Kitten Has Been So Small Her Entire Life, but the Clever Young Cat Has Many Ways to Make Herself Feel Big

Kitten Has Been So Small Her Entire Life, but the Clever Young Cat Has Many Ways to Make Herself Feel Big

A kitten has been so small for her entire life, but the clever young cat has many ways to make herself feel big.

small kitten tabbyPip the kittenSaraSharp

About 3-4 months ago, a diminutive kitten was found among a number of cats and kittens that needed to be rescued.

The little tabby, named Pip, was the smallest of all but exhibited a remarkable will to live. She should have weighed around two pounds at eight weeks old, but was less than half of that.

Sara Sharp, founder of Community Cat Club, took Pip into her care and gave her a chance to thrive. “She was born outside… It was noticed when she was about four weeks old that something was not right,” Sara shared with Love Meow.

tiny kitten pipShe was less than half the size she should beSaraSharp

“She wasn’t eating much and had a lingering upper respiratory infection, so she came to me to get more care.”

It didn’t take long before Sara realized what a dynamo of a personality that was packed in that tiny body. Pip came with a big voice that she didn’t hesitate to use at meal time.

small kitten tabby blanketSaraSharp

She would scream at the top of her lungs, demanding that food be served on time. A few seconds’ delay was unfathomable, and she would make her voice heard.

“I had to give her a different type of wet food, and she didn’t appreciate that. She would like to put in a formal complaint.”

vocal chatty kitten pipShe had a big voice and wasn’t shy about speaking her mindSaraSharp

After the first month in foster care, Pip finally crossed the one-pound mark, an incredible feat, despite still being significantly smaller for her age.

Her attitude belied her size and turned her into a formidable force in every situation.

cute tabby kitten tongueSaraSharp

Sara worked with her veterinarian to ascertain the cause of Pip’s slow growth.

At each vet visit, Pip was fearless, strutting about with her little legs, her head held high, trying to appear taller than she was.

tabby kitten round bellyPip when she demands foodSaraSharp

“She, of course, stole the hearts of everyone even with her spicy personality.”

At around 3.5 months old, Pip was inching closer to the 2-pound milestone. She had been making steady gains, albeit still tiny. She would jump on higher places to get a better vantage point of her surroundings.

kitten standing toyShe has grown into a gorgeous small catSaraSharp

As she became more active and playful, Sara introduced her to other kittens of similar size. Pip immediately took to Joni, her new suite mate, and the two just hit it off.

She has also befriended two other kittens, Honor and Honey, and taken them under her wing.

kittens friendsJoni and PipSaraSharp

Pip has officially been diagnosed with congenital hypothyroidism, a relatively rare condition in cats. With the right medication, Pip will be able to live a happy, long, fulfilling life.

“Her favorite thing to do is to be held and to just grab and play with your face or hair,” Sara shared with Love Meow.

kitten grab face cuteShe likes to hug her people, clutching them with her front pawsSaraSharp

“She is full of life and gets her little bursts of energy to play with her kitten pals and even my one dog.”

The sweet young cat recently turned five months, and was a whole 3.3 pounds of sass and attitude.

small tabby kittenShe is tiny but mighty in personalitySaraSharp

“She was sickly and so small when she came to me. She has slowly grown into the cutest little chonky girl.”

small tabby kittenSaraSharp

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