Sweater Weather Nails: 50+ Prettiest Fall Designs to Warm Up Your Manicure


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Obsessed with fall? Check out the prettiest fall nail designs and ideas to recreate this year!

Ah fall (the season were we all collectively pretend to actually like pumpkin) is almost upon us. But however you feel about the season, I think it’s undeniable how pretty the autumn aesthetic is. Just think of the pretty reds, browns and oranges!

Fall has to be my favorite season, just because of how so so pretty everything becomes with the leaves falling and the ground becoming a crunchy carpet of goodness. And I don’t know, there is just something so peaceful about the season. . . .

Anyway in my mind fall has these main staples; pumpkins, sweaters and the color orange, it’s just such an aesthetic season!

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If you’re as obsessed with fall as I am, check out these pretty nail designs that you can recreate to help you celebrate the season. . .

40 Prettiest Fall Nail Designs and Ideas to Try in 2023

1. Green and Orange French Tip Nails

Green and Orange French Tip Nails
instagram: @knot.nails

This is probably the most perfect and aesthetic set of French tip nails out there, like green and orange already go so well together, but even better when it’s for fall…

2. fall gradient nails with gold strip

fall gradient colors nails with gold strip
instagram: @monika__nails

Fall colors are just gorgeous aren’t they? Celebrate the season by getting a mix or gradient of brown and burnt orange nails with a strip of gold nail art!

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3. brown gradient swirly nails

brown gradient swirly nails
instagram: @nylove_nail

Obsessed with these chocolatey brown to white gradient swirly nails! They’re so pretty, right?! Don’t they remind you of hot chocolate and cozy sweaters?

4. pink and brown swirly nails

pink and brown swirly nails
instagram: @vwnails_

Pink and brown is such an unlikely combination but somehow it just works and for some reason it’s a combo that is screaming fall!

5. brown tortoise nails

instagram: @gossipandgloss

When did tortoise print become so trendy? Don’t get me wrong I’m not at the trend, it’s so darn cute after all! I’m just wondering when it happened…

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6. Abstract Orange Nails

Abstract Orange Short Nails
Instagram: @leannehaycocknailartist

If Fall had a flag, it would be orange. And there is nothing cuter than the burnt orange of autumn. . . Just like on these super cute abstract nail design!

7. Gold Flaked Nails

instagram: @nailsbymilee

This set is perfect if you’re looking for something simple but stunning, I mean a set transparent neutral nails with speckled gold flakes is so so pretty

8. Nude Nails with Orange French Tip and Leaf Art

Nude Nails with Orange French Tip - 35+ Prettiest Fall Nail Designs
Instagram: @_nailsbyemmaa_

We love a cute Frenchie but instead of all the nails having the same orange French Tip why not mix it up and add some cute leaf art or just any design to take your nails to another level!

9. Burnt Orange Nails with Flowers

35+ Prettiest Fall Nail Designs - Burnt Orange Nails with Flowers
Instagram: @glammedbeauty

If you want to vibe this fall, this set of nails is perfect, I mean the shade of orange could not be better!

10. gold spiderweb nails

gold spiderweb nails
instagram: @naileditbeauty

How cute are these little golden spiderweb nails?! Such cute halloween vibes right? But also not overdoing the aesthetic….

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11. swirly brown nails

instagram: @nailsbymilee

Swirly nail art is just so cute, undeniably so. These milky, swirly brown nails are just delicious.

12. green and brown nails with gold flakes

green and brown nails with gold flakes
instagram: @nailsmade

Forest green and this cute terracotta color go so well together, and adding the gold flake adds a nice fall touch to the set…

13. Gingham Nails but Make it Autumn

35+ Prettiest Fall Nail Designs - Gingham Nails but Make it Autumn
Instagram: @emilyjanelathan

I’ve always been obsessed with gingham and I don’t understand why it gets such a bad rep all the time to be honest. Clearly gingham print is super cute!!

14. Gold Foil Autumn Nails

Gold Foil Autumn Nails
Instagram: @mnailbar.lch

Gold foil on nails are such a fall staple or is that just me? These elevated brown french nails would be really cute for the season. . .

15. Green Pumpkin Nail Art

Green Pumpkin Nail Art
Instagram: @nailsbypaulin

I know pumpkins are such an autumn cliché, but they’re a cliché for a reason, we love them! They’re super aesthetic and cute as nail art!

16. brown to white french tip nails

instagram: @nailsmade

You can never go wrong with a good French tip manicure and this combination of pinkish brown with a white French tip is stunning!

17. Pink Nails With Gold Marble

Pink Nails With Gold Marble
Instagram: @modernpampersalon

You may love autumn as much as the next person but still not want nails that scream fall. And that’s okay, you can still celebrate the season with pink and gold marble effect nails that are giving subtle autumn vibes. . . Or is that just me?

18. Crystal and Gold Autumn Nails

Crystal and Gold Autumn Nails - 35 fall nail designs
Instagram: @cheyennesnails_

If you love going all out, and I mean all out on your nails, then these fall inspired nails will be literally perfect for you!

19. Cheetah Print Frenchies

Cheetah Print Frenchies - 35+ Fall Nail Designs
Instagram: @nailbarofficial

Talk about an elegant pair of frenchies! This is definitely a set of super cute and fun but also kinda classy nails. . .

20. Autumn Leaves Nails

Autumn Leaves Nails
Instagram: @zack_pn

This is a really pretty fall inspired manicure! The details are just immaculate!

21. Orange Zebra Print Frenchies

Orange Zebra Print Frenchies Fall Nail Design
Instagram: @jazzynailsx

One thing you’ll quickly learn about me is that I’m obsessed with French nails. Especially how you can basically customize them into practically anything these days, like these cute as heck zebra prints! I mean come on, orange zebra print French tips??!!

22. holo fall nails

instagram: @knot.nails

Holo nail art seems to work especially well for fall nail designs. There’s nothing like a cute yellow orange holo sparkle…

23. Cute Travel Art Nails

Cute Travel Art Nails
Instagram: @safinailstudio

These nails are absolutely adorable. I’m pretty sure the travel bug that lives inside of all of us is screaming right now! This is definitely on of the cutest nail art designs I’ve ever seen and it’s a cute burgundy brown so it’s perfect for fall. . .

24. Textured Brown Cow Print Nails

Textured Brown Cow Print Nails
Instagram: @nailsbypaulin

Browns and burgundies are the perfect colors to show off your love for autumn and it also doesn’t hurt that this nail design is stunning!

25. Tortie Cat Nails

 Cat Nails - 35+ Prettiest Fall Nail Designs and Ideas to Try in 2021
Instagram: @sarahsgelnails

Brown is always looked down on but it can be cute too! Just take a look at these Tortoiseshell inspired nails you can copy this autumn. . .

26. Shades of Brown Heart Nails

 Shades of Brown Heart Nails
Instagram: @sassnailartistry

I don’t know who created this particular nail design but it has become super trendy since then. And of course some one had to make an autumnal twist to it. We’re definitely not mad at this one right?

27. Cozy Fall French Swoops

Cozy Fall French Swoops - 35+ Prettiest Fall Nail Designs and Ideas to Try in 2021
Instagram: @bycheznails

If you love French nails, these colors are just about perfect for fall season, and I mean perfect!

28. Brown and Black Camouflage Nails

Brown and Black Camouflage Nails 35+ Prettiest Fall Nail Designs and Ideas to Try in 2021
Instagram: @flopi.nails

These nails look a little bit like camo right? Or is it cow print? Honestly it could be either and it doesn’t really matter because they’re super cute!

29. Green Nails with Tortoise Shell Print

Green Nails with Tortoise Shell Print 35+ Prettiest Fall Nail Designs and Ideas to Try in 2021
Instagram: @rachel.messick

The two awesome fall colors in one beautiful nail design. That’s burnt orange and forest green in case you were confused. . .

30. alternating brown nails

instagram: @_leonanails

We love a good gradient of color nail design, it’s chic and cute and super trendy. You can obviously customize to fit whatever season it is, which is the beauty about this nail design…

31. Black and White Starry Nails

Black and White Starry Nails 35+ Prettiest Fall Nail Designs and Ideas to Try in 2021
Instagram: @nailsbykathyyy

Okay yes this nail design doesn’t exactly scream autumn, but gosh darn it I can still see them somehow still being perfect for the season. . .

32. Peach Ombre Fall Nails

Peach Ombre Fall Nails
Instagram: @france_nailz

You can never go wrong with a good ombre nail to be honest, it’s a classic. And this is the perfect peachy ombre nail but with an autumnal twist. . .

33. Glossy Fall Inspired Nails

Glossy Fall Inspired Nails - 35+ Prettiest Fall Nail Designs and Ideas to Try in 2021
Instagram: @riyathai87

Classic (but definitely not basic) autumn nail design. . . If you’re obsessed with the season, you’ll definitely fall in love with these (get it?!)

34. Autumn Burberry Nails

Autumn Burberry Nails
Instagram: @mayenailbar

If you’re looking for something a little more understated this fall, you can never go wrong with a good Burberry nail design. . .

35. Shades of Nude French Tips

Shades of Nude French Tips
Instagram: @lightslacquer

50 shades of brown (lol). In all honestly I’m obsessed with these nails and all the shades of brown! Excuse me while I get my self a set asap. . .

36. Black Fall Inspired Nails

Black Fall Inspired Nails - 35+ Prettiest Fall Nail Designs and Ideas to Try in 2021
Instagram: @cheyennesnails_

For my ladies that love their nails as dark as their souls, here is a stunning set of black nails you can do for the autumn season. . .

37. Peachy Peach Nails

Peachy Peach Nails
Instagram: @_nail_art_house_

Craving peaches anyone? These stenciled peachy nails are definitely making me crave some. . . These are definitely a great option for fall, if your looking for something different. . .

38. Yellow Artistic Nails

Yellow Artistic Nails
Instagram: @petit.cr

These nails are more cute Halloween vibes than fall vibes with the design, but its never to early to get into the spirit right?!

39. Burnt Orange Nails with Ombre Snake Skin Print

Burnt Orange with Ombre Snake Skin Print Set
Instagram: @riyathai87

I don’t want to be the cliché girl obsessed with animal print, but man who know there were so many stunning options when it came to animal skin nail art?! This set is perfect for fall right?

40. Mottled Tortie Nails

Mottled Tortie Nails
Instagram: @beautyworksbyamy

Tortie print has become super trendy for such a good reason! I mean it’s such a cute print and the browns and oranges and blacks just make it a fantastic choice for autumn. . .

41. Pumpkin Nails for Fall

Pumpkin Nails for Fall
Instagram @thenaildetails

Doesn’t get more autumn-y than this does it? If you need a set of nails that are practically screaming autumn, then these frenchies are perfect!

42. Short Gold Foil Nails

Nude Gold Foil Nails
Instagram: @safinailstudio

Gold foil is such an easy hack to take nails to the next level, like with these nails. oh man the more you look at them the more you want them or is that just me?

43. Shades of Nude Nails but With a Twist

Shades of Nude Nails but With a Twist
Instagram: @nails_terrace

As I think we’ve already established, we love a multiple shades of nude nail set and this set definitely delivered. With a cute little twist of gold foiling to take them to the next level!

44. Short Orange Tip Nails

 Short Orange Tip Nails
Instagram: @nails_terrace

Get yourself a set of neon orange frenchies this fall, because honestly why not?

45. Orange Marble, Copper and Gold Nails

Orange Marble, Copper and Gold Nails
Instagram: @houseofbeautykh

I’m obsessed with these nails because their combining two of my favorite things, class and chaos! The fun and chaotic marble effect and the classy, elegant orange and gold. Ugh so cute!

46. Cow Print Nails for Fall

 Cow Print Nails for Fall
Instagram: @nails_terrace

I’m still in awe as to how cow print nails became trendy, I mean its a cute trend but still. . . Anyway why not get cow print nails in autumn colors this season? They’re a really cute option!

47. Fall Inspired Coffin Nails

Fall Inspired Coffin Nails
instagram: @zack_pn

What more could you ask for in a set of nails? I mean honestly, these nails are sunning, stunning.

48. Green Marble Nails

instagram: @nailsbypaulin

There is something wicked about these nails and we all know it’s not fall unless there is a little wickedness in the air!

49. Fall Art Abstract Nails

instagram: @tessa.lyn.nails

In love with artistic nails? These abstract nails are the perfect fall color pallet and design! Get these and you’ll be rocking nails that are definitely not basic!

50. Toasty Gold Foil Fall Nails

instagram: @sip_and_dip

There is nothing more fall than the burnt orange color and some gold foil! Which is why I’m obsessed with these nails!

51. Witchy Fall Color Nails

These stunning nails would honestly be the prefect fall set to get! The colors, the vibes, the witchy pattern, ugh *chefs kiss*!

52. Brown Shades Zebra Print Nails

instagram: @kuypernailart

It seems strange to say nude zebra print but nevertheless it exists; the perfect nude zebra print nails!

53. Gradient Brown Nails

Gradient Brown Nails
instagram: @kamjaw_indigo

You can never ever get tired of a good brown gradient nail. You know, with the different shades of brown. It’s honestly the perfect fall nail design.

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