Gorgeous Pastel Nail Designs – 32 Perfect Ideas for the Season


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The spring season brings with it nicer weather, blooming flowers, and pastel nails! Pastel nails are a fun alternative to more traditional nail polish colors. With a variety of pastel colors to choose from, you’ll be able to find the perfect shade for any season or occasion.

Most of these nail ideas are available on Etsy which is perfect for supporting small businesses.  Our favorite part of press-on nails is that you can reuse them as many times as you like! Moreover, here are some excellent pastel nail designs that you can follow to create your own designs, or if you prefer getting your nails done at your local nail salon, just save these designs on your phone or on Pinterest as a reference.

Also, pastel nail colors can effectively add a touch of cheer to your look, whether you’re doing simple everyday activities or dressing up for an evening out. Here are some of our favorite pastel nail designs that inspire you to be creative and use your pastel nail colors in a variety of looks from day to night!

This post is all about pastel nails. 

The Best Pastel Nails To Try This Spring

pastel nails

1. Cute colorful long coffin nails from Amazon.

pastel nails

2. Cute colorful transparent nails from Amazon.

pastel nails

3. Colorful long rainbow nails from Etsy.

pastel nails

4. Colorful rainbow nails from Etsy.

pastel nails

5. Lengthy rainbow nails from Etsy.

pastel nails ideas

6. Long bright transparent nails from Etsy.

pastel nails ideas

7. Pretty medium rainbow-colored nails from Etsy.

pastel nails ideas

8. Light-colored flower nails from Etsy.

pastel nails ideas

9. Long light-colored nails from Etsy.


pastel nails ideas

10. Almond-shaped manicures from Etsy.

11. Lengthy light-colored almond nails from Etsy.

12. Long translucent-colored almond nails from Etsy.

13. Light-colored wavy almond nails from Etsy.


14. Almond light-colored swirls nails from Etsy.


15. Long almond-colored swirls from Etsy.

16. Long transparent-colored nails from Etsy.

17. Lengthy almond-colored swirls from Etsy.


18. Light-colored rainbow almond-shaped nails from Etsy.

19. Lengthy rainbow marble-colored nails from Etsy.


20. Image from Pinterest

21. Image from Pinterest

22. Image from Pinterest

23. Image from Pinterest

24. Image from Pinterest

25. Image from Pinterest

26. Image from Instagram @nailsbyjema

27. Image from Ella + Mila

28. Image from Instagram @nailsbypaulin

29. Image from Instagram @charsgelnails_


30. Image from Instagram @oliveandjune

31. Image from Instagram @marikatarchalska.nailartist

32. Image from Instagram @nails_bygeorgia01

Frequently Asked Questions

Pastel nails are a popular trend that involves painting nails with pale, muted colors such as soft pink, lavender, mint green, and baby blue. These colors are often associated with spring and summer, and they can add a playful and feminine touch to any look. Also, pastel nails can be achieved with nail polish, gel polish, or acrylics, and they can be paired with a variety of nail art designs for a unique and stylish look.

In addition, these nail ideas are ideal for spring or any time of the year! Pastel nails are ultra feminine and timeless. Easy to achieve, pastel nails have soft colors and in different shapes like almond-shaped, long coffins, and more. Finally, pastel nails can be cute, fun, and colorful.

Are pastel nails on trend?

In 2022, pastel nail colors have been predicted to trend. Traditional pastels are increasingly making way for sophisticated tones and stylish nail art.

How do you do pastel nails?

You can easily recreate any of these designs from the comfort of your home. The nail polish colors below are vegan cruelty free nail polish from popular brands like Ella+Mila, Karma Organic, and Pacifica.


This post is all about pastel nails.

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