Stiletto Charm: 30+ Short French Nail Designs for a Stunning Manicure

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The best way to make a statement is with your manicure. Stiletto nails are the nails to make a statement. Certainly, thanks to many celebrities, such as Rhianna ,Cardi B, and Khloe Kardashian, they are enjoying a resurgence as a go-to nail trend. Additionally, I must say Khloe does serve up some major nail inspo and she single-handedly has definitely put stiletto nails on the map. The famous Kardashian is always flexing her nails and the extravagant designs on her social media. Her famous manicurist, Chaun Legend, has created the most elaborate creations that look like literal daggers on the famous Kardashian. The design that comes to mind that Khloe wore was a silver chrome tipped nail with a milky white base. Thanks to Khloe’s famous manicurist, the entire family now flexes stiletto nails at all of their events and social media posts.

What Are Stiletto Nails?

Stiletto nails are shaped exactly like how they sound. They are oval shaped and come to a sharp point, rather than a rounded finish. They tend to be long, actually, very long. Hence, they look like daggers and can take out someone.

However, luckily, for those who don’t like a super long look , there are plenty of short nail stiletto designs. Short nails are a great option that makes your hands and fingers look super elegant and chic. Additionally, the short nail look still gives the same edgy vibe, but it is much easier to maintain. There are plenty of acrylic stiletto nails designs that can accompany short nails. Therefore, there are also endless designs for those seeking a shorter cut.

There are certain things to consider with stiletto nails. They are absolutely one of the edgier looks out there. There are certain designs that you can do with stiletto nails that will give you an edgier look. (I’ve listed some below.) If you are looking to embrace your inner baddie and want to give off baddie vibes, you can make it happen with these nails. I always feel like a bad-ass when I wear these nails.

Thankfully, we don’t need a famous manicurist to recreate some really cool nail art. From minimalistic looks to chrome designs, there are plenty of stiletto nail designs. The length of the these nails makes them such a versatile option for those not looking for long nails. Scroll below for over 30 options for nail inspiration for your next trip to the manicurist.

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