Kitten Discarded Outside Turns Joyful with Charged Bunny Kicks the Moment He Sets Foot in a Home 2023

Kitten Discarded Outside Turns Joyful with Charged Bunny Kicks the Moment He Sets Foot in a Home

A kitten who was discarded outside, turned joyful with charged bunny kicks the moment he set foot in a home.

kitten bunny kicking toyViktor the kitten@tania_b07

Late last month, a Good Samaritan discovered a tiny kitten abandoned and discarded in a garbage can. She took him home, cleaned him up and did everything she could to attend to him.

It became apparent that the kitten would require more care than she could provide, so she reached out to the Toronto Humane Society for help.

“The kitten was so young, about 2.5-3 weeks old,” Tania, foster volunteer of the rescue organization, shared with Love Meow.

tabby kitten sleepingHe was rescued from a garbage can by a Good Samaritan@tania_b07

Without the care of his cat mother, the tabby, named Viktor, heavily relied on a volunteer to feed and look after him around the clock.

The finder wasn’t aware that kittens of such a young age need to be assisted to potty after every meal (as what a mother cat would do). “By the time he came into the shelter, his belly was very big.”

sweet kitten snugglesViktor was very snuggly from the start@tania_b07

A vet tech was able to help him. The kitten felt as if a weight had been lifted off his shoulders, plopped down on his face and went straight to sleep with relief.

Viktor began his foster journey with a curious sniff and a twinkle in his eye. He came with the squeakiest meows that Tania had ever heard, and a multitude of endearing qualities.

sweet tabby kitten@tania_b07

“He loves to rest his chin on everything. He’ll rest it on my chest and close his eyes as I speak softly to him. He’ll rest his chin on a toy or anything handy.”

Viktor was tiny but tenacious as he tried to venture around his new space with delightful waddles.

sweet lap cat kittenViktor loves snuggling on a warm lap@tania_b07

When he snatched his first toy, he wiggled with exuberance as he unleashed a flurry of joyful kicks.

“He’s grown into a little bundle of playfulness, and even though he doesn’t have another kitten to play with, he will tackle his stuffed animal friends, one at a time. His will is fierce but also very loving.”

cute tabby kitten toyHe likes to wrestle with a stuffed toy, bunny kicking it with all his might@tania_b07

The kitten has crossed several milestones within the time he’s spent in foster care. He’s starting to use the litter box, and he’s gained a rotund belly that he flaunts proudly.

Viktor’s personality has also emerged, being the most boisterous little kitten. His penchant for play is a boundless source of both mischief and delight.

tabby kitten purrito snuggles@tania_b07

Aside from his rambunctious nature, Viktor likes to cozy up to his people or seek out a warm lap to nestle in – a love sponge, soaking up every ounce of affection that comes his way.

kitten plays kicks toy@tania_b07

“He will come running when called and will gladly follow you around like a little tiny dog. He loves to have his entire head massaged while he purrs with closed eyes.”

sweet kitten snuggledHe’s a little cuddle-bug@tania_b07

“I think Viktor knew from the very beginning that he was safe and loved. He was trusting and full of sweetness from the first day,” Tania told Love Meow.

kitten plays on lapHe’s getting more playful and mischievous every day@tania_b07

Viktor is working on getting big and strong while relishing every moment with his foster mom. He’s got a little assistant of his own, the bunny, and is loving every second with it.

kitten bunny friend cuteViktor and his bunny@tania_b07

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