Special School Bus Picks Up Neighborhood Dogs And Brings Them To The Park Each Day


In Calgary, Alberta, Canada, it’s not unusual to see yellow buses shuttling children to and from school each day. But there’s one bus unlike any other that’s grabbing everyone’s attention.

Instead of being filled with energetic children, the powder-blue Ruff and Puff bus carries excited dogs to the park most mornings — and its fluffy passengers can’t wait to jump in for a ride every time.

“Once they can hear the bus is coming, a lot of them will wait by the window for me,” Denzel Morrison, founder of Ruff and Puff, told The Dodo. “They’re really happy to see the bus come.”


The bouncing pups run straight to their favorite seats on the bus and strap in for another adventure together.

When Morrison founded Ruff and Puff in 2020, he expected to have fun-filled days with dogs in his city.

“I saw a video of a guy driving a yellow van full of dogs, and it looked kind of like a school bus,” Morrison told Calgary’s CTV News, “and I was like, ‘Wow, that does actually look like a great job.’”


Morrison purchased a school bus and transformed it into a dog transportation haven. He fitted sliding gates to the end of each seat and secured harness attachments to ensure every passenger had a safe and comfortable ride.

Ruff and Puff soon started picking up bouncing pups of all ages and sizes, bringing them to private fenced-in parks nearby for some off-leash fun.

You can watch some of their adventures here:

When the weather is warm, the Ruff and Puff crew loves to head to a local water park, where the pups get to splash around in various wading pools.

And in the wintertime, they enjoy nothing more than prancing around in the white and fluffy snow. After about an hour of running, jumping and playing with their best friends, the Ruff and Puff team head back to their bus to start their journey home.

The dogs are usually exhausted by the time they head home, but Morrison and his teammate, Becky, love to add one additional surprise for them at the end of each day: Puppuccinos.

“We get our Puppuccinos, then they’re pretty much in snooze mode,” Morrison said.

Sometimes, the Ruff and Puff crew gets to celebrate a birthday or two on the bus. Whatever the occasion, the group of dogs and their adventurous camp counselors know how to make each day the best one yet.


Ruff and Puff hopes to keep adding new members to its fun-loving crew in the future. They love spending time together already, but when it comes to bus rides to the best dog parks around, the more the merrier.

And, just like he’d anticipated, there’s no other way Morrison would like to spend his days than with his canine friends.

“Seeing them really pumped, just staring at the bus,” Morrison said. “I love that.

You can follow the Ruff and Puff crew’s adventures on Instagram or TikTok.

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