightly more muted tone that would be precious in a children’s room. “This is a pretty pastel perfect for a house in the country,” Bikoff says. Of course, it’s so neutral that it can work just about anywhere.

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Portola Paints Yellow Queen $10.00


Portola Paints’s Yellow Queen is a sunny, light hue. Try it in a laundry room to add some cheer to a totally mundane chore. Morris describes this shade as “a gently sunny and comforting color,” and we are already feeling more at ease.

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Courtesy of Clare 

Yellow paint

Clare Golden Hour $54.00


Okin says, “For a brighter yellow, Citron by Farrow & Ball is great as a pop of color on a ceiling or on millwork trim. I also love Clare Golden Hour for the same effect. It’s bright and punchy!”

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 Courtesy of Kilz

Kilz Walnut Cream $20.00


Kilz’s best-selling yellow paint color is the sandstone shade Walnut Cream. It’s a safe bet if you’re looking for a lighter hue that can be used throughout the home. Bikoff suggests using it like you would a neutral. She says, “It’s the perfect fleshy nude that has a hint of pink.”

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Yellow Paint

Benjamin Moore Sun Kissed Yellow $11.00


If you’re outfitting a nursery or kid’s room and want to swath the space in a fun and gender-neutral color, yellow is your best bet. Morris advises, “Go bold with this revitalizing color. It would be the best accent in a kids space!”

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 Courtesy of Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore Hawthorne Yellow

Benjamin Moore Hawthorne Yellow $43.00


Benjamin Moore’s Hawthorne Yellow has a historic flair—just picture it in a Victorian home. But this shade with a slight gray undertone looks just as regal in your modern space. In Bikoff’s opinion, it strikes a balance between traditional and whimsical.

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Courtesy of Magnolia

magnolia Heirloom Yellow

Magnolia Heirloom Yellow $45.00


How about a yellow with a slight green undertone? Magnolia’s Heirloom Yellow really pops on walls when paired with white trim. Always inspired by color palettes in nature, Bikoff says, “Heirloom Yellow has the faintest amount of green that reflects colors you’d find in a garden.” We’re sold!

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Design: Dabito

yellow paint

Behr Yellow Groove $32.00


Behr’s Yellow Groove is a bright mustard yellow that adds a playful feel to your space. If you’re looking to add a bit of boldness to your space, you can’t go wrong with Yellow Groove. Bikoff refers to it as “a playful, fun accent color to punch up any space.” And we couldn’t agree more.

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Yellow Paint

Benjamin Moore Crowne Hill Yellow $11.00


If you’re feeling something a little brighter, Morris suggests going with a shade that’s fun and punchy, but still sophisticated. “Crowne Hill Yellow is a classic and timeless color. It’s versatile and forever fresh.” It’s easy to accidentally go in a more juvenile direction when working with bright colors, so be sure to pick a shade that is as whimsical as it is demure.

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