Heartwarming Tale: Earless Cat Finds Forever Home and Unlikely Best Friend, Touching Story of Resilience and Companionship


Meet Potato—the most adorable and handsome earless cat that you’ve ever seen. Before getting rescued by a local shelter, the dapper boy was a stray cat living on the city streets in China. Animal rescuers found sick and abandoned Potato 2 years ago and the poor fella had serious ceruminous adenoma in his ear canals and on his ear flaps. The vets treated him to remove the adenoma, but, unfortunately, it returned. Afterward, the vet advised removing his canals and flaps to prevent the disease from reoccurring.

Luckily, Potato is now recovering well and has finally found his forever home (and a new best friend Horlick!). His new owners even write on Instagram that Potato can still hear too.”Potato was a stray cat, so no one knows when he was born or how old he is,” his owners write on Instagram. But they are guessing that the handsome boy is around 6 years old. As his owners adopted him on 25 April 2019, they’re now celebrating the day as Potato’s birthday. Scroll down below to see the photos of the most handsome earless boy and vote for the photos that you liked the most!

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