Simplicity Speaks Louder: Dive into the Latest Craze of Natural Nail Trends

If therapy has taught me anything, it’s that showing up as yourself is hot. In beauty terms, that might mean finally letting your beauty marks peer through your foundation or letting your natural hair texture shine in all its glory. Natural beauty has been on the rise lately, with countless celebs unapologetically touting their natural skin and hair both IRL and online. So it was only a matter of time before natural beauty came for our nails, and now practically everyone is rocking the most paired-down manicure: the “My Nails But Better” manicure, or MNBB for short. Ahead, everything you need to know about spring’s biggest nail trend.

Your nails but better manicure


The Trend

It all started at the Met Gala in 2022 when Hailey Bieber wore her first-ever glazed donut mani alongside her white satin dress. The world didn’t know back then that her iridescent, sheer manicure would catch on like wildfire and that it would even drive nail artists to create “glazed” nail kits for the countless clients who requested the manicure in 2022. It was the natural-ish answer to the preceding trends that called for intense nails riddled with chunky glitters or over-the-top designs.

Glazed manicure

The post-glazed manicure world now includes a slew of barely-there nail polish designs meant to enhance natural nails while still adding a special little something. To take it back to physics 101, objects tend to choose the path of least resistance—and the same can be said for 2023’s leading beauty trends. Natural beauty has been rising, with the resurgence of undone hairstyles hitting the red carpet this year and the popularity of barely-there makeup continues to rise. The sentiment has reached our fingertips, literally, and we’re favoring manicures that are simpler in design and let our natural nails shine.

Furthermore, the MNBB manciure is pretty low-maintenance and goes with practically anything. Since the MNBB trend mimics natural nails, the manicure tends to grow out well and doesn’t show a stark difference between the nail polish color and the natural nail growing near the cuticle. In terms of how it aligns with your style, this manicure will go well with all your wardrobe essentials and varying aesthetics. And, finally, you really can wear it however you want, whether you always go long, or need a shorter, typing-appropriate length or shape.


How to Get a MNBB Manicure

The beauty of the trend is that it’s as unique as you are, with several different takes on the trend. For example, you can opt for milk bath nails, which call for applying a sheer milky nail polish from cuticle to tip, or go for similar supermodel nails that require more of an opaque pink color that matches the color of your natural nail bed.

There’s also a trend called “hyper-realistic” nails, which, as the name suggests, is like super-realistic version of a French manicure—and could be the poster child for the your nails but better trend. If you want a more groomed version, you can go for the vanilla French manicure, which has a faint blur at the line separating the nail bed from its tip, creating a more natural finish than the classic French manicure.

If you’re not into pinks or French manicures, you can also try the “lip gloss” nail trend, which includes a nude nail polish that features a glossy finish. And if all else fails, you can always buff your nail beds and slather on a topcoat to add plenty of shine. It’s a world where showing off your most genuine self is hot, so you may as well celebrate with the most stripped-down manicure trend of the season.


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