Summer manicure ideas 2024

May 12, 2024 15:01:28
ELLE Beauty Team
Summer manicure ideas from Rosé (BLACKPINK)

The countless nail styles updated on Rosé’s (BLACKPINK) latest posts have become a source of inspiration for this year’s summer nail colors. Not only stopping with the eye-catching butter yellow color, the beautiful nail styles below promise to make your hands more impressive. 

Recently, Rosé (BLACKPINK) updated Instagram with her usual beautiful appearance and familiar platinum hair. The highlight that attracts attention lies in the nail set, which varies from butter yellow, mysterious black tones to the popular nude color. Below, ELLE gives you beautiful and stylish nail ideas like Rosé.

Rosé took a selfie with butter yellow nail color

Photo: Instagram @ roses_are_rosie.

Suggestions on how to transform beautiful nails with yellow

Buttercream yellow is the color Rosé applied to her nail style in the latest photo. This color is not too bright, gentle and harmonious like the golden sunlight at the end of the day.

Sweet buttermilk gold

Buttermilk yellow color is inspired by the outstanding butter yellow color, mixed with a little white fresh milk. The sweet color creates the feeling of a cool layer of lemon ice cream to dispel the summer heat. This will be the ideal choice for ladies pursuing the ” Clean girl ” style.

buttermilk yellow nails

Photo: Instagram/@themaniclub.

Bright sunshine yellow

Like a layer of shiny honey that covers the entire nail color, sunlight yellow brings a mischievous, individual look. Regardless of your skin tone, this vibrant yellow color is sure to highlight your skin and create a highlight for your bright hands.

Bright yellow nails

Photo: Instagram/@iramshelton.

French Tips nails with butter yellow color

French-style nail polish with a glossy background color combined with drawing a horizontal or rounded line at the tip of the nail creates the feeling of sunlight shining in the morning. If you pursue a natural style, buttery yellow French tips are the perfect suggestion, adorning elegant and classy hands.

Not too fussy, chrome-covered French tips also show sophistication and elegance for her.

French tips covered in chrome

Photo: Instagram @heluviee.

Short natural nails fit all finger shapes, helping you look more neat. The short nail shape ” Soap nail ” or “Clean Girl nail” are both perfect combinations with French nails.

Clean girl's short French-painted nails

Photo: Instagram @gelsbyfliss.

“Graphic” nails

 Not limited by any rules, this nail style is a “playground” for creativity to run wild. From impressive lines, experimental materials to “graphic” details, it brings a unique style, helping you express your own personality. In particular, this beautiful nail style can be combined with all nail shapes.

Yellow graphic nails

Photo: Instagram/@nailartbyqueenie.

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Transform into a sexy “cat girl” like Rosé with mysterious black nail polish

Rosé looks like a Siren lady with her “slay” appearance and jet black nails. If you look closely, you will notice that Rosé often matches her toned nail polish color with her outfit.

Rosé's nails are painted mysterious black

Photo: Instagram/@ roses_are_rosie.

Black nail polish helps the skin look more prominent and brighter. To create an attractive highlight, you can mix and match accessories such as bracelets and silver rings like Rosé.

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Natural but still attractive with No-nail nails

No-nail nails, also known as Soap nails , Clean girl nails are one of the most popular nail trends in 2024, when the wave of favoring minimalist beauty styles and promoting natural beauty takes over. This is Rosé’s favorite nail style and often appears in posts on her personal page.

Rosé nail nude

Photo: Instagram @ roses_are_rosie.

To complete No-Nail Nails, you need to cleanly trim your nails, then add a little polish to help your hands look clean and neat. More simply, many girls choose to just trim neatly and use nail polish or pink jelly color, to maximize the natural beauty of this nail style.

Rosé's hand took the cake from the plate

Photo: Instagram @ roses_are_rosie.

Beautiful clean nail style like Rosé

Photo: Instagram @bara.hoyle.

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