Little Dog Takes His Role As Witness On Parents’ Marriage License Very Seriously

This week René Gabriel Rodriguez and his bride, Alejandra, were married in a ceremony surrounded by friends and family in Sonora, Mexico.

However, a furry little wedding-goer was in attendance, too — the couple’s beloved Chihuahua, Rogelio, looking dapper as could be.

René Gabriel Rodriguez

For the newlyweds, Rogelio wasn’t just another guest. He was there to a serve an important role, one reflecting his place in their hearts.

He was to be the honorary witness when certifying their marriage license.

René Gabriel Rodriguez

“My wife and I decided that he would accompany us because of everything he teaches us,” Rodriguez told The Dodo. “He’s a being of light who came to teach me how to love others. In my moments of sadness, Rogelio has always been there.”

So, it only made sense that Rogelio be front and center on his parents’ big day, too — literally leaving his mark on the document to prove it.

René Gabriel Rodriguez

Officials overseeing the signing told Rodriguez that this was a first for them.

“They had no problem with it,” Rodriguez said. “On the contrary, they were positive and very willing.”

René Gabriel Rodriguez

Rogelio’s signature is more symbolic, as it’s not legally binding. But that doesn’t diminish at all the priceless role he represents in his parents’ lives.

“We understand each other,” Rodriguez said.

René Gabriel Rodriguez

After photos of the signing were shared online, the couple did face some criticism for employing their dog in formalizing such a sacred union. But Rodriguez wishes them all the best regardless.

René Gabriel Rodriguez

“Too many hater comments … which doesn’t bother me,” Rodriguez said. “I haven’t responded to any of them defensively — only jokingly or with a big hug — because Rogelio’s, me and my wife’s happiness is complete with what we did.”

René Gabriel Rodriguez

For the most part, however, the feedback has been positive — with people applauding the couple for so boldly pronouncing what a cherished place their little dog holds in their hearts.

“Many people have shown interest in continuing with this practice,” Rodriguez said. “Let’s hope that it continues to be promoted here and throughout the Mexican Republic.”

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