Pair Purple With Any of These Complementary Hues

Sarah Lyon
20 Colors That Go Well With Purple

Purple is such a standout color that it might seem like a problematic hue to build a decor scheme around. In reality, colors that go with purple span a spectrum of shades, including black, navy blue, white, and metallics. Gold, copper, and yellow are colors that go with dark purple, imparting a regal ambiance. And lilac, pink, and white are colors that go with light purple for a softer, delicate feel or a space for a child.

Both cool and warm shades of purple are versatile enough to give off entirely different vibes—moody, regal, modern, joyful, earthy—depending on which complementary hues you choose to add to the mix. For instance, black can be an accent color that goes with deep purple walls for a moody and luxurious look.

But sometimes, colors don’t go with purple, especially if they don’t match in tone and intensity—e.g., a rich jewel tone purple with a soft light pink. Looking at paint color palette cards that show a main color with potential accent pairings can help you determine colors for your particular purple.

Read on to discover some favorite color combinations that will help you to make a purple interior shine.

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    Mauve + Emerald

    colors that go with purple

    Design by KT2 Design Group / Photo by Michael J. Lee

    This formal living room by KT2 Design Group makes a statement with mauve upholstered armchairs and emerald green accents that add a colorful twist to this traditional living room.

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    Plum + Black and White

    colors that go with purple

    Design by Maestri Studio / Photo by Nathan Schroder

    Black and white rooms are quite chic on their own, but this classic combination also looks stunning when incorporated into a room accented with purple furniture. The traditional hues add a welcome dose of modernity to this dining space by Maestri Studio. The end result will get your dinner party guests talking.

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    Cool Lavender + Silver

    colors that go with purple

    Design by R. Johnston Interiors / Photo by Catherine Nguyen

    Purple is already a regal color, and adding silvery accents that remind you of your favorite shiny necklaces will keep the luxe theme going. This space by R. Johnston Interiors proves that purple isn’t just for kids’ bedrooms—adults can incorporate the hue into their sleep spaces, too. The key is to use a more subtle shade, like a cool shade of lavender, so as to not overwhelm the room.

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    Orchid Purple + Turquoise

    Tasha Agruso purple room

    Design by Kaleidoscope Living

    In this stylish kid’s bedroom, Tasha Agruso of Kaleidoscope Living gave an old dresser new life by restoring it in a bright orchid hue. The piece pairs nicely with a light turquoise bench covered in a floral fabric, which contributes to the space’s playfulness.

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    Shades of Purple + White

    Jewel Marlowe purple room

    Design by Jeweled Interiors

    Jewel Marlowe of Jeweled Interiors added interest to this all-white bathroom with vivid purple accents, from the wall colors to the overdyed rug on the floor.

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    Grape Juice Purple + Yellow

    colors that go with purple

    Design by Swoon Worthy

    Kimberly Duran of Swoon Worthy successfully paired a grape juice shade of purple with yellow in her living room, adding pops of gold to make the space scream sophisticated without giving off Easter egg vibes. While purple may not be the first paint color option on your list, this color scheme proves it’s worth a try.

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    Purple + Gray

    colors that go with purple

    Madness and Method

    This bedroom from Nicole Q-Schmitz of Madness and Method proves that gray is far from a dreary hue when paired with a bold purple backdrop. With an assertive wall color like this, keep the headboard and bedding simple so that you can, in fact, unwind in your sleep space.

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    Royal Purple + Brown

    colors that go with purple

    The English Room

    Holly Phillips of The English Room paired a bright royal purple sectional with a chocolate brown painted ceiling in this welcoming family room to set the anything goes tone, then accessorized with multicolored accents throughout the room.

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    Purple + Shades of White

    colors that go with purple

    Design by Dekay & Tate / Photo by K. Hayden Rafferty

    In this room done up in soft shades of white by Dekay & Tate, a purple ceiling is the star of the show, adding contrast and a focal point. This approach is an excellent way to have the best of both worlds: a neutral foundation with an element of surprise.

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    Purple + Green + Rust

    colors that go with purple

    Design by Jenny Kakoudakis

    For Jenny Kakoudakis of Seasons in Colour, purple was just one hue that made an appearance in her living room, but it made a bold statement nonetheless. Kakoudakis styled the intricate geometric rug with an emerald green sofa and a rust-hued grasscloth wallpaper. The grasscloth adds intriguing texture without overwhelming the space with additional pattern.

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    Purple + Greenish Gray

    colors that go with purple

    Design by Living with Lolo / Photo by Life Created

    This space from Living with Lolo mixes a bright purple rug with warm and soothing greenish gray walls. If you’re looking for an easy way to tie together multiple colors in a space, artwork is often the answer. As seen here, an abstract piece boasting a variety of shades is a stylish statement-maker.

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    Purple + Pink

    colors that go with purple

    Design and Photo by Rittika Chokhany

    While this combo is generally best suited for the younger set, it can still look quite elevated as exemplified by this space from interior designer and blogger Rittika Chokhany. The key is to stick with lighter hues—blush and lavender, for example, that will remain classics for years to come.

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    Lilac + Dark Gray + Navy

    colors that go with purple

    Home Milk

    The kitchen of UK-based color consultant and interior designer Emily Brooks featured on Home Milk pairs pale lavender walls with dark gray cabinetry, and navy paint on the kitchen island, an irreverent combination that is personal rather than trendy.

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    Eggplant + Black

    colors that go with purple

    Design by Sarah Barnard Design / Photo by Steven Dewall

    This bedroom from Sarah Barnard Design has ’80s throwback vibes with its bold plum and lavender color-blocked walls, black walnut bed frame lined with purple velvet, red tufted ottoman, black carpeting, and a neon sign that spells out “phantasmagoria.”

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    Shades of Purple + Gold

    colors that go with purple

    Home Milk

    This English kitchen from Home Milk features shades of lavender mixed with gold accents for a contemporary take on a royal color pairing.

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    Purple + Green + Gold

    colors that go with purple

    Design by Whittney Parkinson Design

    This 1920s Tudor renovation from Whittney Parkinson Design includes a mudroom painted in a richly saturated shade of purple, paired with simple brick floor tile, gold fixtures, and green accents.

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    Purple + Green + Black + White

    colors that go with purple

    Design by Little Crown Interiors / Photo by David Casas

    Interior designer Naomi Alon Coe from Little Crown Interiors pulled the lavender-and-green color palette of this Newport Beach kids room from the Bellewood forest wall mural from Rebel Walls, mixing in plenty of black and white accents to keep it feeling balanced.

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    Mauve + Shades of Pink

    colors that work well with purple

    Design by Gray Space Interiors

    This room from Gray Space Interiors uses a cheerful play of purples and pinks, from the pastel mauve painted walls to the rose gold metallic bedside lamps to the rosewood velvet drapes to the striking pink juju hats mounted above the bed.

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    Purple Ombre + Blush + Navy

    colors that go well with purple

    Design by Lisa Gilmore Design / Photo by Amy Lamb, Native House Photography

    Lisa Gilmore Design decorated this kids room with blush wall paint, purple ombre bedding, and navy curtains to keep it all from feeling overly sweet.

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    Lavender + Shades of Blue + Red

    colors that pair well with purple

    Design by JLA Designs

    This sophisticated room from JLA Designs has a confident and playful approach to color that mixes soft shades of blue on the bed frame and wall covering with subtle red accents to add some graphic flair—plus a curveball in the guise of a pastel lavender painted ceiling.

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