The Casino Nail Trend Will Make You Feel Like a Winner

Model wearing playing card nail art


To turn your next manicure into a winning hand, bet big on casino nails. Red, white, black, and covered in dice decals, this nail art trend is resurfacing all over Tiktok. Look at it as a continuation of the mismatched manicures worn by celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Rita Ora. But instead of snakeskin patterns or aura designs, you’ll see playing cards and lucky 7s.

“This is a simple way to spice up your manicure with designs that aren’t too complex,” says Deborah Lippmann, celebrity manicurist. Like other mismatched nail trends, you can personalize it whichever way you want. “You have flexibility,” she says. “It can be interpreted and done many different ways.” No matter which designs you choose, just know that the final effect is meant to be fun. Lippmann describes the ultimate casino manicure as “so colorful, so happy.”

Addison Rae wearing dice nails


The Trend

The antithesis to barely-there neutral nails, the casino manicure is best worn as the MVP of your beauty look, not a background character. “It’s a fun way to get excited about an upcoming trip or to summon lucky vibes,” says Sigourney Nuñez, Sally Hansen partner and licensed manicurist. 

That doesn’t mean you can’t tailor your designs to fit a more minimal aesthetic. Nuñez recently created a casino set on a Vegas-bound client, starting with a milky pink base and strategically placing little dice decals and golden hearts as accents. Or, you can dial them all the way up. On Tiktok, you’ll see every interpretation from metallic French tips, to matte black-and-white, to the classic three-shade combo. The one thing they have in common: at least a few symbols to channel your lucky streak.

“Whether you wear cheeky cherries or a 777 jackpot, it’s easy to feel like a winner in a casino manicure,” says Nuñez.

How to Wear It

Some manicures need a lot of real estate to shine, but this isn’t one of them. “It will look great on any nail length,” says Lippmann. If you have short nails, Nuñez recommends maximizing the look with a full-coverage, solid-colored base. “Medium-to-long nails can get playful with negative space and French tips while adorning the set with details of casino-inspired symbols,” she says.

If you want to leave it to the pros, bring a few reference photos to your manicurist. But both Lippmann and Nuñez say it’s a completely doable design for beginners. Lippmann recommends simplifying your designs into basic shapes. “For example, the cards are just rectangles and dice are just squares with dots,” she says. (You’ll just need a detail brush or two to get it done.) Another way to add impact is to start with a black, red, and white color palette as your base shades. “This will already help start the casino vibes,” says Nuñez, who recommends using a dotting tool to easily create dice patterns.

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