Kitten Clung to Car with All Her Might Until Neighbor Saw Her, Now She Can Cling to People All Day Instead

Kitten Clung to Car with All Her Might Until Neighbor Saw Her, Now She Can Cling to People All Day Instead

A kitten clung to a car with all her might until a neighbor saw her. Now, she can cling to people all day instead.

fluffy sweet kittenLunah the kitten@comrescuemontreal

A kind neighbor spotted a kitten clinging to a parked car for dear life. She was alone, taking refuge under the vehicle while meowing incessantly, all morning.

The neighbor tried to help the kitten, but when she approached her, the little one immediately retreated into the shadows under the fender, her tail between her legs.

After exhausting all other options, to no avail, the neighbor reached out to a friend for assistance.

kitten clings car tireA kind neighbor saw a kitten clinging to a parked car outside someone’s home@comrescuemontreal

Joanie received the plea for help and burst into action. She arrived with a humane trap, plenty of smelly treats as a lure, and placed it next to the car tire.

The kitten was so hungry that she couldn’t resist the food, worked up her courage to leave the hideout and inched into the crate.

stray kitten carThey set a humane trap next to the car and waited for the kitten to go in@comrescuemontreal

When the door shut securely behind the kitten, Joanie and the neighbor collectively breathed a sigh of relief.

They scoured the area but found no trace of a mother cat or other kittens. The little tabby quieted down with the nourishment in front of her, and her fear and distress melted away.

stray kitten rescuedThe kitten couldn’t resist the food and walked inside@comrescuemontreal

She polished off the food, filled her belly to the brim while she was transported to a cat rescue, Chatons Orphelins Montreal.

“The kitten was named Lunah, and she was about six weeks old,” Celine of the rescue shared. “She had injured gums on the front of her mouth and was taken to the vet straight away.”

sweet tabby kitten carrierLunah was safe and her fear melted away@comrescuemontreal

Lunah was no longer afraid when she was being attended to, feeling a wave of contentment wash over her.

A foster family welcomed her in, so she could heal in a comfortable, loving environment. After each meal, she would seek solace in the company of her people and show them gratitude with a symphony of purrs.

sweet kitten coneHer gums quickly healed, and she became a little social butterfly@comrescuemontreal

In just one week, Lunah made a full recovery, and her personality truly shone.

“She immediately wanted to be friends with everyone (including cats) in the house. She is full of energy and wants to be surrounded by her humans or other cats at all times.”

sweet clingy kittenLunah adores her people and seeks them out for attention@comrescuemontreal

Lunah loves to play and finds joy in the simplest things. “She enjoys running around and can go on for hours only to suddenly fall asleep in the midst of playing.”

She is a people-cat and follows them around on their heels. She is inquisitive, very social and isn’t shy about voicing her “needs”.

sweet kitten clingyShe clings to them everywhere they go@comrescuemontreal

“She loves company and purrs instantly when you start petting or cuddling her.”

Lunah insists on sharing bedtime with her people, clinging to them every night. “When we watch TV, she comes over and sits on our chest or neck, so she can fall asleep on us. She purrs and even tries to groom us.”

vocal kitten fluffyShe isn’t shy about asking for what she wants@comrescuemontreal

“If she wants attention, she will seek us out for it. She knows how to make herself heard with her sweet little meows.”

Lunah is living the best life, getting cuddles on demand, napping anywhere she likes, without a care in the world.

sweet sleeping kitten basketShe loves her new life as an indoor kitty and enjoys every bit of it@comrescuemontreal

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