The 15 nail trends for 2024, according to experts

2D is *so* 2023, the New Year is all about stepping outside the box (or the nail in this case).

“I believe we will bring back encapsulated nails as well as incorporate 3D nails! I’ve noticed an uprise in my clients loving a 3D addition on their sets. I’m hoping that we start to see the girlies add a little something into their 3D manis,” says Hernandez.

“While it’s true that some salons may have been limited in offering 3D nail designs due to the necessary equipment and less common techniques, I expect that this year most salons will be investing in the tools and skills needed to meet the growing demand,” believes Truong.

Think of it as amping up your mani, no matter what the shade or style, there’s a way to make 3D work for your mani.

“3D nail art introduces a captivating dimension to your manicure, featuring intricate designs, tactile textures, and eye-catching embellishments,” says Truong

“I’ve drawn inspiration for 3D nail designs from the enchanting world of Japanese ‘Kawaii’ aesthetics. This style incorporates ultra-feminine colour palettes and incorporates playful charms with characters, hearts, gems, and ribbons, adding an element of whimsy and individuality to your nail art. On the flip side, I’ve seen some interesting nail designs featuring blobby, unstructured shapes crafted with Moulding Gels that once painted can appear almost alien,” she adds.

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