Mantente a la Moda: Las Tendencias Más Calientes en Arte de Uñas para 2024

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Warmer weather is here, which means it’s time to rethink your go-to spring manicure. The changing of the seasons calls for spring nail art that celebrates longer, sunnier days.

Nail art enthusiasts are familiar with the excitement that comes with romanticizing spring nail trends fun and mixing and matching bright colors for the upcoming season. 

Spring Nail Designs

Spring nail trends don’t always have to be florals designs and pastels. Although those nail art ideas are always on trend for the spring, there are other nail art designs that are popular for the upcoming spring season. 

In 2024, there are a wide range of styles gracing nail beds. Chrome and balletcore inspired nails are on the forefront of cute spring nail designs. Instead of having the whole nail covered with chrome, try using chrome to make your nail art pop.

Scroll below for spring nail designs to try for your next manicure. It is the perfect time of the year to experiment with new designs. 

Chrome Nails

Chrome nails are nothing new and have been popular ever since Hailey Bieber popularized the look on social media with the donut glazed chrome nails.

The glazed donut nails is a nude base manicure enhanced with pearly pigments, resembling the sweet glaze of donuts.

Instagram @allnailss._

Chrome nails are striking on their own, but one of the easiest ways to level up chrome nails is with pastel colors for the spring season. These candy-like colors are the perfect spring accompaniment. 

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Instagram @paintedbyloz

Daisy Nails

Floral designs are a no-brainer for spring. Dainty daisies are the perfect nod to spring with their innocent charm. Experiment with the ditzy florals and go bold or minimal with the daisy motif.

Wear them over a French manicure or negative space, and they look great against a contrasting opaque background. There is no escaping flower nail art for the springtime. 

Instagram @nailsbyninn

Daisies don’t have to be white and yellow, they can be any warm color, but for maximum impact ask your nail tech to utilize contrasting shades to celebrate the essence of spring.

Instagram @nails_by_daniellekatie

Instagram @ar_beautybox

Skinny French Nails

The classic French manicure is a foundational nail style, but has evolved throughout the years. Those with shorter nails can experience the timeless style.  

A thin line turns this barely there manicure into Parisian chic.

Instagram @joelyoceannails

Instagram @charlotteemilybeauty_

Add a spring buzz with a little bit of bold color in the form of electric blue or hot pink to step up your nail game. 

Instagram @byashleighlavelle

Balletcore Nails

Balletcore nail looks are subtle and sophisticated with the classic ballet slipper at the heart of the inspiration for these nails.

Whether it be a soft pink nail, or bow nails, the nails are a great way to showcase an elegant manicure for the spring. 

Instagram @honeylavenderskies

Instagram @lotteclarknails

Ballet, like any other art form, is versatile. A soft pink shade or soft bows are two starting points for creating the balletcore look.

Instagram @crystalclawzsa

Butter Yellow Nails

Try something fresh for the brighter days. Enter: butter yellow. This is not just any yellow color – think creamy, rather than mustard or neon. 

Instagram @tombachik

Add butter yellow to daisies for the perfect spring vibes. This manicure is a must for anyone looking forward to days spent in the sun.

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