Lisa (BLACKPINK) excites fans with her powerful female visual

Lisa (BLACKPINK) excites fans with her powerful female visual

After Jennie, Lisa is the second member of BLACKPINK to make social networks more excited than ever when announcing the establishment of her own company called LLOUD. Not only did she post a powerful image when she became the CEO – executive director of her own company, Lisa also released a clip showing off her “total talent” female visual, extremely charismatic, luxurious but also extremely seductive. Besides, Lisa’s never-before-published “poetic” moments also make fans fascinated.

Powerful, aura-filled, and luxurious images of the female “general talent” Lisa

Lisa’s 𝑠e𝑥y, seductive but also “poetic” frame

Also on the LLOUD company website, Lisa did not forget to “flex” a series of projects as well as personal achievements. It can be said that the youngest member of BLACKPINK became the first Kpop idol to join the billion-view group on Spotify, appeared on the cover of Elle magazine in Taiwan (China), and became the only member of BLACKPINK to appear at the show. charity concert in France at the end of January, or officially becoming a BVLGARI brand ambassador.

Lisa’s series of personal projects and achievements are posted on the company’s official website

Previously, fans were extremely surprised when Lisa announced the establishment of her own company. However, a fan in Thailand said that she had seen the company’s LLOUD advertising sign since 8:00 a.m. on February 8 but did not know that it was an announcement to open a new label by Lisa. Not only that, Lisa’s PR agency to establish her own company is currently located in many locations in Bangkok (Thailand) or Singapore.

A fan in Thailand saw a billboard advertising Lisa’s new company since 8am

Another billboard is currently located in Singapore

After only 15 minutes, Lisa “climbed the roof” of the world trending

After Jennie, Lisa continues to become the second member of BLACKPINK to become the “boss” of her own company.

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