Kitten Born with One Eye Comes Up to People Wanting Help So She Can Live a Full Life

A kitten who was born with one eye, came up to someone’s home asking for help.

one eyed kitten tuxedoBug the kittenAshley @liberationcathouse

A woman was in her driveway when she spotted a kitten coming up to her, meowing for help. She noticed that the kitten had only one eye and some facial deformities.

Liberation Cat House (a cat rescue in FL) was then notified, and Ashley, a director and foster volunteer, stepped up to help. “My previous fosters happened to have just gotten adopted, so I had the space,” Ashley shared with Love Meow.

The little one-eyed kitten was very friendly, and once she got to know Ashley, she turned into mush and crawled into her lap.

tuxedo kitten one eyed strayShe showed up outside someone’s home, meowing for helpAshley @liberationcathouse

The kitten lovingly named Bug was born with several congenital issues. “She survived as a kitten on the streets with extremely limited vision, which is no easy feat.”

Bug has one open eye with cataracts, and the other eye never developed and remains closed. She also has one nostril, a cleft lip, and a heart defect (restrictive ventricular septal defect).

bathed kitten bugAshley @liberationcathouse

“Despite all of this, she remains one of the most spirited kittens I’ve ever met. She has no idea anything is wrong with her and just wants to play and explore and do all of the things,” Ashley added.

Bug may not have great eyesight but she can pounce on toys and catch things with accuracy using all of her senses. If she locks on a target, she will rear up onto her back legs and then pounce — her signature move.

playful kitten one eyeBug is full of spirit and loves to playAshley @liberationcathouse

“She likes to jump around and then hide, and she will pop out suddenly, standing up on only her back legs before scampering off again. This kitten has the amount of energy of six kittens combined.”

With the best care, Bug has recovered from an upper respiratory infection and grown in size, strength, and curiosity. She has mapped out her place and can navigate around with ease. After a bit of trial and error, she no longer runs into furniture or walls.

lap kitten one eyeAshley @liberationcathouse

“Regardless of how well she can see, Bug is a happy kitten and is not experiencing discomfort from her eyes, which is what is important.”

Bug enjoys “helping” Ashley with her work. “This usually means walking on my keyboard and pulling up 18 windows of the calculator, or sending a gibberish message to the entire group chat.”

office kitten laptop catShe likes to offer “help” in the officeAshley @liberationcathouse

If there is a toy lying around, Bug will not hesitate to tackle it. She is inquisitive and bold, and nothing can stop her from having a good time.

“Once she tires out, she’s happy to curl up next to you on the couch.”

snuggly kitten one eyeAshley @liberationcathouse

Right before the New Year, Bug was officially ready for adoption, and Ashley was determined to find a perfect home for the deserving girl.

“She needs a playmate, and she also needs an adopter that understands her medical issues, is committed to following up veterinary care, and has the financial means to provide any treatment she may require,” Ashley shared.

laptop cat bugAshley @liberationcathouse

Today, Ashley posted an exciting announcement that Bug has found her dream home in Pittsburgh (PA). “Her new human has experience with special needs animals and is committed to providing Bug with the best care possible.”

kitchen counter kittenBug wants to know everything that is going on in the kitchenAshley @liberationcathouse

“There is a veterinary cardiology practice in Pittsburg to monitor Bug’s heart. Not only that, she has other kitties at home, including a 6-month-old kitten to be Bug’s playmate.”

In a few days, Bug will be embarking on a new journey to her happily-ever-after.

one eyed kitten paw bugAshley @liberationcathouse

From roaming the streets with an uncertain fate to now living a full life, Bug’s story is nothing short of amazing.

computer kitten tuxedoAshley @liberationcathouse

Share this story with your friends. More on Bug and Ashley’s fosters on Instagram, Bug’s page @much_love_for_bug, and Liberation Cat House @liberationcathouse.

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