Rescuer Opens Bag Of Rice And Finds Furry Face Staring Back

The volunteers at the Animal Kingdom Foundation (AKF) are used to rescuing and rehabilitating animals from desperate situations. But last year, the Philippines-based organization saved a group of pups from the meat trade, and one of the dogs they rescued changed their lives forever.

On August 16, 2022, AKF intercepted 10 lumpy bags of rice from a meat trader. When they opened the sacks, they found the most adorable but heartbroken faces staring back at them.

“They were bound, and some mouths were wired shut and gagged, but they were a bunch of energetic, beautiful, big dogs,” Isay Halaba, AKF’s campaigns officer, told The Dodo. “We knew they would be a special batch.”

Animal Kingdom Foundation

The rescuers brought them to AKF’s headquarters, where the pups finally got a chance to be free.

“Upon arrival at the center, they were apprehensive but friendly,” Halaba said. “They were trying to play and jump on the AKF team to lick our faces.”

Each dog got a thorough checkup, which made them fearful again. But something about their behavior showed that, even though they were scared, they knew that things were getting better for them.

“The dogs perhaps realized that their lives were about to change,” Halaba said.

Animal Kingdom Foundation

The dogs received clean bills of health, and they officially became part of the AKF family. One dog in particular, Pilar, quickly solidified her spot at the top right away.

“Each dog became an ambassador, with Pilar leading the pack,” Halaba said. “She welcomed guests and celebrities. Pilar was a star!”

Animal Kingdom Foundation

AKF loved having Pilar around, but they were sure that life could be even better for the good girl.

They placed her on the “adoptables” list of pups and brought her to their adoption events. It was a long wait — until finally, their wish for Pilar came true.

“We knew she deserved her own home, a new family to love her, and at long last, her time came,” Halaba said.

Animal Kingdom Foundation

Pilar was eventually scooped up by a loving family, who now showers her with affection every single day.

The sweet dog’s life couldn’t be more different now than it was when AKF first found her. Before, she was confined to a small rice sack, unsure of what would happen next.

Today, she’s smiling from ear to ear, excited to take on the adventures of the day.

Animal Kingdom Foundation

Her friends at AKF miss having Pilar around, but they’re so relieved that her story turned out the way it did.

“She is a testament that we can change the animals’ lives if we give them love, great vet care and affection,” Halaba said. “Her happy bounce and energy will be missed by the AKF team as we continue our fight to end the dog meat trade.”

To help pups like Pilar get the care they need, you can make a donation to Animal Kingdom Foundation here.

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