The 10 Best Paint Colors for Your Bathroom Vanity

By Sophie Flaxman
Sophie Flaxman
The 10 Best Paint Colors for Your Bathroom Vanity

Have you been toying with introducing some color to your bathroom? If you’re still sitting on the fence, start on a smaller scale by experimenting with color on your bathroom vanity. “Your vanity unit is a great way to add a secondary color in your space without dominating the overall scheme, especially if you are erring on something gentle or neutral,” says Patrick O’Donnell, international brand ambassador of Farrow & Ball. More than just a functional bathroom feature for toiletry and linen storage, bathroom vanities offer a prime opportunity for decorating and injecting the bathroom with color and personality. Giving your vanity unit a fresh lick of paint is a simple and cost-effective way to elevate your bathroom.

We asked the experts for their opinion on the best paint colors for bathroom vanities. To our surprise, they agreed unanimously, with soft shades of gray, white, blush, and blues at the top of their list.

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Gratifying Gray and Tranquil Gray by Behr

Bathroom with light grey walls and cabinetry

Courtesy of Behr

“Bathrooms are sanctuaries within the home, so it’s only natural to lean on warm, calming, enveloping neutrals such as Gratifying Gray and Tranquil Gray for bathroom furniture,” says Erika Woelfel, vice president of color & creative services at Behr. Both gray shades are versatile neutrals that compliment traditional or modern bathroom designs and slot effortlessly into any color palette. The restful shades work seamlessly to celebrate the warmth of natural wood textures and the clean lines and cool tones of cabinet hardware and other bathroom fixtures and fittings.

Paint color: Gratifying Gray and Tranquil Gray by Behr

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Ultra Pure White® by BehrUltra

White double sink vanity in bathroom

Courtesy of Behr

Opt for a crisp white bathroom vanity for ultimate serenity and peace of mind. “True whites, like ULTRA PURE WHITE®, are a bathroom staple, providing a pure and clean look to modern minimalistic bathrooms,” says Woelfel. But beyond its association with purity and cleanliness, white is also a popular bathroom vanity color because it is guaranteed to match any color scheme, and you’re unlikely ever to grow bored of it.

Paint color: Ultra Pure White® by BehrUltra

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Midnight Blue by Behr

Dark blue cabinets in bathroom

Courtesy of Behr

Paint your vanity a dark midnight blue for a smart, timeless, and classic look. “Uplifting, deep ocean-inspired blues like Midnight Blue and Compass Blue add depth and sophistication to bathroom vanities and cabinetry,” says Woelfel. The dark shade creates a satisfying contrast against a clean, white tiled backdrop while offering a softer and more contemporary alternative to the classic black and white bathroom design. For an elevated look and to contrast the cool undertone of the shade, accessorize the midnight blue vanity with metallic gold or brass hardware. 

Paint color: Midnight Blue by Behr

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Malted Milk SW 6057 by Sherwin-Williams

Bathroom with a vanity and mirror above it

Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

Bring a warm elegance to your bathroom vanity with Malted Milk SW 6057 by Sherwin Williams, a classic reddish neutral. “This soft blushing paint color can turn any bathroom into a sweet escape,” says Sue Wadden, Sherwin-Williams director of color marketing. “The elegant and delicate shade creates the ideal cottage-core vibe to craft a space where little moments are romanticized.” Pair it with a cool, bright white, like Ibis White, and lean into the warmth of the color with brass hardware.

Paint color: Malted Milk SW 6057 by Sherwin-Williams

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Popular Gray SW 6071 by Sherwin-Williams

Bathroom with one sink vanity

Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams / Anita Yokota

Popular Gray SW 6071 is far from your usual gray. Its warm, clay undertone makes it more of a ‘greige’ than a gray, affording it a weighted feel, while its light tone retains a bright and airy look. The color is at once calming, comforting, and refreshing, providing you with everything you need from a bathroom. Play with the earthy quality of Popular Gray by pairing it with dark taupe tiles and celebrate its warm undertone with gold vanity door pulls and other bathroom fixtures.

Paint color: Popular Gray SW 6071 by Sherwin-Williams 

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First Light 2102-70 by Benjamin Moore

Light pink 4-drawer dresser with various vases on top

Courtesy of Benjamin Moore

Pick a delicate, airy pink, like First Light 2102-70, as a refreshing alternative to white or beige. “Paired with crisp white walls, this flattering pink feels soft and romantic,” says Hannah Yeo, color marketing & development manager at Benjamin Moore. “First Light is on the cooler side of soft pink, making it a versatile color that looks great with various hues, patterns, and styles and will put you in the right mood to start your day.” Pale pink shades are favored for their soothing and nurturing influence.

Paint color: First Light 2102-70 by Benjamin Moore

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Setting Plaster No. 231 by Farrow & Ball

Dusty pink bathroom single-sink vanity with a bathroom door open next to it

Courtesy of Farrow & Ball

Dusty pinks, like Farrow & Ball’s Setting Plaster No. 231, are a more subdued pale pink variation with a near-neutral quality. Dusty pink has a beige undertone with soft violet notes, giving it a more mature, sophisticated, and elegant quality than pastel pink. O’Donnell recommends the color for a bathroom vanity, particularly when painting a pure or warm white on the walls. “It will add a layer of interest while still paying respect to the serenity of chosen scheme for the whole room,” he says. 

Paint color: Setting Plaster No. 231 by Farrow & Ball

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Sloe Blue No. 87 by Farrow & Ball

Dark blue bathroom vanity with green upper walls and a dark blue wall treatment on bottom half

Courtesy of Farrow & Ball

“If bold is on your radar, look for something rich like our archive Sloe Blue No. 87,” says O’Donnell. The black-based mid-tone blue brings a sense of calm and serenity to the bathroom, and the color is surprisingly versatile, slotting comfortably into various color palettes and bathroom styles. “It looks beautiful in a bathroom space and will balance with a good mid-neutral such as Light Gray or even the jewel tones of our archive Danish Lawn,” adds O’Donnell.

Paint color: Sloe Blue No. 87 by Farrow & Ball

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Alabaster HGSW7008 by HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams

White bathroom vanity with cream brick

Courtesy of Sherwin Williams

Sometimes, bright white paint can look overly clinical in a bathroom. Opt for a warm white, like Alabaster HGSW7008, to create a softer look. ‘”Alabaster is a beautiful white, perfectly balancing the softness of warm white and the freshness we seek in selecting a white shade,” says Ashley Banbury, color marketing manager for HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams. The white shade is an all-time favorite for bathroom vanities since it reflects light and creates a sense of space and openness in tight bathrooms. “The cleanliness of Alabaster is perfect for functional and clutter-free spaces, making a room feel clean and crisp,” she says.

Paint color: Alabaster HGSW7008 by HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams

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Soft Stones 6008-1C by Valspar

Bathroom vanity with one sink and mirror above

Courtesy of Valspar

A warm neutral is the perfect color for a vanity unit in a bathroom design featuring natural stone or soft wood textures or a predominantly white palette. “Soft Stones is a charming, warm tan that creates an interesting contrast with cozy whites,” says Sue Kim, director of color marketing at Valspar. Bathrooms often feature layers of texture and a variety of finishes and tones. Keeping your vanity color simple and light keeps it from distracting from other finishes and features and gives the bathroom an inviting and pristine look.

Paint color: Soft Stones 6008-1C by Valspar

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