Security Camera Captures What Dog Gets Up To The Moment Her Parents Leave Home

This is Megan — a clever dog who’s not about to let anything come between her and the thing she loves the most.

And she’ll be sneaky if she has to.

Instagram/Megan Fox Dog

At a young age, Megan developed a passion for swimming. Luckily for the pup, her home in Brazil came equipped with a pool — one she felt she could use whenever she pleased.

For Megan’s family, however, having a constantly sopping-wet pet isn’t always so convenient.

“I ended up putting up a fence [around the pool] because she was using it all the time,” Breno Leite, Megan’s dad, told The Dodo.

Instagram/Megan Fox Dog

Seeing the newly installed fence, Megan apparently got the message — though not in the way her parents might have hoped.

Rather than take it as a sign that the pool was off-limits unless she was given the OK, Megan instead decided that she’d need to be more covert about her pool plans.

As video shared by Megan’s family shows, she simply waits for them to leave:

Megan took care to not be in the forbidden pool by the time her parents returned, but she couldn’t hide the evidence.

“When I got back home, I noticed that she was wet. I didn’t understand why,” Leite said. “So, I went looking through the security camera footage and found out what had happened. That’s when I discovered her plan was entirely premeditated.”

Instagram/Megan Fox Dog

It’s always best to only let dogs swim under supervision, but since Megan is a strong swimmer, concerns for her safety are minimal. That said, it seems as though no one could even stop her if they tried. Her family did try, after all.

“I now realize that my investment in the fence was not the best thing,” Leite said. “She’ll just wait for me to leave to put her plan into action. She loves the pool.”

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