Innovative Glamour: Redefining Classic French Nails with American Manicure Trends

The all time popular French nails have to move over, as their counterpart, the American manicure, comes into play. This nail style is a modern way to wear the timeless classic yet in a more delicate and effortless way. Plus, you will not have to be particularly neat and firm handed when applying the polish, as everything can be blended afterward. This makes it a great manicure option that you can easily do at home. Want to learn more about it? Do not hesitate to explore our guide.

What is an American Manicure?

But first things first – what is an American manicure? If you think that the design is particularly new, this is not actually the case. When you compare French vs American manicure, you may notice that they have a lot of common features. They both incorporate a nude base and a white tip. However, the application technique used to create the tip slightly differs. Traditionally, the tip is very defined and harsh, whereas for the American tip manicure, you blend it nicely with the nail base. Popularized by such trendsetters as Kylie Jenner and Hailey Bieber, American manicure nails are taking over the world. They allow you to achieve a natural and soft look thanks to a gradual blending of white or light tips into a nude base.

American vs French Manicure

The difference between the American vs French manicure is quite obvious. Despite having the same idea, these manicure styles have different colors and applications. For French nails, you use a pink or clear nail polish as a base and accentuate it with white tips that look striking against it. The American manicure polish is mainly nude and has a glossy finish, which allows you to achieve the effect of better looking natural nails. Also, you do not use white nail polish to get American nails, but rather something sheer and natural white. Thanks to this, it does not need frequent touch ups, as the grown out part is not visible.

How Much is American Manicure?

The price for American manicure 2023 varies depending on many factors, such as the location of the salon, the professionalism of the nail tech, the complexity of the design and many others. The average cost of the American mani starts at $45. If you want an elaborate design, it may cost around $65-$75.

How Long Does an American Manicure Last?

One of the main benefits of the American gel manicure is its longevity. In addition to making your nails stronger and sturdier, it is also quite low maintenance. The thing is when your nails grow out, it is almost unnoticeable thanks to the seamless blending and natural colors it involves. What is more, the American manicure gel or nail polish creates extra protection for your nails, so they do not break easily. As such, you can sport the American mani for 2-3 weeks straight without even thinking of upkeeps.

The American Manicure Starter Kit – Technique And What Should You Have

To create the American mani, you may use either nail polishes or gel. The choice of the material depends on many factors, like how much time you have on your hands, how long you want your manicure to last and how easily you want it to be removed. As such, gel requires more fuss, so it is better to get your nails done at the salon. If you decide to do it yourself, your American Manicure starter kit should contain nail polishes in two colors – nude for the base and off white for the tips. Also, you may need a thin brush or a makeup sponge to create the transition and a nail polish remover.

So, here is how to do an American manicure at home:

  • Apply a coat of the nude nail polish as a base.
  • Apply a thin line of the off white nail polish along the nail tip.
  • Optionally, blend the edge into the base with the brush or sponge.
  • Paint your whole nail with the nude American manicure nail polish that you used as a base.
  • If needed, add another layer of the nude polish to make the transition even more seamless.
  • Finish off with a layer of a clear top coat.

The Trendiest Ideas of The American Manicure

Like we already mentioned, the American mani is quite versatile. You can find a style that matches not only your taste and preferences but also your outfit and the ambiance. Below, we have put together the best idea for every situation.

Classic American Manicure

You can never go wrong with classic American nails. They turn out unbelievably elegant and tasteful. You could see this mani style on such well known fashionistas as Adele and Kendall Jenner. The nail look is not only universally flattering but also low maintenance and quite practical. So, you are hitting two birds with one stone.

Colorful American Manicure

If you are willing to add a colorful touch to your American French manicure, feel free to do so. There are plenty of ways to achieve it. Yet, the easiest one is probably getting the tips painted any other color but white. Pink American tips are cute and girlie, while red or green ones allow you to make a strong fashion statement.

Clear American Nails

Those who prefer minimalistic nail designs should consider a clear American mani as their go to option. It is also a failsafe idea for those who struggle to choose a perfect color for the base. Besides, it comes out incredibly natural and sophisticated. So, you are welcome to wear it in any situation, even very strict and professional.

Nude American Mani

Nude nails will never go out of fashion. They are timeless classics that make your manicure looks its best. If you think that it will look boring or plain, we are here to prove you wrong. Nude American nails may have a wide variety of undertones, which provides you with versatility.

Pink Base American Nails

Pink American manicure gel polish offers you a very feminine and charming nail look. Your mani appears so sweet and eye pleasing, like cotton candy. However, make sure to choose a polish with a thin formula so that the tips remain visible. What is more, the intensity of the color may vary based on your preferences.

American Mani with Accents

With an American manicure nail designs are highly recommended, as it makes up a perfect canvas for your creativity. In case you are not into anything intricate, accentuate your nails with something subtle, like a low key design or a couple of rhinestones. For a more impactful manicure look, you may ask your nail tech for unusual nail art or accents on every nail.

French Fade American Nails

Why compare American manicure vs French manicure when you can combine them? A French fade American mani is so captivating that it cannot leave anyone indifferent. To get the look, you need to blend the white tips into the nude base with a sponge. In this way, you will be able to achieve a soft and gradual change of color.

Glittery American Manicure

Are you a girl who likes to shine brighter than all diamonds in the world? Then you should definitely adorn your nails with glitter. The color may be just anything. But it is better if it matches the whole color story of your mani. Apart from the shade, you can also play around with the shape and style of glitter.

As you can tell, the American take on the traditional French manicure is more carefree and relaxed. If this vibe resonates with you, then you should definitely go for the American manicure. Hopefully, our guide has helped you to get a better insight into the topic and find your perfect American nail style.

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