Pearl Nails a.k.a. Your New Top Manicure for Winter

Which is the latest trend in the nail art world of late 2023? Have any of you heard about the TikTok pearl nails trend?

Every true fashionista knows that her true calling is to be involved in the hottest trends when it comes to fashion, makeup, hairstyles, and of course, manicures. The early winter of 2023 has opened its arms to a new trend in the nail art world – pear nails. And no, I am not talking about the manicure with glued pearl embellishments on top. Pearl nails 2023 open a whole new chapter in the book of mermaidcore-inspired manicures. How do they look? Which design to choose from? Follow me. 

Nail Trends Winter 2023: What Are Pearl Nails?

what are pearl nails winter manicure trend 2023 tiktok

A close cousin to the Hailey Bieber inspired trend of glazed donut nails, pearl nails winter 2023 create a blanket of serene charm with pearlescent swirls of nail polish across your nails. The shiny manicure is created by playing around with an iridescent nail polish to create beautiful swirls that mimic a snowy winter landscape. Of course, the trendy winter 2023 manicure doesn’t necessarily need to be created with whites, but can be with any color, as long as it has that pearly finish.

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Pearl nails are becoming so trendy as they are the perfect choice for a winter nail design. Whether you are getting ready for your work Christmas party, or simply want something that goes with the surrounding winter landscape, a manicure with a pearlescent shine like this one will evoke the season’s magic like no other current nail art out there. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at our inspiring pearl nails designs ideas!

Delicate Purple Pearl Nails

delicate pearls nails 2023

Not too big on extravagant and bold manicures? Then this pearl mani is just for you! Personally, this idea reminds me of another 2023 nail trend – the magical fairy nails, as the look is created with a simple top coat with a purple hue. Make some magic of your own this winter by opting for these pretty nails.

Gradient Mismatched Pearl Nails Design

mismatched pear nails 2023

Love mismatched nail designs? So do I! For someone who wants to detain from wearing classic and let’s be quite honest, often depressing winter nail colors like black or gray, add a dose of color to a pearl nails design! The gradient look is always trendy, so why not try it for yourself?

The Pearly French Manicure

pearl nails trend 2023

Or better yet, why not try a dazzling pearly French manicure? You can wear this look for two of your finger nails, and for the remaining go all the way! The classic pearly white nail color would create a very sophisticated and classy look for your nails with this unique design.

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Daring Hot Red Pearls

hot red pearl nails winter 2023

What if you are like me and just can’t stand away from red nail polish shades? I swear, my manicurist is always so surprised when I decide to experiment with a green or maybe sparkly black color, for instance. But in the end, I always come back to red! And this pearl nails design in hot cherry red is just divine! I know what I will be asking for at the nail salon next week.

Pearl nails in gold for a real goddess walking amongst us

gold pearl nails 2023

Glossy pearl French manicure for winter 2023 trends

pearl nails inspired french nails

Pink French mermaid pearl nails

pink mermaidcore pearl nails winter 2023

Serene purple design for short nails

purple pearl nails winter 2023

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