Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce May Be The Reason These Dogs Get Adopted



Unless you’ve been living on the moon, you’ve probably heard all about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s budding romance. Swift and Kelce are both animal parents/lovers (cats and dogs, respectively), so many rescues have decided to hop on the trend and name some of their adoptable animals after the famous couple.

Whether you’re in the market to adopt or just want to look at some adoptable cuties, these animals are definitely worth checking out — and their names will not disappoint.

The Swiftie pups

Taylor and Travis Swiftie had a rough start to life, but after a “Cruel Summer”, they’re now living in “Style” in the care of The Maggie Society. While Travis is a total “Lover” and just wants to nap in someone’s arms, Taylor is a little more curious and may leave you saying, “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things!”

Both Taylor and Travis are available for adoption through The Maggie Society.

Facebook/Triangle Beagle Rescue of North Carolina

Momma Taylor Swift and her eight puppies

Momma Taylor Swift was rescued from a “Treacherous” situation and was saying, “Today Was A Fairytale,” when she was taken somewhere safe before her babies were born. She’s now the proud mama of Ivy, Betty, Tim McPaw, Travis, Kelce, Cory, Drew and Ronan. They’re all doing well and living in a “State of Grace” waiting for their forever families to find them.

This sweet family is available for adoption through Triangle Beagle Rescue of North Carolina.

Facebook/Second Chance Animal Rescue Society – Alberta

The NFL puppies

When 10 rambunctious puppies arrived at Second Chance Animal Rescue Society – Alberta, they decided everyone was just going to have to “Tolerate It” while they had a little fun with naming them. The NFL puppies are named Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce, Donna Kelce, Blaine Gabbert, Jason Kelce, Kansas City, Donovan Smith, Blake Lively, Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Mahomes. The pups are still very young and trying to find “A Place In This World,” and their rescuers are hoping they “Never Grow Up” so they don’t have to say goodbye.

These puppies are available for adoption through Second Chance Animal Rescue Society – Alberta.

Facebook/Eastern Ontario Potcake Rescue

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift were surrendered to a shelter and taken in by Eastern Ontario Potcake Rescue. Their story may seem “Sad Beautiful Tragic” and maybe even a little “Mean,” but they’re safe now, and it hopefully won’t be long before someone sees them and says “You Belong With Me.”

These pups are available for adoption through Eastern Ontario Potcake Rescue.

A few other honorable mentions who definitely need to be seen by the world are these pitties dressed up as Taylor and Travis for Halloween …

Facebook/Brittany Sorrentini

… and this adoptable pig named Travis Kelce.

Since Travis and Taylor’s romance seems to be just heating up, there’s no doubt there will be more adoptable animals with their names in the very near future.

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