Interior Designers Love These 15 Blue Green Paint Colors

Room with green paint

Liz MacPhail Interiors

Green and blue have both had their moments, but why not go for the best of both worlds? Blue green paints are perfect for creating a serene, tranquil vibe in any room in your house. From robin’s egg to teal to turquoise, blue greens come in a variety of shades. And while they add a lot of vibrant color to your space, you don’t have to take a risk to use them in your home—they work in traditional spaces just as much as they do in eclectic, bold ones.

  • Color Family: Blues
  • Complementary Colors: Oranges and reds
  • Pairs Well With: Neutrals such as gray and white work well with bolder blue green hues
  • Mood: Depending on the shade, blue green creates a serene, sophisticated vibe
  • Where to Use: Anywhere. Blue green works in bedrooms, bathrooms, exteriors, and more

Even once you’ve narrowed in on a color, it can be difficult to find the perfect shade. That’s why we called in the professionals. Here, we’ve rounded up the best blue green paints that interior designers love to help you find the right shade for your space, no matter your decor style.

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Sherwin-Williams Topsail

Bathroom with topsail aqua paint

Marnie Oursler

Sherwin-Williams’ Topsail is a lovely airy aqua with green and gray undertones. Designer Marnie Oursler of Marnie Custom Homes and DIY Network’s Big Beach Builds loves this hue because it evokes the serenity of the beach and helps create a vacation-worthy vibe in your home.

“[It’s] the ideal accent in a bathroom,” she says. ” The colors of the sand, the ocean, and the sky create the calming and welcoming effect you want in a beach home.”

Even if you don’t have a beach house, Topsail is a lovely way to pretend you’re on vacation every day of the year.

Benjamin Moore Topsail
Sherwin-Williams Topsail $60.00


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Benjamin Moore Sleigh Bells

Bedroom with blue paint

Anthony Wilder Design/Build

Another light and airy blue green our designers love is Benjamin Moore’s Sleigh Bells. A slightly darker aqua, this hue is a lovely one for a bedroom or a den. According to Keira St. Claire of Anthony Wilder Design/Build, Sleigh Bells “creates a serene feeling” and pairs beautifully with the water seen outside this bedroom’s window.

Like most blue greens, Sleigh Bells is a chameleon color that takes on a blue or green tint depending on the colors nearby.

Benjamin Moore Sleigh Bells
Benjamin Moore Sleigh Bells $80.00


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Farrow & Ball Green Blue

Bedroom with blue green paint

Here at Hillcroft

A muted medium teal, we love Farrow & Ball’s Green Blue shade for offices and bathrooms. It is a subtle shade that can look almost dark grey in certain lights, and a wonderful choice for adding a pop of color in an otherwise neutral color scheme. Pair with lighter grey shades or soft pinks for the most impact.

Farrow & Ball Green Blue
Farrow & Ball Green Blue $110.00


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Sherwin-Williams Hunt Club

Kitchen with green blue paint

Case Architects & Remodelers

Allie Mann of Case Architects & Remodelers loves Hunt Club because it’s bold and daring, but also incredibly versatile. “[This shade] is a color chameleon,” she says. “This bold choice can switch between looking more green or with a slightly blue hue on demand, which makes it very desirable and popular to use.”

This is a great choice for anywhere you need to add a pop of color—an island, a bedroom accent wall, or even the ceiling in your powder room can benefit from this spunky and rich color.

Sherwin-Williams Hunt Club
Sherwin-Williams Hunt Club $60.00


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Clare Current Mood

Dining room with blue green paint

Noel Buller & Casey Speer

Clare’s Current Mood is definitely more of a green than a blue, but it has subtle blue undertones that give it a romantic feel. It’s a deep, dark color that will saturate any room, so make sure you have enough natural light to complement such a daring color.

Clare Current Mood
Clare Current Mood $54.00


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Farrow & Ball Inchyra Blue

Blue green cabinets

Design: Black Lacquer Design

Photography: Jessica Alexander Photography

Caitlin Murray of Black Lacquer Design says Farrow & Ball’s Inchyra Blue “perfectly walks the line between blue and green.” “Thanks to a bit of black, it reads as moody and complicated—making it simultaneously stimulating and soothing,” she says.

This shade definitely is wonderfully moody and lends a dramatic feel to any space. Try it in the bedroom as an accent wall behind the bed or on a kitchen island. We love pairing it with gold accents, but it also works well with beige or tan.

Farrow & Ball Inchyra Blue
Farrow & Ball Inchyra Blue $110.00


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Sherwin-Williams Teal Stencil

Blue green desk

Design: Kimberlee Marie Interiors

Photography: Char Beck

If you’re hunting for a blue green that falls in the middle of the road when it comes to saturation, consider Teal Stencil. Kimberlee Marie of Kimberlee Marie Interiors says this shade “is a versatile color that pairs well with a variety of neutrals and nicely complements other pops of color.”

“It also has faint tropical vibes which can help make everyday feel like a vacation with this color around,” she continues. Try it with bright white colors to create a contrast that adds a lot of dimension to your space.

Sherwin-Williams Teal Stencil
Sherwin-Williams Teal Stencil $60.00


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Sherwin-Williams Composed

Entryway with blue green walls

Design: Studio Ten 25

Photography: Melanie Johnson Photography

Abbe Fenimore of Studio Ten 25 opts for Composed when hunting for a blue green paint that works in nearly any room. “It really does live up to its name since it has the perfect mix of blue and green with a subtle grey undertone,” she says. “I love how the color is a bit of a chameleon depending on the room’s natural light as well as the color palette used with furniture and accessories.”

This versatile blue green is perfect for entryways, dining rooms, or bedrooms.

Sherwin-Williams Composed
Sherwin-Williams Composed $60.00


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Behr Opal Silk

Blue green kitchen cabinets

PMQ for Two

Behr Opal Silk is a soft blue green that takes on a bluer look in the light and appears more green as the sun goes down. It’s a lovely vintage-inspired hue that adds a sense of whimsy and lightness to any space.

Behr Opal Silk
Behr Opal Silk $42.00


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Benjamin Moore Narragansett Green

Blue green front door

Tracy Morris Design

Hunting for a great blue green that works just as well on your exterior as it does inside? Tracy Morris of Tracy Morris Design loves Benjamin Moore Narragansett Green.

“It is a great shade because it is the perfect balance of a deep green and blue, evoking a rich hue. I love using it on a front door to complement bluestone and the colors of nature,” says Morris.

Though this color is rich and vibrant, it also feels traditional and classic at the same time, making it the perfect choice if you want a color that works in any home decor scheme.

Naragansett Green
Benjamin Moore Narragansett Green $80.00


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Dunn-Edwards Pistachio Ice Cream

Fireplace with a green blue paint

Dazey LA

Designer Dani Nagel painted her own home with Pistachio Ice Cream to give it a fun, whimsical vibe. “I knew I wanted my apartment to be colorful and playful, but also tasteful and elevated,” she says. “I thought this color was bright and bold enough, but had a certain elegance.”

Nagel used this vibrant color in her built-in shelves and fireplace. If you’re looking to experiment with color, but don’t want to oversaturate your room, this is a great way.


Dunn-Edwards Pistachio Ice Cream
Dunn-Edwards Pistachio Ice Cream $24.00



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Benjamin Moore Yorktowne Green

Green blue bedroom

Amelia Wildsmith

Blogger Gbeke Omosebi of Simplicity for Designs calls Yorktowne Green “a beautiful paint color for both traditional and contemporary spaces.” “I love the moodiness and softness it brings to any space,” she says.

This color is a lovely substitute for a traditional navy blue in any space where you want to add depth and interest.   

Yorktowne Green
Benjamin Moore Yorktowne Green $80.00


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Behr Ocean Abyss

Bedroom with greenish blue paint

Mandi Cook

Consider using Behr Ocean Abyss in your dining room, bedroom, or even on the ceiling to pack a major punch. This rich aqua hue reads blue or green depending on the light, and is the perfect choice for a serene color palette. It pairs wonderfully with neutrals like tan or beige, but can also hold its own against other bold colors like orange or pink.

Behr Ocean Abyss
Behr Ocean Abyss $43.00


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Behr Underwater

Sunroom with dark paint

Jersey Ice Cream Co.

Tara Mangini, Co-Owner of Jersey Ice Cream Co. says sometimes finding the right blue green takes some trial and error. For this lovely sunporch, that color was Behr Underwater.

“We tried so many blues and greens for this porch, and this was the only one that felt just right- deep and rich, not too blue not too green,” she says.

Behr Underwater
Behr Underwater $36.00


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Benjamin Moore Blue Haze

Blue green bedroom

Annie Elliott Design

If you’re hunting for a very light, soothing blue green, consider Blue Haze. Annie Elliott of Annie Elliott Design loves it in bedrooms. “Of all the blue-greens out there, I find aqua to be the most versatile,” she says. “I recently painted a child’s bedroom [in this color] and it’s just the right combination of soothing and fun.”

Benjamin Moore Blue Haze
Benjamin Moore Blue Haze $80.00


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