Sage Green and Silver Nails? Yas Queen!

I’ll never forget the first time I tried sage green nail polish. I was heading to a holiday party and wanted to try something festive but not too over-the-top.

Something like on of these beauties:

I spotted a gorgeous shimmery sage polish at the drugstore and decided to go for it.

Let me tell ya, those sage green nails were a hit!

I got so many compliments and it really made my holiday outfit pop.

The combo of sage green and silver nails is super on-trend and straight up glam.

This fun mani pairs shimmering silver glitter tips with a rich sage green base.

The contrast makes for an eye-catching look.

Paint your tips first, then fill in the base color.

Add a layer of topcoat to smooth everything out and make that glitter shine.

I like to use a thick glitter polish with hexagon-shaped glitter pieces to really pack on the sparkle.

Make sure to seal it in with a glossy topcoat so the glitter doesn’t snag on anything.

These silver and green party nails are perfect for ringing in the new year or going out during the holidays.

The silver glitter tips look like mini disco balls reflecting light from your nails.

It’s such a fun twist on your classic french manicure.

I painted my nails this way for my office holiday party and got so many questions about where I got them done.

People were shocked when I told them I did them myself in just a few minutes!

This mani is also great for festivals or raves to fit that boho chic vibe.

The earthy green with the flashy silver glitter is such a cool combo.

I like to use Orly Sagebrush for the green and Sally Hansen Diamond Strength for the intense silver glitter.

If you want something more subtle, try a sage base with Essie Set in Stones on the tips for a fine glitter.

No matter what polishes you use, this look is sure to get your nails noticed!

Marbled nails are so mesmerizing to look at.

Alternate brush strokes of silver and sage polish close together, then swirl a toothpick through to marble.

The more you swirl, the more blended it becomes.

So gorgeous!

Marbled nails are one of my favorite nail art techniques because they always come out looking amazing, even if you’re a beginner.

The trick is to work quickly while the polish is still wet and swirl a ton to get a really cool blended effect.

I like using a clean toothpick, skewer or dotting tool to swirl the marble design.

Make your marbling life easier by using quick dry polishes so you have more time to work before it sets.

The combo of silver and sage green makes a vibrant marble design for fall and the holidays.

Start with a base layer of sage green, then do random blobby brush strokes of the silver polish.

Quickly go back through in a zig zag and swirl away!

You can get creative and do different size marble swirls on each nail for lots of variation.

I did an ombre look on mine, with larger marble swirls at the cuticle that fade smaller towards the tip.

Top it off with a shiny topcoat to smooth it out and you’ve got artsy marbled magic!

These mesmerizing nails are guaranteed to get attention.

People always think I got them done at a salon when I wear this marble mani.

Elevate your green polish by adding some silver stud nail art.

Paint on your sage color first, then take a small dotting tool to apply silver studs in different sizes randomly across your nails.

This edgy studded look will turn heads.

Nail studs are such a fun way to amp up a basic color into something edgy and eye-catching.

I like to use a mix of different shaped studs like circles, squares and triangles for lots of variety.

Paint your nails with 2-3 coats of a rich sage polish first to create the perfect canvas.

Let the green polish dry completely so your studs will adhere properly.

Then use a small dotting tool and nail glue to attach studs one by one wherever you want.

Start with larger studs, then fill in around them with smaller ones.

The great thing about nail studs is you can create any pattern you can imagine!

I like to do a gradient effect, with more studs at the base that fade out towards the tip.

Or you can create geometric patterns, lines, Polka dots – anything goes!

The silver studs look so edgy against the earthy green background.

It’s like glam rocker vibes on your nails!

These sage green studded nails will turn you into a hand model instantly.

People always stop me to ask where I got my nails “done.”

Chevron nail art is so fun to do!

After painting your nails sage green, use a striping brush dipped in silver polish to paint on skinny chevron stripes, starting at the tips.

The striking silver design over the green base color makes for a bold style.

Chevron nail art never seems to go out of style because it looks so darn cool.

The contrast of the metallic chevron stripes over the matte sage base is so eye-catching.

Use a thin striping or nail art brush to paint on the chevron pattern.

Dip the brush into silver polish and wipe off excess on the bottle rim so it’s not overloaded.

Start at the tip and paint on a skinny triangle shape, then go up the other side to complete the chevron.

Repeat the V shapes closely together until you reach the cuticle.

If the stripes start to bleed together, let the polish dry for a few minutes before continuing.

I like to make my chevrons skinnier at the tip and get thicker as they go up my nail.

This creates the cool effect of chevrons growing and gives it more dimension.

Finish with a shiny topcoat to really make that silver metallic polish gleam.

I got endless compliments on these sage and silver chevron nails!

People asked me all night where I got such awesome nail art done.

Greenery + silver = perfection!

Adorn your sage mani with pretty silver leaf nail art using nail vinyls or freehand painting.

Cluster silver leaves together at the base of your nails for an organic, earthy look.

Nail art with silver leaves is such a gorgeous way to decorate your green polish.

Leaves compliment the natural sage color and add pretty pops of shine.

I like to use nail vinyl sticker guides to get super crisp leaf shapes.

Simply stick them on your nail where you want the leaf design, then paint over with silver polish.

Peel off the vinyls and you’re left with perfect metallic leaf art!

You can also freehand leaves with an angled brush if you have a steady hand.

Group 3-4 leaves together at the base of each nail for an organic look.

Play around with different shaped leaves – some maple leaf shaped and others oval.

Add veins to the leaves with a striping brush for extra detailing.

Finish it off with a layer of glossy topcoat to really make the silver pop against the green.

These nature-inspired sage nails with silver leaf accents are total plant mom vibes.

I love wearing these when I want to add a boho touch to my look.

This sparkly gradient is just gorgeous.

Start by painting the base of your nails with sage polish.

Dip a makeup sponge into silver glitter polish and blend up towards the tip.

The glitter fades from sage into a shimmery silver fade.


Nail gradients are one of my favorite easy nail art techniques to do.

They’re simple but look so glam and fancy.

The trick is using makeup sponges to blend the polishes seamlessly.

I like to use wedge-shaped sponges so I can get right up near the cuticle.

Paint your nails 2-3 coats of sage green first and let them dry.

Then dab a sponge into silver glitter polish and lightly dab on at the tip.

Working in thin layers, keep applying glitter and blending upwards until you fill the nail.

Make sure to seal it with a good topcoat so the glitter doesn’t snag on anything.

I love how the gradient looks like fading evening light from the sage sunset into the starry silver night.

So dreamy and romantic!

These sage and silver sparkle gradients are perfect holiday nails to wear to parties.

I always get flooded with compliments when I wear this glittery mani.

Add some graphic edge to your sage mani with silver lightning bolts!

Paint them on freehand using a striping brush, or use nail vinyls if you want perfect lines.

The bold lightning over the green polish creates such a cool contrast.

Lightning bolts are such a fun way to spice up a basic nail look.

The striking graphic shape looks so edgy and bold over the green.

Use a thin striping or nail art brush to paint on jagged lightning bolts.

Start each bolt at the cuticle with a point, then zig zag down to the tip.

You can add smaller bolts branching off for extra detail.

If freehand isn’t your forte, use lightning bolt nail vinyls instead for perfect shapes every time.

I like to do an accent nail with silver lightning over the sage polish.

It makes that nail pop while keeping the rest simple.

Add a layer of glossy topcoat to smooth everything out and really make the graphic lines stand out.

These sage polish and silver lightning nails are perfect for dressing up casual looks.

I wore them with a basic t-shirt and jeans and felt like a rockstar!

How festive are these wintery nails?

Paint your tips silver first, then add sage green snowflakes over the green base using a snowflake nail stencil.

The pops of shimmery silver peeking through the snowflakes are so pretty.

Snowflake nails are such a fun way to get your mani in the holiday spirit.

The color combo of wintery sage and icy silver is so gorgeous.

Start by painting your tips with a shiny silver polish and let it dry completely.

Fill in the rest of your nails with the sage green.

Once that’s dry, placement snowflake stencils on your nails and dab over them with more silver polish.

Peel off stencils to reveal sparkly snowflakes over the minty green.

For extra dimension, try using a textured snowflake polish instead of regular glitter.

You can add some falling snow effect by painting little silver dots drifting downwards.

Finish up with a layer of topcoat to smooth any texture and make it shine.

Your coworkers will be so jealous when you show up to the office holiday party rocking these festive snowy nails!

Holo polish instantly makes any mani so much more amazing.

Try painting on a coat of silver holo over solid sage green nails – it makes the green glow!

Or mix silver holo flakes into a sage polish for a glittery, sparkling finish.

Holographic nail polish is seriously magic in a bottle.

It transforms any basic color into a flickering rainbow sparkle.

The linear holo effect looks so cool over earthy sage green.

Paint your nails with 2-3 coats of sage first and let dry completely.

Then sweep a thin layer of silver holo over the green for a glow up.

You can also mix silver holo flakes directly into the sage polish for a colorful shimmer.

Make sure to seal it with a good topcoat so the flakes don’t snag.

Another way to get the look is sage green polish with a scattered silver holo glitter.

However you get the combo, these nails look absolutely mesmerizing!

The holo turns them into a magical sage green galaxy mani.

Jazz up your solid sage green mani with a fun silver striped accent nail!

Use striping tape to create perfect vertical stripes, or freehand them with a steady hand.

This pop of sparkle and shine elevates the whole look.

Striped accent nails are a super easy way to take a basic mani up a notch.

Start with your base color, which in this case is rich sage green.

Paint on 2-3 coats and let dry completely before striping.

Use striping tape to create perfect parallel lines, or paint freehand using the edge of a nail art brush.

Make some stripes thicker and some skinny for lots of dimension.

You can play around with diagonal or chevron stripes too for fun variations.

The silver polish will really stand out over the darker green.

Finish up with shiny topcoat to smooth any harsh lines.

I always get questions on how I got such cool striped accent nails when I wear this mani.

It’s such an easy way to spice up any color!

These edgy stiletto nails are the perfect combo of sassy and glam.

Paint your stiletto tips with an eye-catching silver, then fill in the rest of your nail with rich sage polish.

Fierce af!

Stiletto nails are the ultimate power move.

That severe point makes any mani instantly edgier.

I love the combo of stilettos in sage green with flashy silver tips.

Start by shaping your tips into super sharp, dramatic points.

Paint just the tips with a brilliant chrome silver and let fully dry.

Then fill in the rest of the nail with the sage polish.

Use thin layers and let them dry in between to avoid mucking up the silver.

Finish with a shiny topcoat to really make that silver gleam.

These edgy silver stiletto tips look so cool with the earthy green.

Total queen energy!

You’ll feel ready to slay with these fierce nails.

Nail foils in metallic silver look so bomb over green polish.

After painting your nails sage green, apply foil adhesive, then place silver foil on top and seal it with a top coat.

The foil reflects light for a mesmerizing shimmery effect.

Nail foil is one of the trendiest nail art methods right now because it looks so futuristic and cool.

The chrome effect of silver foil over the green base color is so gorgeous.

Start by painting your nails with 2-3 coats of sage and let fully dry.

Paint on a thin layer of foil adhesive and wait 30 secs for it to get tacky.

Use tweezers to gently place foil over your nail and smooth down.

Finally, seal it by painting over with a glossy top coat to keep the foil in place.

Make sure you apply it smoothly without air bubbles or creases.

You can also use scissors to cut the foil into fun shapes before applying.

These sage green and silver foil nails look insanely cool. So futuristic!

Bling out your green mani with dazzling silver jewels!

Use a small dab of nail glue to attach various sized silver jewels on one or two accent nails.

Square and diamond shapes work nicely and catch the light beautifully.

Rhinestone nail art gives any mani that drippy glam aesthetic.

The silver jewels look so elegant against the natural sage polish.

Paint your nails with 2-3 coats of sage green and let fully dry first.

Use a small dot of nail glue to pick up jewel rhinestones with a tool.

Press them directly onto your nail where desired. Less is more with bling!

Try different shapes like squares, circles and diamonds for lots of variety.

Finish with a shiny topcoat to really make those diamonds sparkle.

These glitzy silver jeweled accents turn a basic mani into a showstopper!

Get geometric with this artsy mani!

Start with a base of sage polish, then use striping tape to create crisscross silver lines in different widths.

Peel off the tape to reveal perfect metallic lines over the green.

Geometric nail art using tape striping is so on-trend right now.

It creates the coolest modern abstract designs.

Paint your nails sage green first and let fully dry.

Then lay striping tape in crisscross diagonal designs across your nails.

Paint over with 2 coats of silver polish to fill it in.

While the silver is still wet, peel off the tape to reveal the pattern underneath.

Using striping tape helps get super straight perfect lines.

The metallic silver pops so nicely over the rich green.

Finish up with a layer of shiny topcoat to smooth it all out.

These geometric nails are guaranteed to get tons of compliments!

This half moon design is so pretty and delicate looking.

Paint your nails sage green first.

Once dry, use a toothpick dipped in silver polish to draw on skinny half moon shapes along the base of your nails.

Subtle but so stylish!

Half moon nails are one of my go-to easy nail art designs.

The crescent shape is so cute and feminine against the green.

Start by painting your nails with 2-3 coats of sage polish and let fully dry.

Take a toothpick and dip it into silver polish – wipe excess on edge of bottle.

Holding the toothpick perpendicular to your nail, lightly drag it sideways along the base to create a skinny half moon.

Repeat on each nail, keeping the shapes petite and consistent.

The mini silver half moons are such a delicate accent against the green.

Finish up with a layer of glossy topcoat to smooth it out and you’re done!

These sage green half moon nails are perfect for a sweet mani that’s not over-the-top.

Ombre nails are a breeze with makeup sponges!

Apply sage at the base, then blend it up into silver using a gradient sponge technique.

The colors seamlessly fade into each other for a gorgeous ombre effect.

Gradient ombre nails never seem to go out of style because they look so fresh.

The sage to silver fade is so lovely for fall and winter.

Paint your nails with 2-3 coats of sage green first.

Once completely dry, use a makeup sponge to lightly dab on silver at the tips and blend up.

Keep layering with the sponge, moving up your nail until fully blended.

Use light pressure and a patting motion to get a seamless fade.

Finish with a glossy topcoat to smooth it all down and voila!

These sleek ombre nails will have everyone mesmerized by how professionally done they look.

It’s such an easy gradient technique that makes you look like a pro!

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