How to Wear Cherry Red Nails for Fall 2023? – TOP 20 Ideas!

As I’m beginning to comfortably settle into fall and drastically shift my closet from neons and animal patterns to nudes, my manicure is the one accessory that gives me the oh-so-needed pop of color. The “old money” aesthetic and muted earthy greens are taking a few steps back to make room for a daring new star player – the cherry red. Rich, elegant, and alluring, this shade is about to take the beauty and fashion world by storm! Get one step ahead and give it a try before everyone else with our selection of the trendiest ways to wear cherry red nails in 2023! 

classic cherry red short nails design fall 2023

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What do Red Nails Symbolize?

The history of red nail polish dates all the way back to Ancient Egypt. Researchers have found that Cleopatra used to paint her nails in red as a symbol of high status, strength, and power. Inversely, women from the lower class would paint their nails in nude and pastel shades as a way to blend in.

Do Red Nails Make You More Attractive?

If you’re not someone who religiously scrolls through TikTok, you may have skipped past the so-called “Red Nail Theory”. What it claims is that if a woman has red nails she automatically becomes more attractive to men. Is this notion true? According to psychologists from the University of Rochester who have conducted scientific research on the color red, the theory is plausible. Although this is a subconscious process, they have concluded that men tend to find women who wear red more attractive and physically desirable.

For those of you who are curious to dig deeper into the psychology behind the “Red Nail Theory”, you can read Andrew J. Elliot and Daniela Niesta’s scientific research called “Romantic Red” by clicking on this link.

Cherry Red Nails

classy old money short oval cherry red nails fall 2023

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then red nails are her partner in crime! The dark-toned sister of the classic femme fatale nail polish is the perfect fall accessory that will make your hands look like a million bucks! Dip your fingertips in lux by copying our trendy seasonal cherry red nail designs!


dark cherry red metallic fall nails design 2023

There’s something about a chrome set of nails that makes me feel like the main character in an action movie. They’re edgy, yet elegant, and instantly elevate your appearance with their subtle shimmer. If silver and gold were all the craze this summer, the dark cherry red metallic is the fall favorite you don’t want to miss!

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 Elegant Ombre French Tips

glitter cherry red black ombre french tips fall manicure design idea

I understand that the daring red doesn’t suit everybody’s taste, but who can say ‘no’ to a classic French manicure? Take this classy nail design up a notch by switching the chalk-white tips for a seductive cherry red and black ombre color combo. Simple, yet effective, this nail design will instantly give your hands a touch of refinement without being too overpowering.

Nail Art with Marble Effect

cherry red marble effect fall nails design idea 2023

The cherry red marble nail design, or as I like to call it – raspberry cheesecake nail art – is such a beautiful way to experiment with this rich color! Don’t get intimidated – it’s really easy to make, so if you’re someone who likes to get creative and do their own nails, definitely give it a try!

Watch the video tutorial below to learn how to recreate this marble effect with gel nail polish at home!

Vibrant 3 Color Ombre

cherry red violet navy blue fall ombre nails design idea 2023

Just because we’ve taken out our pastel cable knit sweaters and 50 shades of beige trench coats, doesn’t mean our nails need to be plain and bland! This vibrant ombre nail color combination of cherry red, violet, and navy blue will instantly lighten up your mood even on the gloomiest of days!

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More Trendy Cherry Red Nail Design Ideas

cherry red pink swirls abstract french tips fall nails design idea

Festive Cherry Red Glitter Ombre Ballerina Nails

ombre cherry red glitter french tips ballerina nails

Negative Space Heart Design on Black and Dark Cherry Red Short Round Nails

negative space cherry red heart short round nails fall design ideas 2023

Elegant Silver French Tips on Short Oval Nails 

short oval cherry red nails silver chrome french tips elegant fall manicure idea

Black Reverse V-Shape French Tips on Short Oval Cherry Red Nails

reverse v shape french tips cherry red fall nails 2023

Classy Cherry Red Almond Nails with a Shimmery Velvet Effect

velvet cherry red long almond nails design fall 2023

Long Almond French Tip Celestial Nails with Minimalist Gold Stars

glitter cherry red french tip celestial minimalist gold star nails fall 2023

Cherry Red Nails in a Long Coffin Shape with Gold Glitter Reverse French Tips

gold glitter reverse french tip cherry red nails

Long Oval dark Cherry Red Nails with Star Design

long oval cherry red nails star design idea 2023

Classic Red Nails with Dark Cherry French Tips

long oval red nails cherry red french tips fall manicure design 2023

Elegant Short Oval Cherry Red Manicure with Glitter Half Moon Design

classy short oval cherry red nails glitter half moon design

Abstract Fall Cherry Red Nail Design with Checkerboard Decorations and Silver Glitter

abstract fall glitter checkerboard cherry red nails design

Long Oval Black and Dark Red Aura Nails

black dark cherry red aura nails fall manicure ideas 2023

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