Jenny MBTI Part 1, looking into relationships between Blackpink members


Jenny MBTI Part 1, looking into relationships between Blackpink members

Blackpink Jennie MBTI 


(Caution: This part is the first step in inferring Jenny’s MBTI. The full details will be covered in Part 2.)


hello. This is Wilheim . This article is the first part of Blackpink Jennie’s MBTI analysis. Since it is aimed at people whose MBTI type has not been officially revealed, please read it lightly and think, “I see this too.” So, shall we find out together?




As a fan, I also want to call them BLACKPINKs and nicknames that express the relationship between the members, but I will use BLACKPINK and their stage name so that everyone can easily understand them. 


Blackpink members: Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, Rosé

Blackpink members are famous for working with special affection for each other. If you are a fan of Blank Pink, you know that even though there is no official leader, not only Jennie, but also Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé take care of each other’s emotions, care about each other, and help each other.


When different people meet and work together, there are bound to be difficulties and hurt feelings. As seen in other groups, no matter how much troubles that arise in these areas are hidden, they will eventually be revealed to the fans.


 Source: BLACKPINK official Instagram


Jenny’s MBTI type is my inference based on analysis of the relationships between members, Jenny’s interviews, live broadcasts, hobbies, etc. It is commonly called MBTI Gungyejil. So please just watch it for fun.




Find out about Blackpink Jennie’s MBTI through an interview

#What is Jennie’s personality as seen by the members?


We briefly summarized what each member consistently mentioned about Jenny during live broadcasts and interviews. In other words, this is “a short but strong word” that Blackpink members perceive about Jennie. Take a look below.




1. What does Blackpink Rosé see as Jennie?

First, let’s look at an interview with Rosé, known as the ENFP type. I said this in a slightly dazed state because it was during a pajama broadcast, but this was the perfect time to find out my true feelings.


Blackpink Rosé

Rosé : Jenny was very kind (at first)… Like her real sister, she 
explained things to me and I think she gave me a lot of tips.


They take care of each other to the extent that Rosé considers Jennie like her ‘real sister’. Jenny also affectionately calls Rosé her Rosie, and she calls Rosé’s mother ‘mom’. They have a deep relationship with each other.


There are many people who like Rozeny’s family-like relationship. On Instagram, Rosé calls Jennie wifiey, and Jennie calls Rosé hubby. 


The functions of the ENFP type that like people are the main function Extroverted Intuition (Ne) and the secondary function Introverted Feeling (Fe). NF As an idealist, I try to give everything to like-minded people, but I hate people who take this for granted. Additionally, they are unable to flexibly accept their actions and dislike being watched.


Here, Jenny gained a clue that she could flexibly deal with ENFP’s unique intuitive function and divergent thinking .


2. What does Blackpink Lisa see as Jennie?

Next is Jenny, seen by Lisa, known as the ESFJ type. Lisa, who is always by her side and cheers Jenny up with her lively energy, what does she think of Jenny?


Jenlisa (Jenny and Lisa)

Lisa : Jenny was the first sister I saw, and 
even when I was having a hard time or something, she taught me how to sing.
When I think about it, there were many times when she taught me how to sing, and
she also helped me by telling me what to do with my personal life.



Jenny is embarrassed by the closing comment.

As expected, Jenny was a tree that was generously cared for this time. In this interview, Jenny comments about the members of Blackpink:


Jenny : These three wonderful members are holding each other’s seats and not collapsing in their seats…
They stick together like Legos holding each other… As if they become Lego pieces when one piece is missing…
I’m so happy that we can trust and live with each other.. (Oh, who ordered this? I want to eat cake.

Rosé : My sister ordered it!!

Lisa : My sister started it!!


The ESFJ type uses the main function Extroverted Feeling (Fe) and the secondary function Introverted Sensing (Si). Due to extroversion, they can pretend to be tolerant of people who do not agree with them, but there are people who cannot tolerate them.




This is the person who treats them with abstract and theoretical thinking rather than emotions. In a conflict situation, I like someone who expresses their emotions comfortably, rather than someone who shows a lot of anguish and has a blank or serious expression (because they’re trying to get their head around it). From the ESFJ’s perspective, it is easy to understand the other person because they can feel and see such things right away.


However, if Jenny’s emotions are an inferior function, she will feel discouraged from her previous relationship with Rosé and Lisa, and she will naturally distance herself from him. Here Jenny also got a clue that he would be good at using his emotions.


3. What does Blackpink Jisoo see as Jennie?

Next is Jenny, who is seen by Jisoo, known as the ESTJ type. I referred to an interview in which Jenny was mentioned on a Japanese broadcast. Jisoo is famous for his close relationship with Jennie, which is where the nickname Jendeuk was born.


During an interview with Blackpink Jisoo


지수 : 제니가 뭔가 되게 조용하게 앉아서
(이어폰 꽂고) 노래들으면서…

처음에는 차가운줄 알았어요.
그런데 “이렇게 하면 좋아”라고 알려줘서 심쿵.
나중에 친해지고 알고보니 낯을 가린 거였어요.
나중에는 엄청달라붙어서 젠득이라고…

제니를 화보나 무대영상으로만 접한 사람은 제니가 시크하고 도도한 성격이라고 오해합니다.

직각 어깨로도 드레스 핏이 정말 환상적으로 어울려 “인간 샤넬”이라는 별명까지 갖고 있다.

그러나 그 오해는 우리들만 하는 것이 아니었군요. 지수 역시 처음에 제니를 만나 “몸을 트고” 본격적으로 친해지기 전까지는, 제니를 차가운 사람으로 알고 있었습니다. 그러나 지금은? 둘의 관계를 “젠츄”라고 부르며 각별히 아끼는 팬들이 존재합니다. 즉 케미가 맞는다는 것이죠.




ESTJ유형인 지수는 주기능 외향사고(Te), 부기능 내향감각(Si)을 사용합니다. 지수와 제니가 서로의 폰케이스를 만들어주는 영상을 통해 나타나는 둘의 차이가 재밌습니다. 아래 영상을 보고 오시면 제가 말씀드리려는 것이 무엇인지 더 쉽게 알 수 있겠죠?


유튜브 영상 : [제니 하드카운터 지수ㅋㅋ 2]


지수가 제니를 위해 만든 폰케이스의 설명을 들어보면, “이 폰 케이스가 왜 잘 만들었는지” 이유를 말하는 것이 주된 포인트입니다. 주로 미적 아름다움, 독특함, 어디서도 구매할 수 없다는 것을 표현합니다. 또한 앞으로 숙인 자세, 고개를 기울이는 제스쳐를 통해 제니에게 호감과 편안함을 느낀다는 것을 알 수 있습니다.


반면 제니의 설명을 들어보면 관계, 조화, 상대방 중심적 사고를 한다는 것을 알 수 있습니다. 그때 그때 맞는(지수가 그날 먹었던 음식 등) 지수의 상황으로 폰 케이스를 만들었고, “그 폰 케이스가 상대방에게 잘 어울리는가”를 위주로 폰케이스를 판단합니다.




그 밖에 서로 찍어주는 카메라의 구도를 보아도 차이가 나타나는데요, 제니는 지수를 찍을 때 폰케이스와 지수가 함께 나오도록 비교적 화면에 두 사람이 꽉차게 구도를 잡았습니다. 반면 지수는 제니를 찍을때 제니가 말할 때는 제니가 한 가운데오도록 넓은 구도로, 폰케이스를 설명할때는 폰케이스만 클로즈업하여 잘 보이게 촬영했습니다.


블랙핑크 지수


지수가 블랙핑크 멤버에게 바라는 점은? (라디오 인터뷰 중)

지수가 로제 : 가스불(밸브)을 꼭 꺼조..불나게써. 
지수가 리사 : 리사야… 나 자고있을 때.. 제발…원래는 자고 있으면 (살짝 보고) 문 열고, 언니? 하고 자고 있으면 닫아야 되잖아요. 근데 언니? (크게 말하면서 들어와요) 언니?!! (문 쾅) 언니?? 옆에까지 와요 여기까지.. 언니언니언니!!?? 끝까지 흔들어서 깨워요 저를 끝까지.. 왜? 이러면 밥먹을래요?? 이래요
지수가 제니 : 제니는. 저랑 분명 이렇게 같이 보고있었어요. 만화를~ 혼자 밤에가서 다보고 온다니까요? 아껴놨는데 나는!! 혼자 다보고와서, 나 다봤어 ㅎㅎ(이래요) 그럼 나는? 나 혼자봐?


인터뷰 내용만 봐도 서로 정말 친하고 사이가 좋은 것을 알 수 있습니다. 블랙핑크는 리더가 없다고 했지만, 늘 똑부러지게 말하는 지수는 모두에게 구심점 역할을 하는 것 같습니다. 


결론적으로 제니는 비록 감정적으로 보이지만, 지수에게 분명하게 자신의 견해를 전달한다는 점을 알 수 있었습니다. 또한 지수 역시 자신의 생각을 분명하게 말하는 제니를 신뢰한다는 것을 알 수 있었습니다. 




다음편 예고 : 그래서 제니의 MBTI는 무엇?

지금까지 블랙핑크 멤버간 관계를 통해 제니의 MBTI를 추론해 나갔습니다. 저는 특정 유형의 밈과 고정관념에 얽매이지 않고, 다른 유형간의 주/부기능의 궁합을 통해 알아보는 것이 보다 나은 방법이라고 생각합니다.



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