Seasonal Elegance: Copy the Best with These 46 Blue Nail Designs

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Nails are another great way to accessorize your outfit aside from jewelry, hairstyle, or makeup. From press on nails to painted to acrylics, there are plenty of options for you to choose from for your own nails. Though in this post we’ll be showing you 46 Best Blue Nail Designs to Copy for the Summer that you should definitely be saving to your nail designs Pinterest boards for later!

There are ones with glitter, crystals, gold leaves, and even designs such as swirls, 3D designs, flowers, and intricate patterns. They additionally range from different sizes of short to long / coffin shape. Though you could always request the design for your preferred nail sizes.

If you’re into press on nails instead, we also have here some green press on nails that would pair well with any green, white, or even beige summer outfits! But today, the spotlight is on these blue nail art inspirations for the summer <3

Below you’ll find 46 best Blue Nail Designs to Copy for the Summer with varying shades and designs that you can pick from and pin to your Pinterest board to show during your nail appt! Or share it with your friends so you can go get matching blue nails together for some fun Instagram photos for the summer :))

We hope that you find these blue nail designs inspiration in this post helpful when you get your nails done for hot girl summer!

Source: @pressedbycharlotte_

Dark blue and light blue swirl french tip features a stunning combination of deep and light shades, creating an eye-catching contrast. This design adds elegance and sophistication to any outfit.

Source: @nailsbyalsn

Light baby blue swirl with white outline is a delicate and charming design, perfect for those who prefer something subtle yet unique. The white outline adds refinement to the already lovely light blue color.

Source: @nailsbysmf

Dark blue light blue marbled French tip with silver leaf combines indulgent hues and intricate patterns. The addition of silver leaf elevates this design to be more luxurious and opulent.

Source: @pegi_nails

Cerulean and white nails with mix incorporate two beautiful shades of blue, giving impact and depth to the design. The contrasting white detail adds a crisp element to the overall look.

Source: @uvnailsbynicole

Periwinkle nails with gold leaf and light blue are a soft, dreamy choice for those who adore more muted shades. Gold leaf accents heighten this feminine design, making it ideal for special occasions.

Source: @agnieszkaprazmo_nails

Periwinkle nails showcase a beautiful pale hue, providing a versatile base for countless designs or simply on their own for an elegant look. This shade is ideal for individuals who appreciate understated beauty.

Source: @marilsmanageris

Light blue ombre nails with dark blue heart flame design is both playful and unique, combining gradients of color with an interesting artistic pattern. This captivating design is perfect for making a memorable statement.

Source: @ewiloving.nails

Light blue nails with silver blue swirl and hearts are whimsical yet sophisticated, drawing attention without being overwhelming. The combination of colors here creates an irresistibly chic finish.

Source: @selfish_london

Dark blue and light blue mix nails with gold leaf detail offer a modern take on traditional manicures by incorporating contrasting shades in creative ways. The gold metallic accents add extra glamour to this stylish design.

Source: @pariss_nails

Light baby blue nails with 3D flowers and crystals are perfect for special occasions or simply treating yourself to something dazzling. The intricate flowers and sparkling crystals create stunning visual appeal.

Source: @nailsby_jukus

Dark blue nails with periwinkle flower and leaf design showcase the beauty of flora-inspired motifs on deep nail shades. This botanical theme adds a touch of nature’s elegance to your fingertips.

Source: @mua_hannahtaylor

Light blue swirls with white outline nail design is captivating with its fluid, artistic pattern, drawing on the inspiration of flowing water. The white outline adds an element of sharpness that contrasts beautifully with the calming blue hues.

Source: @knot.nails

Light blue French tip with blush pink nails offers a gentle, romantic take on traditional French manicures. The combination of pastel shades brings a soft, feminine quality to this classic style.

Source: @itsthevietgirlsnailart

Dark blue nails with light blue nails and dark blue flower design bring sophistication and elegance to any look while still remaining playful with the flower designs. The varying shades create depth and texture within the pattern.

Source: @tessa.lyn.nails

Royal blue fine china design on white nails mimic antique porcelain artifacts, perfect for anyone who adores vintage aesthetics. This intricate pattern boasts undeniable sophistication and charm.

Source: @kuredstudio

Dark and light blue swirl on blush pink nails add a pop of color in a surprisingly delicate way, harmoniously melding all hues involved. The fluid pattern adds life and energy to each nail.

Source: @kuredstudio

Baby blue nails with plaid and gold lines and blue French tip incorporate a trendy plaid pattern, giving it an instant style update through unique color combinations and metallic accents. This modern design complements various styles and personalities.

Source: @ddaily_nails

These luxurious nails boast a rich, dark royal blue hue that makes a regal statement. The deep color demands attention and pairs well with sophisticated attire.

Source: @ojelizzm

This unique design combines dark and light blue waves with a white french tip for an eye-catching effect. The wavy pattern adds a modern twist to the classic french manicure.


A timeless look that’s perfect for any occasion, dark blue nails topped with a crisp white french tip exude elegance. The contrast between the two colors is classy and stylish.

Source: @swetlanaklett

Add some fun to your typical french tips by incorporating playful arrow designs in light blue and white. It’s a subtle yet creative take on the traditional manicure style.

Source: @artdecom

Make a bold statement with neon blue nails featuring a french tip and wavy outline. This vibrant choice is perfect for making your fingertips pop.

Source: @ingridraiana_

Get artistic with this striking design, which pairs dark blue and white nails with gold leaf accents on watercolor-style centerpieces. The result is an upscale, fluid look.

Source: @mani_nail_

These adorable baby blue nails feature delicate daisies for a soft, feminine touch. Ideal for springtime or garden parties, this design is sure to get compliments.

Source: @artdecom

A sophisticated design that merges dark royal blue with wave patterns and french tips creates intrigue at your fingertips. This fashion-forward choice is both subtle yet effective.

Source: @xoglitzzglam

For an extra element of love, consider adding heart designs to classic light blue-and-white French tips. This sweet addition shows off your romantic side in the most stylish manner.

Source: @artdecom

Add some sparkle to your dark blue nails with white glitter and dainty flowers for a dazzling look. This show-stopping design is perfect for both day and night events.

Source: @artdecom

Baby blue and cerulean are combined with a light pink swirl in a stunning nail design that is perfect for spring or summer. This eye-catching mix of colors creates a unique and gorgeous effect.

Source: @hybrydowemani_paulinaboho

A cozy baby blue and beige knit cable nail design adds an interesting twist to your nails, perfect for fall or winter. The intricate pattern resembles a comfy sweater, giving your nails a warm and stylish look.

Source: @nailsxjacky

A white french tip adorned with delicate 3D blue flowers adds just the right touch of elegance to your nails. This design is perfect for weddings or any other special occasion where you want to make a subtle statement.

Source: @portellapriscila

Blue nail design featuring an evil eye and flower pattern adds a touch of mystery and style to your nails. Intricate details in this design make them stand out while still being wearable for everyday events.

Source: @betiana.nailsart

Royal blue nails decorated with heart patterns combine romance and elegance in one stunning nail design. This bold choice is ideal for showing off your love for all things blue and beautiful.

Source: @nailsby_ericb

Baby blue nails are paired with gold and white swirls in this dreamy nail design that’s perfect for any season. With its soft tones and flowing patterns, these nails will catch everyone’s attention.

Source: @nailshuney

Dark blue and light blue nails showcase intricately patterned accents, creating a fascinating contrast between deep hues and delicate designs. This option is both striking and sophisticated.

Source: @tammynbeauty

Baby blue nail design with clear nails and light blue marble offers a soft yet mesmerizing look that’s both modern and feminine.

Source: @ewiloving.nails

Light blue nail design with gray white nails and black leaf design incorporates nature-inspired elements for a unique and stylish finish.

Source: @garyfallia.nails

Gray blue nail designs are a sophisticated way to incorporate color without being too bold or overwhelming. They’re versatile enough for professional settings, while still having enough personality to showcase your style.

Source: @superszponki

Baby blue nail designs with black leaf details bring together a beautiful pastel shade and intricate accents for a stunning result. The contrast between the baby blue base color and dark/black leaves delivers an eye-catching pop!

Source: @transformatxon.nails

Blue to pink ombre nails with blue crystals effortlessly combine two popular trends – ombre nails and crystal embellishments – for a stunning final result.

Source: @ewiloving.nails

Baby blue nails paired with baby pink nails featuring boho details create a soft, whimsical appearance. Incorporating delicate, bohemian-inspired designs on top of these pastel shades adds an extra layer of charm and visual interest.

Source: @kaypuiu

White baby blue and dark blue nails with yin and yang sign featuring heart design meld harmony, balance, and love into one eye-catching design. The symbolic yin and yang, incorporated with a sweet heart motif, creates a nail art that is both meaningful and visually pleasing.

Source: @heluviee

Baby blue nails with a French tip and white flowers are both elegant and chic. This design is perfect for special occasions or even just a day when you want to feel extra fancy.

Source: @annagasienica_

Gray blue nail design with white leaf and gold leaf tip is a sophisticated and stylish option. The combination of neutral colors with a touch of gold adds that extra glam factor.

Source: @ewiloving.nails

Green blue nail design with white 3D leaf design is a fresh take on the typical floral pattern. The pop of green adds an unexpected twist, making this design stand out from the rest.

Source: @vwnails_

Different shades of blue French tips adorned with silver crystals create a stunning statement piece. This dazzling look adds sparkle to your fingertips, perfect for a fancy night out or just to bring some sparkle into your everyday life.

Lastly I hope that you found some of these blue nail designs as great inspiration that you’ll be adding to your Pinterest board or just saving it for your later nail appts from this post! And remember to share this post to your friends who loves having cool nail designs as well :))

Last but not least, let us know which of these blue nail design inspirations was your favorite in the comments below!

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