Little Boy Sees Bored Husky Sitting In The Snow And Decides To Cheer Him Up

Chloe Ellies knew her husky, Levi, didn’t want to come inside. There was snow on the ground, and Ellies had just spent her lunch break throwing a ball for him. But when Ellies needed to go back in the house to attend a Zoom meeting, Levi refused to follow. Instead, he went and sat by the fence.

“He was staring into the abyss … longing for a friend,” Ellies told The Dodo.

Then, in the middle of her Zoom call, Ellies saw a change in Levi’s behavior from the window.

Bored husky sits in the snow alone

“I saw him dart across the backyard in true zoomies fashion, so I knew something was exciting him,” she said. “I quickly turned my Zoom camera off, got up and looked out the window.”

That’s when she saw her neighbor — a young boy — petting Levi from the other side of the fence.

“Cute, I thought,” Ellies said. She returned to her meeting.

But when Levi started the zoomies again, Ellies glanced up to see the boy in the yard with Levi.

Ellies wasn’t surprised to see the boy and Levi in the yard together. After all, Ellies lived in the same duplex as this particular neighbor, and they shared the yard. But she didn’t expect what happened next.

“My neighbor was all dressed in his snowsuit, throwing snowballs for Levi, petting him, running around the yard,” Ellies said. “I had to interrupt our marketing meeting to explain why I was giggling so much.”

Happy husky plays in snow with neighbor boy

Levi was obviously thrilled with the attention. “His tail was wagging,” Ellies said. “He was giving kisses … and he literally gives out about five kisses a year. Levi was running around the yard, and you could literally see him smiling.”

This play session lasted about 20 minutes, and a few days later, it happened again.

This time, Ellies was petsitting a dog named Arlo. Her neighbor also had a friend with him — another boy about the same age.

The two dogs and two kids frolicked in the yard, which was still covered in snow.

“The dogs were so hyper … with all the excitement, and the boys were rallying them up even more, throwing snowballs and running around the yard,” Ellies said.

Ellies stepped outside to supervise, only to realize she was wearing shorts and slippers.

“I didn’t want to risk running inside to get warmer clothes on in case Levi knocked one of the boys over or Arlo got possessive over a ball,” Ellies said. “Plus, it was honestly really fun to be a part of and witness so much happiness exploding out of the dogs and kids.”

Rescue husky gives little boys a kiss on the face

Ellies captured videos of the first playdate and the second one, which she posted on her Instagram account.

“In a world full of iPad kids, my neighbor gets out there in his snowsuit for some good old fashioned fun as a kid,” Ellies said. “And Levi has someone who actually wants to play in the snow with him.”

To learn more about Levi and his adventures in the snow, you can follow him on Instagram and TikTok.

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