Nunca pensé que usaría este color en mis uñas hasta que vi esta manicura elegante.

When it comes to manicures, I’m a creature of habit. I’d say there’s around three to four nail polish colours I choose time and time again, from a classic neutral shade to a chic red for summer and a dark navy blue for autumn and winter. That being said, occasionally I come across a new colour and find myself obsessing over it for months on end. Lately, that shade has been baby pink, but after hearing about teal nails, I think I might have just found my new summer manicure of choice.

I’ve got to be honest, the teal nail trend wasn’t even on my radar until a few weeks ago. In fact, I don’t think I would have ever opted for this shade as it’s definitely out of my comfort zone. However, after seeing searches for teal nails increasing on Google Trends, I was immediately intrigued. So, I went straight onto Instagram to look at some of my favourite nail accounts to see if there were any pictures of teal manicures.

As you’ll see below, I came across so many chic teal nail designs that are perfect for the season ahead. I didn’t realise just how good this colour looked until now, but I plan on making up for lost time and trying out a teal nail polish straight away. If you want to give the trend a go, keep on scrolling for all the inspo you need…

Teal Nail Trend Inspiration

This is the picture that I’m taking to the salon for inspiration.

If you don’t want something as bright, why not opt for a dark teal shade?

This manicure is so fun.

Simple and chic.

It’s giving mermaid, and I’m here for it.

Short and sweet.

Another example of how you can play around with different teal shades this summer.

Products You Need For Teal Nails

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