Scared Rescue Pigeon Completely Transforms When He Meets The Love Of His Life

When Rasta first arrived at Great Lakes Pigeon Rescue, he wasn’t sure what to think. The gentle pigeon had just been rescued from an animal hoarding house, where he’d been living in a small, filthy cage. He needed a fresh start, but he was scared of everything.

“Rasta was remarkably trusting of people right from the beginning, but he was terrified to explore his new world!” Chava Sonnier, president and cofounder of Great Lakes Pigeon Rescue, told The Dodo. “He was scared of toys, of his new soft bed, even of his food dish! When he was gently lifted out of his cage, he clung to the arms, shoulders, and laps of the volunteers giving him rehab care, afraid to be set down to walk around the house on his own.”

Facebook/Great Lakes Pigeon Rescue

For a month, Rasta tried to adjust to his new environment. Nothing really changed until he met Taz, another domestic rescue pigeon found dumped in Northeastern Chicago.

From the moment they met, it was clear Taz and Rasta had a special connection.

two pigeons
Facebook/Great Lakes Pigeon Rescue

“Their foster mom noticed them starting to talk to each other while in their neighboring cages!” Sonnier said. “There were other rescued foster pigeons around too, but Taz and Rasta specifically were interested in each other and soon started flirting, which neither of them had done with any other pigeons!”

Pigeon rescue volunteers couldn’t believe their eyes as they watched Rasta transform from terrified to happy and self-assured, all because of Taz.

“Watching Rasta grow in confidence and find joy again was so moving,” Sonnier said.

two pigeons
Facebook/Great Lakes Pigeon Rescue

These days, Rasta and Taz are inseparable and will often patrol their foster home side by side.

“Rasta and Taz love strolling around the house together, supervising all the household activities,” Sonnier said.

two pigeons
Facebook/Great Lakes Pigeon Rescue

Taz and Rasta are currently looking for a permanent adoptive home where they can continue their love story. Great Lakes Pigeon Rescue staff can’t wait until this pair finally finds the family they deserve.

Every day, these two lovebirds prove that pigeons are far more passionate than many give them credit for.

“Pigeons marry for life, and are very devoted, gentle, loving partners,” Sonnier said. “They are truly the birds of love!”

If you’re interested in adopting Rasta and Taz, or you’d like to make a donation to help other birds like Rasta and Taz, visit the Great Lakes Pigeon Rescue website. 

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