These 50 Entryway Mirror Ideas Will Instantly Enlarge Your Space

Sarah Lyon
50 Entryway Mirror Ideas to Enlarge Your Space
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Incorporate Woven Materials

rope mirror with wallpaper

@kate_decorates / Instagram

If you love coastal style, a mirror wrapped in rope is the perfect addition to your entryway. The neutral woven piece will pop against the beautiful blue and white wallpaper while also give it a light, airy touch.

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Search for Vintage

vintage entryway mirror

@nileymilagroshome / Instagram

Many people enjoy decorating with antique (or antique-looking) mirrors. To source a piece like this without breaking the bank, make a point to visit local thrift stores and flea markets, where you can often find mirrors of this nature. If you have no luck, learn how to DIY your own to replicate the look.

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Embrace a Sunny Look

sun shaped mirror

@lizmearns / Instagram

A sunburst-style mirror shines in this traditional entryway, where it doubles as a work of art. Its wooden material adds some texture and coordinates well with the stained wooden console table below.

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Make It Eclectic

ornate carved mirror

@barij / Instagram

A carved wooden mirror looks right at home among other eclectic accessories and brings in a textural flair to this entryway. To make the space stand out more, an ornate frame is used to create a charming statement.

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Go for the Gold

classic gold mirror

@maricelalopezdesign / Instagram

A gilded, curved mirror adds a stately touch to this formal entryway. Better yet, the gold color appears to match the surrounding sconces perfectly, making everything look cohesive.

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Bring on the European Elegance

european style mirror

@tiffani.monique / Instagram

Bring a touch of European style into your home with an elegant mirror like this one. When it comes to placement, opt for leaning your entryway mirror if it’s too heavy to hang it on the wall. Surround it with some elegant decor and you’ll have a stylish display, in no time.

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Cater to Your Specific Size

narrow mirror

@beydindesign / Instagram

There’s truly a mirror style for every size of entryway. In this narrow space, a tall and thin mirror still looks right at home with the matching dark-colored cabinet placed underneath it.

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Keep It Contemporary

circular mirror

@register_boulevard / Instagram

If you’re drawn to contemporary pieces, you can’t go wrong with a round mirror like this one—most people will usually opt for a black, gold, or silver finish to make a timeless statement. Illuminate the area with some taper candles or tea candles for a cozy ambiance.

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Install a Windowpane Mirror

windowpane mirror over console table

@alisachristineinteriors / Instagram

Windowpane mirrors are common in farmhouse-style homes, but that doesn’t mean they can’t work just as nicely in more classic spaces, like this entryway. Choose suitable home decor accents to bring everything together.

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Say Yes to Glamour

leaning gold mirror

@4009decorates / Instagram

If you’re trying to make your entryway pop, look no further than a classic gold mirror. Not only will they stay in style for years to come, but they can be decorated with all kinds of home accessories. This one beautifully reflects the bright blue front door color.

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Play to Your Wallpaper Pattern

gold oval mirror

@senseofdesignstudio / Instagram

If you install a patterned wallpaper in the entryway, you may wish to opt for a mirror that’s more subdued so that the area doesn’t appear too visually overwhelming. Here, a simple gold mirror nicely supports the other neutrals in this space.

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Consider Your Architectural Style

eastlake wooden mirror

@evergreenhome1860 / Instagram

Keep your home’s architecture top of mind when mirror shopping. This Eastlake mirror contributes to this home’s historic feel and appears as though it could be original to the entryway.

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Play With Shape

quatrefoil mirror

@georginashomedecor / Instagram

There’s nothing cuter than a quatrefoil mirror which gives off a playful feel, which is perfect for any bright and colorful space.

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Warm It Up With Wood

geometric wooden mirror

@thewillowwindow / Instagram

To warm up your entryway, hang a wooden mirror that commands guests’ attention as soon as they step foot inside your home. This mirror could be hung either horizontally or vertically, making it a nice versatile option that can be used in a variety of spaces.

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Prioritize Function

gold round mirror

@thaodophoto / Instagram

If you’re hanging a mirror above a bench, it’s best to choose a piece with a minimal depth so that people do not hit their heads when sitting down to lace up or take off shoes.

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Go Big

tall leaning mirror

@joyfulhomebody / Instagram

Full length mirrors are most commonly seen in the bedroom or living room, but that doesn’t mean you can’t place one in the entryway—why not go big with a statement-making piece? Plus, this tall mirror flawlessly has become part of this home’s holiday decor scheme.

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Mix and Match Vintage Finds

glass mirror

@locococobean / Instagram

A glass mirror with delicate etchings fits nicely among other vintage-looking pieces to create a storied vignette.

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Measure Like a Pro

large round mirror

@prettythings_and_coffee / Instagram

The longer your console table, the bigger the entryway mirror you’ll need. Be sure to keep scale top of mind when shopping and take measurements of your space before placing a mirror order.

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Bring on the Boho-Style Touches

round boho mirror

@styled_by_kara / Instagram

Love boho style? This is the mirror for you. Although it looks small in scale, it’s full of personality. This rattan piece adds a laid-back touch to the entryway and complements the other wooden pieces.

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Shop for Accessories

large oval mirror

@massieinteriors / Instagram

If you’re planning on decorating your entryway with different accessories seasonally, go for a simple mirror so the surrounding home decor can stand out. It’ll still enlarge your space and blend in seamlessly.

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Maximize Entryway Space

oversized gold mirror leaning

@melissaherriott / Instagram

If you long for a full-length mirror in the entryway but are worried about its large footprint, note that you can choose to place a bench in front of the mirror to make the most of the square footage you have available. Just ensure that the mirror is expertly mounted to the wall so that it’s safe to sit down and stand up without worry.

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Skip the Mirror Frame

round frameless mirror

Jessica Nelson

If you’re a minimalist, consider decorating with a frameless mirror like this one if you wanna go with the simple entryway approach. If it’s going to be above a console table like this one, dress it up with some stacked books and a dried bouquet.

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Utilize Multiple Wood Tones

carved wood mirror

@lygiaharkins_interiors / Instagram

Mixing and matching wood tones gives any space a thoughtfully curated look. Layering in metals and touches of greenery will help to create a well-rounded vignette.

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Pair Together Old With New

wavy glass mirror

@mariannesides / Instagram

Mix old and new by leaning an antique glass mirror on a console with more contemporary accessories to enjoy the best of both worlds.

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Rock a Rustic Look

farmhouse style mirror

@our_reclaimed_home / Instagram

This farmhouse-style mirror hung above a wooden bench brings instant rustic charm into the entryway. If your space has a neutral color palette, add a real or faux plant to create a pop of greenery.

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Go Oversized

oversized gold ornate mirror

@highboyla / Instagram

When it comes to mirrors, there’s no such thing as too oversized if you’re looking to make a bold statement. Plus, large mirrors like this one make it easy to double-check your full outfit on your way out the door (especially if you’re rushing).

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Add a Dose of Charm

wavy mirror leaning on console table

@annawpage / Instagram

Glam up your entryway table by surrounding your mirror with artful lamps, a vase of fresh flowers, and some framed photos so that the space is not just utilitarian but also full of charm. Pair different ambient lighting to set a moody tone.

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Hang a Mirror on a Side Wall

oval mirror to side of table

@helloimaubs / Instagram

We generally see mirrors hung directly above the console table, but you can always opt to hang yours off to the side if your entryway is more of a nook.

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Make It Maximalist

round wooden mirror

@calypsointhecountry / Instagram

This maximalist entryway is full of joy with several Blue Willow pieces and a splash of yellow from the sunflowers. The wooden mirror also plays off of the console table effortlessly.

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Say Yes to Board and Batten

round silver mirror

@designinteriorsouth / Instagram

You can definitely hang a mirror on a board and batten wall; you just may want to select a style that is more minimalist so that this architectural detail has its time to fully shine on its own.

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Opt for Seasonality

festive decorated mirror

@brepurposed / Instagram

There are many ways to incorporate mirrors into holiday decor displays; many people like to hang a wreath on top of their mirror using a removable hook or some twine, for example.

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Go From Floor to Ceiling

gold tall mirror

@interiorsbypopov / Instagram

Think tall—a ceiling high mirror will work wonders in making your entryway appear more spacious and light-filled.

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Perfect the Layered Look

rustic wooden mirror

@sunnygacharm / Instagram

Lean artwork in front of the mirror for a collected, layered look, which is always en vogue.

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Center a Mirror

tall floor length mirror

@myiowafarmhouse / Instagram

When your mirror is as pretty as this one, you don’t need to add much else to the entryway. A small round table tucked into the corner can corral keys and mail, but it’s clear that this floor-length beauty is the real star.

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Celebrate Cool Details

mirror with overlay design

@jkdesignsclt / Instagram

A mirror with overlaid detailing is a bit unexpected and always stylish without being too outside of the box.

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Make an Impact

leaning gold mirror on dresser

@hattiekolp / Instagram

Take advantage of tall ceilings and choose an entryway mirror that fills your space for maximum impact. You may wish to secure the top of a large, heavy mirror like the one to the wall so that you don’t have to worry about it toppling over suddenly.

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Get Your Height Right

wooden framed mirror

@tulipsforthetable / Instagram

Mirrors should generally be hung about four to six inches above a console table, a guideline that is expertly executed in this space. The different wood tones give this space a charming touch.

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Consider an Off-Centered Look

centered black mirror

@allabout_ti / Instagram

Most people will place a leaning mirror so that it sits perfectly centered on the console table, but you can always go for an asymmetric position if you wish to mix things up.

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Get Moody

contemporary mirror

@rebelhousedesign / Instagram

This mirror plays to the moodiness of this entryway and is an unexpected alternative to commonly used circular, square, and rectangular shapes.

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Pair Wood and Gold

gold mirror in classic entryway

@sarahlyon9 / Instagram

Not sure what colors to use in the entryway? Wood and gold are a fantastic pair—a wooden console table will always look nice with a gold mirror above it, and vice versa.

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Go Monochrome

wood mcm mirror

White Sands

For more of a monochrome look, go all in with wood, as illustrated in this mid-century modern-style entryway. It’ll create a balanced aesthetic in your space.

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Combine a Few Favorites

large textured mirror

Design by Danielle Rose

Can’t pick just one style? Combine a few aesthetics that appeal to you—this can be hanging a boho-style mirror above a transitional console table and finishing off the space with a farmhouse-style vase.

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Shop for a Glass Mirror

glass mirror

@kendallwilkinsondesign / Instagram

Thanks to its glass frame, this mirror is barely there—but it adds a gorgeous touch to the entryway at the same time with its glossy frame.

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Go All out With Cutouts

cutout mirror

@susanalisoninteriors / Instagram

This cutout mirror is fun and playful—by no means does the entryway have to be too serious, so feel free to experiment with various shapes and accent pieces.

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Assemble a Gallery Wall

round mirror above bench

@ordinarilydonedesign / Instagram

Hang frames alongside your mirror to create a gallery wall and showcase some of your beloved family photos and vacation snaps. You could even hang some smaller circular mirrors to fill in any gaps.

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Play With Color

modern entryway with gold mirror

Design by Jennifer Hunter

This entryway packs a colored punch with its eclectic washed-out wallpaper and bright yellow blooms. Stack different colored books to create a chic statement.

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Don’t Underestimate Neutral Pieces

rattan wrapped mirror

@sarahlyon9 / Instagram

Neutrals don’t have to be boring—after all, you can have lots of fun with burlwood, rattan, pleated items, and more. Combine them all together for a vignette that’s texture-filled and sophisticated.

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Match the Mirror

round black mirror

Design by Jennifer Hunter / Photo by Kirsten Francis

Drawing from the nearby banister color, a black mirror ties together this small space wonderfully.

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Stun With Silver

silver round entryway mirror

Chelius House of Design

While we see many gold mirrors, don’t disregard silver as a fantastic option. Stunning silver is a great color to pair with blues and whites—just look at this entryway, if you don’t believe us.

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Opt for a Showstopper

tall vertical entryway mirror

Erin Williamson

A tall and thin mirror is visible from the entryway’s adjoining living room and is bound to turn heads.

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