Make Waves With These Stylish Navy Blue Nail Ideas!

Navy blue is a timeless and versatile color that works beautifully for nail designs.

While navy nails may seem basic at first glance, there are so many creative ways to incorporate this rich hue into stylish manicures.

In this article, we will explore 10 + different nail ideas featuring navy blue polish.

For each look, we will go in-depth with step-by-step application tips, suggested nail shapes, and ways to customize the design to suit your personal style.

Navy blue is a color that pairs well with almost anything, so the possibilities are endless when it comes to nail art.

So grab your favorite navy polish and get ready to dive into these 10+ chic nail trends!

Idea 1: Navy and White Horizontal Stripes


Nothing says nautical style quite like crisp white and navy stripes.

This classic color pairing looks fresh and fun on nails.

To get this striped look, start by painting your nails with two coats of a rich navy blue polish. Once dry, use a striping brush or toothpick dipped in white polish to paint on evenly spaced slim stripes.

Focus on making straight evenly spaced lines for a clean striped effect.

Place the stripes randomly or in a consistent pattern on alternating nails.

This helps create visual interest. For the most defined looking stripes, choose a nail shape with straight edges like squares or rounded squares. You can make the stripes thicker or thinner based on your preference.

Add some sparkle by painting a layer of sheer glitter polish over the striped design. Try a glitter with small iridescent particles so the stripes show through.

This is a playful way to glam up the nautical style. Thin silver or white striping tape can also be applied to add another layer of texture and sheen. Horizontal striped nails instantly evoke a chic maritime vibe.

Idea 2: Minimalist Navy Solid Color Manicure


For understated elegance, an all navy blue manicure has you covered. Navy polish serves as a neutral canvas, allowing you to show off any nail length or shape.

Paint each nail with two even coats of navy lacquer. Make sure to cap the tips to prevent chipping. For extra gloss, apply a quick-dry top coat.

There are a few ways to enhance the minimalist solid color look.

One is to mix up the nail shapes on each hand. Try rounded edges on one hand and angular edges like squoval on the other. This makes the single color manicure more interesting to look at.

You can also play with texture by adding a coat of matte top coat onto select nails.

The matte/glossy contrast looks modern and sleek. Another accent idea is to paint a few alternating nails with a metallic navy polish. The subtle shimmer catches the light beautifully.

Idea 3: Navy and Gold Half Moon Manicure


Half moon nail designs are having a major moment and putting a navy blue spin on the trend is super stylish. Start by painting your nails with two coats of navy lacquer. Make sure to seal the edges with extra polish to ensure straight lines.

Once dry, use a makeup sponge to apply gold leafing polish or glitter along the base of the nail, creating a half moon shape. Build up the intensity by patting on more product until you get the coverage you want. Focus on making the half moon shape consistent on each nail.

Or, for a more graphic look, use striping tape to create the perfect half moon line. Apply the tape in a curved shape across the base of each nail and fill in the bottom half with gold polish. Remove the tape while the polish is still wet to get a clean defined border.

Not only is this design eye-catching, but it also elongates the look of your nails since darker colors appear slimming. Navy and gold is a color combo that just screams luxury. This manicure is great for formal events or adding a touch of glam to everyday wear.

Idea 4: Abstract Waves Navy Nail Art


What better way to showcase navy on your nails than with fun wave designs? Abstract wavy lines in white polish over a navy base create cool ocean vibes.

Start by painting your nails with two coats of navy blue polish.

Make sure to seal the tips well. After the navy dries, use a thin paintbrush dipped in white polish to freehand wavy lines vertically across each nail. Keep the waves uneven and abstract.

Some lines can be closer together while others are farther apart. You can connect some of the lines on certain nails but keep most separate for an abstract look.

Continue making vertical wavy strokes until you are happy with the overall design. Try thicker and thinner lines for variation.

For extra pop, add white pearl nail decals or rhinestones to act as sea foam along the wavy lines. This fun nail idea is perfect for summer! The navy and white palette keeps it nautical but the abstract waves give it a modern art vibe.

Idea 5: Navy Blue Marble Nails


Marble detailing is a hot trend that gives nails a stylish smoky look. By incorporating navy blue as the base color, you can put a unique spin on the marble design.

Start by painting your nails with one coat of navy polish.

While the navy is still wet, drop a few dots of black polish across each nail. Then use a toothpick to swirl the polishes together, creating a blended marbled effect against the navy background.

Work quickly while moving the toothpick in a consistent circular motion to get properly blended streaks. Make sure not to over-mix or the polish will turn muddy.

Once you are happy with the marble effect, seal it in with a glossy quick-drying top coat.

For extra dimension, add scattered holographic glitter on top of the marbled nails. This helps make the navy pop visually. Marbleized navy nails are an edgy yet artistic manicure choice.

The dark marbling gives the nails a smoldering vibe.

Idea 6: Navy and Rose Gold Leopard Print Nails


For nails that make a bold statement, you cannot go wrong with leopard print. Give this fierce print trend a modern upgrade by using metallic rose gold polish over navy blue nails.

Start by painting each nail with two coats of navy lacquer.

Then use a detail brush dipped in rose gold polish to paint on leopard spots in random patterns. Keep the spots fairly small and close together.Outline and fill in each spot to make them more defined. Make sure to vary up the placement on each nail so the print looks natural.

Once your leopard pattern is complete, seal it with a fast-drying glossy top coat.

For extra dazzle, apply small crystal decals or glitter around the spots. Navy and rose gold complement each other beautifully for a rich pop of color.

A navy base helps make the metallic leopard spots shine. This is a go-to nail idea when you want show-stopping style.

Idea 7: Matte Navy and Chrome Accents


Mixing matte textures with high-shine metallic creates dimension and interest on nails. This combo looks especially chic in navy blue.

Start by painting your nails with two coats of navy gel or regular polish. Apply a matte top coat to the entire nail bed for an even flat finish.

Once the matte polish dries, use a detail brush to paint on chrome powder or metallic silver leafing polish in geometric shapes and lines across the nails.

Try simple designs like triangles, circles, or straight diagonal lines. The metallic accents will really pop against the flat navy background. To enhance the shine, finish with a glossy top coat just over the chrome details.

The matte navy base creates the perfect muted backdrop for making the silver metallic details stand out. This manicure has an edgy yet artsy vibe that works for day or night.

Idea 8: Navy and White Polka Dot Nails


What’s cuter than polka dots? This retro nail trend gets a modern upgrade in classic navy blue and white. Start with a base of two coats of navy polish.

Once completely dry, use a toothpick dipped in white lacquer to dot on random polka dots of different sizes onto each nail. Focus dots more around the tips for a fun look.

For perfectly rounded dots, try using the opposite end of a bobby pin dipped in the white polish instead of a toothpick. Create an overall even scattering of dots on each nail, ranging from small to large.

Finish with a glossy top coat to smooth everything and help the dots last longer without chipping. For extra flair, apply minimal white tip guides just over the navy base before adding dots. This defines the placement, keeping the dots at the tips. Navy and white polka dots create a youthful, retro vibe perfect for spring and summer.

Idea 9: Navy Cat Eye Nail Design


Cat eye nails may seem intimidating to DIY, but they are totally possible with the right tools. Using navy blue as the main color gives this trendy design a stylish edge.

Start by painting your nails with two even coats of navy lacquer.

Make sure the application is smooth and straight. Once the navy polish dries, firmly attach cat eye nail stickers or tape near the base of each nail. Apply gradually while smoothing from cuticle to tip.

Next, use a detail brush dipped in white polish to paint over the exposed section above the cat eye sticker, covering the rest of the nail.

This creates a defined swooping cat eye shape. Remove the stickers right away while the polish is still wet. Finish with a fast-drying top coat to seal in the design.

The contrast of the graphic white swoop over rich navy looks so chic. For added sparkle, glue tiny rhinestones along the cat eye curves. Navy cat eye nails are guaranteed to grab attention.

Idea 10: Navy and Silver Glitter Gradient


Mixing different colored glitter on a gradient base is an easy way to create dimension on nails. With navy as the main color, the glitter pops beautifully.

Paint each nail with two coats of navy polish. Quickly sponge on silver glitter polish lightly across the tip area before the navy dries. Then use a makeup sponge to dab on holographic glitter near the cuticles so it fades up into the silver glitter.

Blending the fine glitters together creates a dynamic gradient effect. Apply glitter to each nail while the base color is still tacky so they blend smoothly. Finish with a fast-drying top coat from cuticle to tip to smooth and set.

The gradient of silver to holographic glitter over navy is eye-catching and glamorous. This is a fun look for parties and events or adding sparkle to everyday polish.

Idea 11: Geometric Chevron Navy Nail Art


Chevron striping has a cool geometric vibe that instantly amps up any manicure. The dynamic angles pop especially well over rich navy lacquer.

Start by painting each nail with two even coats of navy polish. Use striping tape to create chevron stripes in gold leafing polish pointing down toward the nail tips.

Gently apply each piece of tape from cuticle to tip, pressing firmly to adhere. Then run the brush over the exposed sections to fill in with the gold polish.

Remove the tape gently right after painting while the polish is still wet.

Idea 12: Abstract Navy Nail Art


Get creative with abstract nail art in shades of navy! Start with a base of navy creme polish.

Then use a striping brush and white and lighter blue polishes to paint on angular lines and geometric shapes. You can do stripes, chevrons, blocks or triangles – get inventive!

The abstract shapes over the navy base create visual interest and depth.

For extra pop, add silver or white nail studs. This artsy navy design is perfect if you want nails that are artistic and unique.

With so many chic options, navy nail polish is anything but basic.

Experiment with different textures, art, embellishments and nail shapes. Navy nails are sophisticated for the office, yet fun and edgy for weekends and nights out.

So embrace one of this season’s hottest trends.

Say hello to navy nails, and get ready to make waves with your stylish blue manicures!

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