Soccer Club So Wowed By Ball-Stealing Dog, They Decide To Give Him A Job

This week, during a heated soccer match in Oaxaca, Mexico, an unlikely new competitor decided to storm the field. It was a random stray dog — but he wouldn’t stay random or stray for long.

Turns out, this was the pup’s big break.


Footage from the game between teams Alebrijes and Dorados captures the thrilling moment the dog appeared out of nowhere and onto the pitch — stealing both the spotlight and the soccer ball.

In the moments that followed, the energetic pup showed some impressive footwork as he evaded numerous attempts by stadium security to stop him.

The game was forced to pause — but, evidently, staff from the home team of Alebrijes saw the dog as more than merely an adorable interruption.

After demonstrating some world-class ball-handling ability, the dog was ultimately halted so the official game could continue.

This, however, would not be the last that anyone would hear of him.

Following the match, officials from Alebrijes announced that the skillful dog had been adopted onto the team as their mascot.

“Our new best friend is with us at [the stadium], after having debuted in [the previous match],” a spokesperson from Alebrijes wrote online. “We are sheltering him in the stadium, and we’re going to take him to the vet. [We’ll] make him a suitable place in the stadium to make it his home.”

In the end, the game had ended in Alebrijes’ favor with a score of 4-0 — but there’s no doubt at all that the real winner was the pup.

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