The “Box of Chocolates” Nail Trend Combines Every Milky Neutral

Assorted chocolate nails, slightly slanted, against a dark gray background

For a long time, it seemed like there were only two ways to wear neutral polish: As a solid manicure or (if you were feeling fancy) a crisp, classic French. Nowadays, though, there’s a new neutral nail look in town, and we’re all for it.

Allow us to introduce you to assorted chocolate nails. The look is characterized by a variety of neutral brown hues. But unlike, say, iced coffee nails, assorted chocolate manis feature at least three—but typically four to five—different shades of brown and off-white polishes (white chocolate, represent). It’s a delicious nail look popping up all over Instagram. Keep reading to see all the different ways you can wear an assorted chocolate manicure.

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Assorted Chocolate Short Nails

Close up of a glossy manicure in shades of brown, beige, and caramel
@iramshelton / Instagram

Let’s kick things off with the most basic assorted chocolate nail look. This short manicure features five shades of brown polish—specifically, OPI Nail Lacquer ($12) in the shades Cliffside Karaoke, Espresso Your Inner Self, Bonfire Serenade, El Mat-Adoring You, and Samoan Sand.

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Assorted Chocolate Half-Moon Nails

Mocha, caramel, and white chocolate nails with negative-space half moons at the base
@disseynails / Instagram

Add a chic element to your minimalist assorted chocolate nail look by keeping your cuticles bare with negative space half moons. To make the division between the nude nail and the polish look as crisp as possible, use nail stickers, like the Orly Half Moon Guides ($6).

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Assorted Chocolate Squiggle French Tips

Assorted Chocolate Squiggle French Tips
@glammertized / Instagram

If you love rocking French tips, consider swapping your white or colorful tips for shades of brown. This assorted chocolate French manicure is particularly head-turning because it also features a bold matte finish, a sharp square shape, and the popular swirl nail art trend.

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Glitter Assorted Chocolate Nails

A glittery manicure in various shades of brown
@lolo.nailedit / Instagram

If you don’t want to bother with intricate details on your assorted chocolate manicure, consider switching up your finish. Here, you can see how glitter polishes can create a fun take on the trend. To get the exact look, use the Holo Taco Holo Barista Bundle ($65).

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Assorted Chocolate Squiggle Nails

An assorted chocolates mani with squiggly details on each fingernail
@brushedbyb_ / Instagram

Another option is to overlay your assorted chocolate nails with alternate shades of brown. Here, nail artist Brittney Ellen painted squiggles in the color of the preceding nail to create somewhat of an optical illusion. She used Lights Lacquer Nail Polish ($11) in the shades Oat Milk (formerly Aurora), Cappuccino (formerly Thea), and Espresso (formerly Isabella) to create the look.

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Assorted Chocolate Daisy Nails

A manicure in various shades of brown, with daisies (also in shades of brown) on each finger
@phoebesummernails / Instagram

Just because floral nail art ideas are typically crafted in colorful palettes doesn’t mean they can’t also be beautiful in neutrals. This cute daisy-accented assorted chocolate nail look proves it. Best of all, it’s not super difficult to recreate. Simply paint your nails, then use a dotting tool and a different polish color to create the dainty flowers.

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Assorted Chocolate Polka Dot Nails

Assorted Chocolate Polka Dot Nails
@pop_polished / Instagram

Speaking of dotting tools, you’ll need a set in various sizes to recreate this dotted assorted chocolate French mani. May we suggest the Lights Lacquer Dotting Tool Kit ($13)?

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Assorted Chocolate Pop Art Nails

Assorted Chocolate Cartoon Nails
@nails_and_soul / Instagram

Pop art nails have been popping up on Instagram lately. While many of these cartoony manicures feature vibrant shades, they can also wow in shades of brown.

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Solid Assorted Chocolate Nails

A glossy assorted chocolate manicure against a dark gray background

Here’s another example of solid assorted chocolate nails. Notice this set looks a bit bolder, thanks to longer tips and a darker palette overall.

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Assorted Chocolate Swirl Nails

Assorted Chocolate Swirl Nails
@thehotblend / Instagram

To recreate this swirly chocolate mani, you’ll need The Gel Bottle Inc. Nail Polish ($19) in the shades BIAB19, Love Letter, Honey, and Cocoa.

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Assorted Chocolate Mismatched Nails

Assorted Chocolate Mix-n-Match Nails
@phoebesummernails / Instagram

Assorted chocolate nails can be kitschy and cute, too. This nail look shows how the color palette works beautifully with checkerboard nails and illusion nail art.

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Assorted Chocolate Dual-Finish Nails

Assorted Chocolates Dual Finish Nails
@eleven2six_ / Instagram

Dual-finish French tips are also trending. Rather than classic curved detailing, however, this manicure features a blunt, straight-across division between the finishes.

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Metallic Assorted Chocolate Nails

Metallic Assorted Chocolates Nails
@brushedbyb_ / Instagram

If you love a high-shine look, consider swapping your glossy assorted chocolate polishes for metallic finishes. Here, Ellen used Mooncat Getting Even Nail Primer ($13) with Mooncat Nail Polish ($13) in the shades Sand Viper, Bootlegger, Dark Horse, and Whiskey Sunrise. She completed the look with the brand’s Fool’s Gold Topper ($13).

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Assorted Chocolate Double French Tips

Assorted Chocolates Double French Tips in shades of mocha, caramel, and brown
@phoebesummernails / Instagram

Double French tips remain a chic nail art idea in 2023, and it just so happens that the manicure trend looks fabulous in shades of brown. To recreate this look exactly, you’ll need Lights Lacquer Nail Polish ($11) in Brownie, Americano, and Iced Latte.

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Assorted Chocolate Retro Swirl Nails

Assorted Chocolates Nail Art
@brushedbyb_ / Instagram

This assorted chocolate swirl mani features three shades of brown paired over a milky base to create a warm, fall-friendly nail look, and we’re loving it.

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