Nature In Lines And Colors

Nature is a captivating, evergreen element in the tattooing world. Uncover nature’s allure with this interview of Tattooist Foret.

There’s something magical about how Nature comes alive through the vibrant colors and delicate lines. And one of the artists who are a pro in doing that is Tattooist Foret. Her art on Instagram has caught the eyes of many.

Scrolling through her profile is like walking into a gallery of wonders filled with tattoos that capture the beauty of Nature and wildlife. Today, we get to know Foret better and hear more about the artist behind these captivating nature-infused creations.

Tattooist Foret at work

Foret’s journey into tattooing began with a simple thought – she wanted to do better than a tattoo she saw on a friend. She shares, “I didn’t start it for a big reason. When I saw my friend’s old tattoo, I had a cheeky thought, ‘I’ll do better than that.’ “This playful idea and her artistic vision became the starting point for Foret’s tattooing career.

Starting in the tattooing world wasn’t a straight line for Foret. She learned the craft twice, first from someone she knew and later at a famous tattoo studio. Like any other skilled tattooist, the early days weren’t easy, especially working almost alone for three years. But things changed for the better when she learned from a well-known tattoo shop.

Flowers, plants, animals, and other natural elements are a forte of Tattooist Foret. When asked about her love for nature-inspired elements, she replied passionately, “Nature has this timeless beauty. The inspiration you can find in Nature is endless: the patterns, colors, shapes, and so much more.”

Whether it’s a script tattoo adorned by blooms or manta rays that elegantly flow on the skin, Foret’s tattoos capture the intricacies of Nature. They are not just a window that allows viewers to observe. Instead, each piece of her work serves as a doorway to the undiscovered beauty of Nature.

Everyone has a standard of a good tattoo. As for Foret, the answer seems pretty obvious.

“Good skills and good design make a good tattoo.” It’s not just about technical skill but also about how the elements come together. This involves the composition of different components, the balance of colors, and the overall aesthetic appeal.

But she doesn’t stop there; Foret believes having a healthy mindset is just as crucial for good tattooists. The nature of being a tattooist is demanding. Burnout and creator’s block can threaten the output of a tattooist.

Imagine an artist with incredible skills but feeling tired or stressed. The tattoo might lack the spark that comes from genuine creativity. On the other hand, someone with both skill and a positive mindset, like Foret, can turn each tattoo into a work of art filled with passion and good vibes.

Sharing a bit about her favorite works, Foret mentions, “These days, I like to work on the ornament of the moon and leaves together. It’s a work that shows my strength and neatness and channels a healing energy to my clients.”

Going beyond the ink, Foret opens up about the most rewarding part of her job – drawing something she loves and having people appreciate it. Foreign clients, in particular, wanting pictures with her has been heartwarming, a unique experience in the Korean tattoo scene.

Foret also talks about the challenges Korean tattoo artists face, especially the struggle with promoting themselves due to the illegality of tattoos in Korea. Despite the hurdles, Foret expresses gratitude for the support she gets from clients in Korea, both emotionally and financially.

As our interview wraps up, Foret leaves us with a message of hope. She believes that tough times will pass, and those who keep working hard will see a brighter future. It’s a call to everyone to keep going and not give up.

In every tattoo, Foret creates a tale of Nature using lines and colors. Her journey is a reminder of how art can connect people, break stereotypes, and pave the way for a future filled with creativity and determination.

Tattooist Foret

If you want to know more about her work, check out her Instagram profile. Have any questions for her? Leave a comment down below.

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