Puppy Gets Lifesaving Surgery — Then Falls In Love With Someone Also In Recovery


Last month, the dedicated care team at the Kentucky Humane Society (KHS) took in a small stray puppy in desperate need of help. The pup, later named Quill, arrived with severe wounds to his mouth after being injured by another animal, and he couldn’t eat or drink.

X-rays soon showed the gravity of his injury. Quill had suffered a life-threatening break in his lower jaw and needed immediate surgery — but there was still a looming threat.

Facebook/Kentucky Humane Society

“Our vet team performed surgery to temporarily realign and secure his jaw bones, but this is not a permanent solution,” KHS wrote on Facebook. “He may require partial jaw removal surgery to allow him to heal properly.”

The staff blanketed the baby with love and affection in the days following his initial surgery. With each chorus of praise and gentle snuggle, the crew fell more in love with Quill.

Facebook/Kentucky Humane Society

They monitored his progress closely, but sadly, his condition only worsened. The team swiftly wheeled Quill into the operating room for the second time and successfully removed the infection.

The procedure was intense, but the sweet boy proved to be more resilient than ever.

“Quill is recovering well, but will always have a unique look from his trauma,” KHS wrote in a Facebook update. “Despite it all, his spirit remains unbroken.”

Facebook/Kentucky Humane Society

Quill continued to surprise his caregivers after his second surgery, but there was one specific moment that pulled on their heartstrings the most: the day he met Fritter.

Fritter, a feline KHS resident, was on a harrowing healing journey similar to Quill’s. The 2-month-old kitten arrived with a debilitating eye injury around the same time as Quill.

Just like Quill had lost part of his jaw, Fritter sadly lost his eye. But as soon as they met each other, the two animals felt complete.

“While healing with our veterinary services department, Fritter snuggled up to Quill as if they’d known each other in a past life,” KHS wrote on Facebook. “The two are inseparable …”

Facebook/Kentucky Humane Society

From the moment they met, Quill and Fritter refused to leave each other’s side. The two were so close that they’d often try to eat out of the same food bowl.

The KHS team recognized their special relationship instantly and decided to place them in the same foster home. The team knew that living in a cozy house would help the wounded animals recover faster, and they believed that Quill and Fritter would thrive even more together.

Facebook/Kentucky Humane Society

When Quill and Fritter eventually went to a loving foster home, their new family fell instantly in love with the duo. It didn’t take long for their temporary family to realize that fostering wasn’t the right choice for them.

“Their foster [parents] fell head-over-heels for their adorable antics and decided to make it official,” KHS wrote in a Facebook post. “Now these two survivors will live out their days as best friends …”

Facebook/Kentucky Humane Society

The staff at KHS is elated to see Quill and Fritter land the same amazing forever home. As much as they miss seeing the adorable duo around at the shelter, they are thrilled to know that they’re still cuddling together in a warm house.

And no matter how much time passes, they will never forget the joy they felt seeing Quill and Fritter’s love story begin: “Their friendship has melted our hearts …”

To help animals like Quill and Fritter get the care they need, you can donate to the Kentucky Humane Society here.

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